You Are The Journey.

You Are The Journey.

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Anisha is looking at the mirror to her reflection which appears slightly unfamiliar today. Unfamiliar?? “How can my face be so unfamiliar to me?” Anisha asked to herself. Her puffy eyes are giving the obvious reply that she could not sleep the last night, may be she cried a lot. Yeah she cried a ocean the last night. She entered into the toilet and started crying like a baby,taking all possible care not to be heard by anyone. Suddenly she was disturbed by Sonia’s call. “Anisha, are you there?”cried Sonia. Anisha gently replied,”yes”.

“ Boss is calling you, idiot.”informed Sonia. Anisha could not understand how to react to this situation. She laughed at her condition.

Her boss Anubhav, no less than a machine. He does his work just like a bullet gun. He fires randomly and it hits the target without a fail. He is so efficient in his work that no body can beat him not at least in professionalism.

Anisha was trembling with mixed feelings. She came to her desk and found her boss was already there with all his questions ready. Anisha knew now nobody in the earth can help her to escape the unwanted situation.

Anubhav already had informed about the critical the issue Anisha is working on. But Anisha is yet to find any solution. At first she was not even in a mood to talk to Anubhav,but he did not even give her a chance to avoid him.

He asked Anisha whether they are ready to move the fix to production. Anisha simply replied, “No” and stared at him. Without wasting a second Anubhav shouted at her for the negligence.

Anisha did not utter a single word and got back to her computer screen in the hope of finding some solution to this problem.

But suddenly she realized her personal problem is more critical than this professional so called critical issue. She just started thinking about last night and the chain of miss happenings that happened. Suddenly Shalini asked her about the matter. Anisha could not say much and looked at her with no clue what was going on in her mind at that time.

Shalini and Sonia both are Anisha’s Colleagues. Shalini and Anisha sit side by side in the office. So they are more involved with each other than any one else.

At around 9 o’clock in the evening Anisha fixed the issue and ready to leave the office and her phone rang. It was from Ruhi di. “When will you return from office little dove(as Ruhi di fondly called her)?”Ruhi di asked.

“Coming Di”Anisha replied. Ruhi di informed her that Adi bhaiya And She were waiting for her in the park with pakodas made by Adi bhaiya.

Without a second thought Anisha left the office with Shalini and got into the office bus. Shalini was talking to her boyfriend Rohit and Anisha was thinking about last night only. Shalini’s stop came and she said bye to Anisha and left. Anisha looked at her phone and again disappointed because there was no message as she expected.

She opened the music player and listened to the song “Tujhe bhula diya wo” again and again.

And tear rolled down her eyes. She took her handkerchief and wiped it as she was about to reach her stoppage.

She returned to her room threw her office bag and ran towards the park where Ruhi di and Adi bhaiya were waiting.

Lilavati park , besides Anisha’s flat. Where she got immense positive energy to tackle with all negativity from her life.

Seeing Anisha, Adi bhaiya smiled and Anisha smiled back . Then Ruhi di took the corner seat of the park and instructed both Anisha and Adi to sit.

Without wasting a moment Anisha attacked on the pakodas. Ruhi and Adi also joined her. Adi told Ruhi, “ look at your little dove turning into a pakoda monster “. And the three of them laughed loudly.

Ruhi Di and Adi Bhaiya are happily married for 6 months and 7 days to be precise. Ruhi and Anisha were sharing a flat for nearly 2 years until Ruhi got married to Adi. Since then Anisha was living in the flat alone . Gita didi, her maid helps her in household chores. Ruhi and Adi stay near Anisha’s flat. So, whenever she feels lonely her favorite destination is Ruhi’s flat.

Anisha entered her flat after saying goodbye to her didi and bhaiya. Ruhi and Adi ensure that they leave Anisha’s place after she safely entered her flat. Anisha liked it the most when someone cares for her at times when she can take care of herself very well.

