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The Proposal
The Proposal

© Charu Vashishtha Gulati

Drama Romance

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Later during the day, I met Rajat at the breakout area. He was getting coffee from the vending machine. I waved at him.

“Hi. Whats up” I said.

“Just fine. This Algebra is getting on my nerves. He’s not letting me do things my way. I feel caged.” He replied.

I knew what he was talking about and I knew Algebra whose give name was Steven Kale. He had a habit of taking things in control.

"Rajat, I was thinking about yesterday, when you told me about the girl you liked back in Delhi. I was wondering why did you not let her know of your feelings." I said.

"Because, I knew we had no future together." He quipped.


"However, I believe we can have a future.” He smiled mischievously.

So he’s flirting with me again, I mused and the suddenly breaking away from my thoughts I remarked.

"Rajat, Why don’t You propose to me !".

"Because, you don't like me."

"What if I start liking you and you don’t propose to me." I said

"Hmm...That is a risk you would have to take. Come let’s have a quick stroll around the compound."

"Okay". I replied meekly.

We started walking on the paved pathway around the office premise. The Bright Capricorn Mascot which was put above the 7 floor Capricorn Cruise Lines HQ building casted a huge shade on the path.

We took a few steps in silence after which Rajat said thoughtfully

"Iti, would you like me better if I propose to you."

"I don’t know. Maybe."

"Okay.I propose you to be my girlfriend."

"Would you propose for marriage later ?" I asked.

"Marriage ? But I am not thinking about marriage." He acted confused.

Irrational Anger consumed me and I said:

"Oh, I understand. You like me enough to be your girlfriend but do not like me enough to marry me. You Delhi boys you would spend time and flirt with available girls and marry only a girl of your parent’s choice."

Rajat snapped back. "You are weird Iti. You wouldn’t even agree go out with me. It took me two and half years to convince you to go out with me on a date. And now you are angry with me because I am not proposing marriage."

"I can’t spend time with a boy without commitment. I am not that kind of girl." I said, panting.

"But I am committed to you. I have been committed to you since the last three years. I am committed to your well being, your safety. I am committed to protecting you and making you happy. Can’t you see that ? I could not digest you taking hitch hikes to go groceries and that is why bought this goddamn third hand car. I find happiness in your happiness. And you say that I am not committed?”.

My anger vanished and I tried to hang on to what Rajat was saying.

Rajat stopped a little and then said. “A lot of things go into a marriage. Families are involved. Financial stability is to be considered. But all that can be handled. I want to be with you. Of that, I am very sure. If by proposing marriage I get to keep you. I propose marriage."

And he gave me the most vivacious smile.

"So miss Dreamy eyes. Would you be my wife ?"

"I...." my voice trailed. "I am ...I am ..Not sure." I said ashamed of myself.

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