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I Aspire For A Richer Life
I Aspire For A Richer Life

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As I am getting mature, I have started thinking that there is something more that I need to achieve in my life. Though I have money, a house to comfortably live in, a decent bank account and a car too, yet I think there is that extra bit I really need to accumulate. Well, I am talking of things that stand way above these material things. So what are these?  I aspire to gather additional strength to keep me calm, added joy to keep the surroundings happier. I want a purer soul and a spirit that helps me get close to people and God.

While, I seek to smell the blooming flowers of spring, to enjoy watching the various colours of leaves during the fall.  I aspire to enjoy the charming sunrise and sunset without missing any single day.  I want to hum my favourite melodies and feel happier than before. I wish to giggle and laugh with my dear ones more often than I do. I want to cuddle and kiss my children and feel like being the richest human being on earth.  

I want to be a more helpful human being and be able to deliver more inspiration to others. I want to see more of rain and thereafter the rainbow.  I wish to create more happiness, widen the span of truth, gain wisdom, spread love and make this world a better place to live in. I wish to give and gain more of these things as I feel that they are more important than a fat bank account or a palatial house. Yes, I aspire for a richer life!

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