After returning to the room, she checked her phone. Anisha has a bad habit of leaving her phone in the room when she is disturbed. She found 3 obvious missed calls from her mamuni,dada and Suman. In addition to that Suman texted her as she usually does.

Suman: Did you reach home? When you left office? Why are you working so much?

Anisha: Yeah reached home.Left at 9. Why are you so much concerned about me, dear?

After the whatsapp conversation she chatted with her mamuni(mother) and gave her false assurance that she is no more sad. Mamuni as she called her mother fondly, who is always concerned about her cause she lives alone in the flat. But her dad always finds her brave enough to be stay alone and fight with every odds with full spirit. Her dad took the phone from Mamuni and gave her some moral lessons how to stay brave always. And Anisha smiled and cried after talking to her parents. She asked to herself why she is away from her family?

After her dinner she went to her bed and took her phone in hand. She dialed Dada’s number. As usual over the phone dada said “ Hola Senora” and Anisha was in no mood to respond back. Then Dada asked, “Did you talk to Chiku?”. Anisha still did not reply. To lighten the situation Dada said, “ How is it even possible that someone is having a name like Chiku?” Anisha then spoke for the 1st time during the conversation, “ Its his name dada, and I love it in that way only.”

“At least you spoke.”, sighed Dada. Then both talked for sometime and ended the conversation.

Then Suman replied on whatsapp.

Suman: I am not concerned about you but a beautiful soul.

Suman, a colleague of Anisha, Who does not work in the same team but shares a great bond with Anisha.

Anisha’s wounded soul received great relief when she realized though she is alone in the flat but she has so many wonderful people around her like Shalini,Sonia,Ruhi di,Adi bhaiya,Dada,Suman and above all her family. Who will always be there to heal her wound.

Then Anisha turned off her lights and went to bed. She was still thinking about Chiku and expecting a message from him.

She was wondering, how everything changed over a night and how difficult it is to bear that pain.

Chiku: This weekend let’s plan something.

Anisha: What about ShantiNiketan?

Chiku: Shantiniketan? But Why baby?

Anisha: Because we need peace in our life. Already too much of frustration and everything is not in a shape.

Chiku: If you are insisting then we will go there only.

Anisha smiled and pulled Chiku’s cheek. Chiku Said, “ Puchku get up.”

Suddenly Chiku’s voice changed to Gita didi’s voice, “ Puchku it’s too late, get up.” Anisha opened her eyes and saw Gita Didi was waking her up. For a moment she could not connect to the situation. After few seconds she realized she was dreaming about Chiku.

She smiled at Gita Didi and muttered “ I need peace in life.”After finishing her all morning refreshment, Anisha rang to Sonia.

Sonia: When are you coming?

Anisha: I will leave from my room at about 11:30 a.m.

Sonia: Listen we will have our lunch at Shanti Niketan.

Anisha: I am excited yaar.

Sonia: After reaching Gandhi market give me a call . I will pick up you from there.

Anisha: See you soon. Bye.

Anisha reached the bus stop and got the bus luckily. Then she took her usual favorite window seat and opened her music player in phone. She listened to “Bom diggy” in a repeat mode to cheer her mood up.

The dream sequence suddenly struck her mind. She frowned as she thought of Chiku. But she said to herself, “ You need to move on. Stop thinking about Chiku.”

Sonia was already there at Gandhi Market when Anisha reached there. Sonia asked her to wear the helmet and get into her scooty.

Anisha was feeling relaxed after a while when the dusty noon wind touched her skin. She was enjoying the mid day sunshine for the first time. She used to hate getting out for a ride in day time.

But today she was feeling something unusually soothing to her soul.

Then she reached Shanti Niketan old age home. Seeing the name on the board she thought , “ I was planning to go to Shanti Niketan (Tagore’s Ashram) with Chiku in my dream. Sometimes there is a little connection between dream and reality. And the connection is “ Shanti Niketan”.

Both of them spent quality time with the residents of Shanti Niketan. They listened to their stories. They had their lunch with them. They laughed and cried with their memories as well.

There Anisha realized these people who are away from their home which they built with all love and care to stay with their children after their retirement and still they are happy . They don’t depend on anyone rather they take pride in becoming their own support system.

Anisha started comparing herself to the residents of Shanti niketan. She is young but she is not energetic. But these people are old but they are too much optimistic about their life. The pain they have undergone is much more than she is suffering from. She learnt from them to stay cheerful when the situation around you demands not to be.

Anisha was feeling like some part of her life is rejuvenating. She is exhaling the sad moments from her life and inhaling the freshness of the air of Shanti Niketan. She is actually getting peace of mind over there.

Sonia then disturbed her by saying, “we should leave now.”

Saying good bye to these wonderful souls was really difficult for both of them. Both of them left Shanti Niketan with a promise to return back in near future.

Sonia and Anisha looked at each other with deep relief. Both of them were depressed with the ongoing commotion in their personal and professional lives. There was a promise in their eyes to keep on moving without any fear or any sadness.

Anisha thanked Sonia for bringing her to such a nice place. Then Sonia dropped her to the bus stop. Anisha reached home with a content heart.

There was a message from Chiku, to which Anisha did not respond. Anisha hates it the most when Chiku messages very formally after a fight. As if they don’t know each other at all. That’s why Anisha did not reply to him.

At about 10 pm her phone rang, it was a call from dada.

Dada: Hola Senora

Anisha: Finally you got some time to talk to me, right? How was your show? I don’t understand why people listen to your stupid jokes even.

Dada: ha ha ha……It’s called dark comedy . You won’t understand the depth of it idiot.

Anisha: Listen, today me and Sonia went to an old age home. We had a great time there. You must visit there once, you will also feel better.

Dada: Yeah I will someday. I feel best with my audience than anything else. Tell me quickly about silk route?

Anisha: What??? Seriously?? But why?? Why do you always ask me such questions that I don’t know? In this age of mine I should know about which silk saree is best for marriage not about silk route.

Then as usual Dada started narrating about silk route in which Anisha was least interested. Still she listened to him carefully with all patience and effort.

Dada was a senior in her office two years back. As Anisha was a junior resource then and working under Dada, they were very friendly with each other. They discuss a whole lot of thing, actually about everything. Now Dada is a renowned standup comedian and staying in Mumbai.

While offering her good night’s prayer to God, she thanked him for the day. She understood that if we want to move out from something then we have to indulge ourselves in some different activities which will bring out negative energy from within and help us to focus on a better future.

6th April 2016……

Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam,

Kuch toh hai jo aankhen hai nam,

Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh,

Haste haste mar jaaye hum…….

Zaara: Love is in air !!!

Anisha: No, no…nothing like that.

Zaara: I know baby, why your status is kuch toh hai(with a mischievous smile) . Chiku is coming, right?

Anisha: He is my Chiku. Why are you calling him Chiku, Moti.

Zaara: Your Chiku calls me moti as well. Why can’t I call him Chiku.

Anisha: He never calls you Moti .

Zaara: Jealous. Haan!!!

Anisha: Chiku will reach by 12 pm. I need to be ready by then. And you, please don’t give me that ‘i know everything’ look. Irritating Moti.

Zaara: I will not let you go from here now.

Anisha: Leave me moti. You are so drastically irritating yaar.

Zaara Anisha’s best friend in college hostel and her roomate. She knows every dark secret of Anisha and vice versa.

Anisha: Which dress I should wear? Red or purple? That red lipstick is extra red I guess, I should not apply that. Chiku does not like dark shades.Should I tie my hair into pony?? Give me your bracelet that you brought from Hyderabad.

Zaara: Hold on Babe!!! Take a deep breathe. Wear that purple dress and I will do your make up. Don’t worry. Why did not you finish your breakfast. It’s your favorite Dahivada.

Then Zaara took a small piece of Vada and fed it to Anisha. As she knew Anisha forgets about everything when the idea of Chiku comes to her mind. Zaara made sure that Anisha finished her breakfast.

Zaara took care of Anisha’s make up as well.

Anisha: Give me the mirror,moti.

(looking at the mirror Anisha blushed.)

Zaara: Perfect!!! Go and enjoy. And bring chicken for me.

Meanwhile Chiku called for the third time.

Chiku: Are you coming down today or not?? Your hostel security guard is staring at me like he will eat me now.

Anisha: Guard uncle knows me. You tell him, “ I am here to meet Anisha.” He won’t eat you. Ha Ha Ha Ha..

Chiku: Who takes so much time to get ready, yaar? And please don’t laugh like a monster. Within five minutes you should be with me,otherwise I am leaving.

Anisha: Okay okay, coming.

Zaara and Anisha came down. While crossing the main gate of the hostel Anisha noticed Chiku sat on his bike with a helpless expression in his face. Seeing Chiku, her heartbeat started beating more than usual. She somehow maintained the composure on her face and with Zaara proceed towards Chiku.

“ Why are you smiling like an idiot? Behave normally.” , Zaara whispered in Anisha’s ear.

Seeing Anisha and Zaara, Chiku smiled at them. Chiku stretched her hand for shaking hand with Anisha and Zaara.

Zaara: (winking)It’s been more than three months we have not met. So how are you Chiku?

Chiku: Final year, so….

I am fine and what about you? When is bhaijaan coming to meet you?

“ Bhaijaan is coming tomorrow”, Anisha replied pinching Zaara.

Now three of them laughed , looking at each other.

Chiku gave a chocolate to Zaara.

“Thank you so much for being with this stupid girl every time.”, pointing at Anisha, Chiku told to Zaara.

“Thank you for the chocolate”, said Zaara.

Zaara: Now you both go and enjoy.

Anisha has already taken her place in Chiku’s bike.

Zaara: Hold him tightly.

Anisha smiled back to Zaara,as she waived bye to her.

Chiku: Are you comfortable??

Anisha: No.

Chiku: What?

Anisha: Your presence .

Chiku: My presence is making you uncomfortable, haan?..

Anisha laughed again.

Chiku: Why you laugh so loudly, Mimi?

(Chiku called her Mimi )

Anisha: Actually….., i have read it somewhere that people who laughs loudly are the most innocent ,cutest,sweetest and…

Chiku stopped her in between.

Chiku: Is it something you read or something you have written on your own? Self obsessed Mimi.

Anisha: Seriously, i read it some where. You don’t believe me?? I will show you. Wait..

Anisha took out her phone from her hand bag and was pretending to search something.

Chiku: Your highness, Could you please put your hand back on my shoulder, instead of looking at your phone.

Anisha put her phone back in the bag and hold Chiku again. She rested her head on Chiku’s back to avoid the heat. Chiku smiled at her gesture.

Chiku: We will reach at Blue Lily very soon.

Seeing a sugarcane juice shop nearby, Anisha cried, “ I want sugarcane juice.”

They both stopped and ordered juice.Due to the summer, Anisha was sweating profusely. Chiku took out his hanky and wiped out the sweat from Anisha’s face. Both of them had their sugarcane juice and left.

Finally they reached Blue Lily resort and restaurant. The best in the city for their delicious food culture. You will get every kind of food here.

They took the corner seat and sat.And the endless talk started….

Chiku: Madam, Your favourite bamboo chicken is here. Please have it.

Anisha: Yummm!!

Both of them started eating. In the process of eating Anisha put a piece of chicken in Chiku’s mouth which unfortunately fell down on Chiku’s shirt. Chiku took the tissue and wiped it out. By that time Anisha managed to have her sad yet cute face. Looking at her face Chiku started laughing.

Chiku: Mimi, You know that you are very terrible in this. Then why do you take the pain of feeding me every time in the restaurants.

Anisha: (with a sad face) I really don’t know yaar, everytime I try to put the food in your mouth it falls down and your shirt get spoiled.

(Thinking for a while) I can’t be a good mother. Can I? Do you also think like me?

Chiku: Drama queen!!….Your drama started and pardon me I can’t be a part of your drama. I don’t have the script either.

Anisha:What drama??….(Anisha smiled)

Chiku: How can you managed to be so energetic everytime? I mean you simply can’t say Hi,Hello even.. That also you say with so much of energy like Hiiiiiiii…..Helloooooooo and with all expression and with a close up smile. That’s why you have such a big friend circle. Which includes your friends,teachers,hostel care taker, security guard, juniors, seniors, shopkeeper…..

Anisha: Ohhh…Mister….Finish your chicken first. Then we will have a discuss about my friend circle.

Chiku: Now the great Anisha can’t argue anymore.

Anisha: Not in a mood to argue with you Chikooooooo.

Chiku took the opportunity and took the cream from the dessert and put it on Anisha’s nose tip. Instantly Anisha made a funny face at Chiku. Chiku took his phone out and clicked her photo. Anisha also started posing for him, which she did with all ease.

Chiku: Ohh…Drama Queen…How many more pics do you want?

Anisha: As much as you can capture.

Chiku: You are such a mess!! Still I have no reason to hate you , Mimi baby.

Anisha: (seeing love in Chiku’s eyes) can’t you directly say that you love me.

Chiku held her hand gently and looked into her eyes. Slow background music was playing along…

Tumse Mil Ke Maine Jaana

Ishq Kya Mohabbat Kya

Bhool Baitha Sab Kuchh Main To

Din Kya Raat Kya..

Chaahat Mein..

Khali Salam Dua Mulakat Mein

Chehre Ki Rangat Badal Rahi Hai

Teri Sohbat Mein…

“Chiku Jiju”, screamed Tina,seeing Chiku and Anisha in the bike near the hostel. Chiku said Hi to Tina and smiled at Zaara.

Chiku said pointing at Tina, “Do you know I have a good name as well?”

Tina: For us you are Chiku.

Zaara: Totally agree with you Tina.

Anisha,Zaara and Tina laughed in chorus.

Chiku: (interrupting the trio) It will be really merciful if you people call me Sabyasachi instead of Chiku.

Chiku’s real name is Sabyasachi. His nick name is Chiku. As Anisha calls him by the name Chiku, everybody in her hostel also calls him Chiku.

Tina: Its 6.20 pm already, let us get into the hostel, otherwise we will not be spared. (6.30 is the hostel entry time)

Chiku gave a helpless smile to the statement and asked three of them to enter into the hostel.

Anisha: First you go then we will enter into the hostel.

Chiku: Mimi, everytime you can’t argue. Go inside, then I will leave.

Then Chiku put his arm around her back and signaled her to go. Anisha responded by putting her hand against his stomach and said bye.

Bye Mimi…….

Anisha has just finished her dinner and rested her tired body on the sofa couch. She was randomly scrolling the remote to watch something on TV. Her phone beeped with the arrival of message from Chiku. She tried really hard not to respond to Chiku’s message, but all in vain. Sometimes your heart overrules your mind. And that time your heart possessed over your brain to do whatever it wants. To her defense, Anisha told to herself, “ I will only reply to him formally, I won’t be victimized by his love and affection. I will only reply with hmm,ok and yes/no.”

“Is he the only man left in the earth…hmm??”

Controlling her anger, love and emotion, she read the message.

Chiku: Good Evening Madam.

Anisha: Gd Evng(I will write as less as possible to show him that I am least interested in him.)

Chiku: Wassup??

Anisha:(Stupid Chiku, idiot Chiku)M f9.

Chiku:Now you won’t ask me how I am doing.

Anisha:No( I know you are doing very well without me.)

Chiku: By the way I am not getting proper sleep, Mimi.

Anisha:( He very well knows that this name is my weakness, My mind suddenly changes when he calls me Mimi. I won’t be trapped by his bait.) Ok.

Chiku: What ok??

Anisha: Why you messaged me?

Chiku: Just to know how is my Mimi doing.

( The song playing in the TV was…Khuda jaane ki….)

Anisha: (Another bait, Ufffffff……so smart he is) Ohk.

Chiku: Hmm



Anisha:(I will write k…that is the shortest) K.

Chiku: You have decided to reply me only with ok, hmm or what?

Anisha: Hmm

Chiku: You know I hate it when you write hmm.

Anisha:(You have started.) Hmm.

(Anisha was laughing at their conversation.)

Chiku: Well then!!

Anisha:(Tell me idiot you are missing me.) So??

Chiku: So What?

Anisha: (Holding her nerves, recalling all her promises not to be trapped by Chiku.)Bye.

Chiku: You are not my Mimi. I am missing her a lot.

Anisha:(A bright smile on her face.) Yes, I am not your Mimi.

Chiku:Then where is my Mimi?

Anisha: I don’t know.

Chiku: Baby, I am really missing you a lot.

Anisha: I am not your Baby.

Chiku: Then who else’s?

Anisha: That I don’t know. But not yours for sure.

Chiku: Listen na, What was that song on which you performed at konark Festival?

Anisha: Why?

Chiku: Tell me yaar…

Anisha: Kanhu re…..

Chiku: As per my knowledge that whole dance was for me.. That performance of yours was superb because instead of Krishna ji, you imagined me.

Anisha: Stupid Chiku…

Chiku: That dance was for me , right??

Anisha: Yes…

Chiku: Did you practice during the last 6 days when we were apparently broke up with each other.

(Chiku knows it well, Anisha does not practice dance when she fights with him.)

Anisha: No.

Chiku: Its 11 pm. You should sleep early and wake up early to practice Odissi.

Anisha: Call me.

Chiku: Okay, Boss.

Chiku called her. After a false fighting session Anisha laughed at Chiku’s stupid joke and their World war over.They talked and talked.

That night Anisha slept properly, Chiku too.

Anisha, woke up early the next day. After doing Surya namaskar, she thought of practicing dance. She played the song on her phone,

Kanhu re Kanhu re bajana tu bainsi re

This song has something soothing to her soul.May be after the Konark Festival episode.

When Anisha dances, she dances with all her heart and her expression actually talks more than anything in the world can express.

While fitting her feet to the rhythm of the music she was thinking about Konark festival and the memory of that day was more than awesome.

22nd December 2015

Zaara:Tina, just pass me the balloon packet. Make sure that Patlu(Zaara calls Anisha by this name.) is engaged with her chatting session with Chiku.

Tina: There is nothing to make sure. She is just devoted to her laptop and Chiku. She even won’t realise that we are planning for her birthday.

Zaara: This time is her 1st birthday after she got so much involved with Chiku. I hope he will make something really special for her.What do you think?

Tina:I really don’t know. No, idea . Are they committed? Anisha will never admit this fact. She will always say we are good friends and blah blah.

Zaara: Let them continue yaar.

Tina: You always take her side.

Zaara: What side? They have just started, she even has not told me anything about Chiku. They need time to understand each other. Many more things are there. You won’t get it now.

Tina: As if your Anisha is a master in all this affairs.

(Tina laughed pinching Zaara )

Zaara: We know both more than you. So just shut up and help me to blow the balloons.

Anisha was busy in chatting with Chiku.

Anisha: Tomorrow is a big day for me.

Chiku: Yeah, indeed. You practiced really hard for this day. I know it is your childhood dream to perform at the Konark Festival. Is not it?

Anisha: Yeah. I am really very nervous . I mean it is such a big platform and so many dancers from all over India are coming. I am just scared.

Chiku: Don’t you worry. You are gonna rock tomorrow. Now go to sleep Mimi. it’s too late. You have to wake up early tomorrow.

Anisha:(Is he acting or he actually forgotten my birthday?)All your co passengers slept or what?

(Chiku was travelling from his college to his hometown for winter vacation.)

Chiku: Yes. I think I should sleep.

Anisha: Are you sure?

Anisha thought Chiku was joking to give her surprise at 12 o’clock sharp. So she kept quite not to ruin Chiku’s surprise. She expected Chiku will be the 1st person to wish her.

Chiku: Yo baby.

Anisha: Good night. Tc.

Chiku: Good night. Bye.

Anisha was bit disheartened, but deep with in the heart she was expecting the 1st call from Chiku.

12 o’clock……..

Zaara and Tina came with a bunch of balloons and cake along with a gift packet wrapped in well decorated manner.

Anisha offers her Birthday prayer to Almighty and started attending the flood of calls. !st mom and dad, then her best friends and so on…..

But no call from Chiku.

Zaara took the phone from her hand and instructed her cut the cake. In the cake Zaara and Tina deliberately wrote “ Happy Birthday Sabyasachi!!!”

Anisha: It’s my birthday or Chiku’s?

Tina: It’s the same. You both are inseparable.(She winked.) By the way, did he call you?

Anisha: No.

Zaara: Let’s cut the cake girls then we will have discussion regarding Chiku.

Anisha was bit upset. It was already 12:30 still Chiku did not call. That means he forgot her birthday.

Zaara hugged Anisha to lighten her mood. As she clearly knew that Anisha will cry within no time.

Then Tina started the music player and signalled Anisha and Zaara to move with the beats of Badtameez Dil, one of Anisha’s favorite song for party.

The trio danced for a while and then slept hugging each other as they always do.

It’s her birthday, Anisha woke up early and went to the temple. She prayed God to bless her. After returning from temple she found her phone flooded with messages from her well wishers. But her eye scrolled down to find Chiku’s message. Which made her smile at Chiku’s childishness. She loved it when Chiku made mistakes. The way he apologized like a kid .

Then Mimi Called back Chiku.

Chiku: Mimi…..

I know you won’t love me any more.

Anisha:Yeah, then what will you do?

Chiku:I don’t know yaar. How could I forget your birthday? I mean I know I am an idiot, but this time…..

Anisha: Hmm

Chiku: Did Moti and Tina celebrate your birthday?

Anisha: They are unlike you, wished me and lighten up my mood.

Chiku: I am really sorry baby.

Anisha: Sorry…..Does that make any sense now?

Chiku: Listen listen

Anisha: No, I won’t.

Chiku:Please Mimi.

Anisha: No…..

Chiku: When is your program?

Anisha: 6pm sharp. Mine is the inaugural dance.

Chiku: Okay, I will be there.

Anisha: Are you crazy?

Chiku: You drive me crazy.

Anisha: And you drive me mad.

Chiku: Now you are better?

Anisha: Yeah, a bit.

Chiku: Good.

Anisha: Are you really coming to see my performance.

Chiku: Just wait and watch baby.

Anisha: But you have not informed anything about this to your parents.

Chiku: I will manage. There may be a network issue in train. So you practice well, get ready for the show,will meet directly at konark festival.

Anisha hung up the call and was very happy after knowing that Chiku is coming to watch her.

Zaara shouted for Tina and Anisha. When we are supposed to leave for the festival. It’s already late .

Tina: Your Anisha messed up with her make up, girl.

Zaara: Who told you to do that?

Anisha: I thought I could manage.

Zaara: You can not .(Zaara cried)

Anisha: Please help me yaar.

Three of them reached the festival. It was a big platform than they have imagined. Anisha was pretty nervous and sweating profusely. Zaara held her hand to give her support. Anisha was worried about Chiku, he did not have a pass. He could not sit in the audience and he has to stand and watch. She has not informed about Chiku to Zaara and Anisha.

The announcer announced Anisha’s name and her heart beat started beating very fast. She was upset because Chiku has not reached yet and his phone was not reachable. Zaara and Tina wished her good luck as she fastened her feet towards the stage.

In the stage, Anisha offered her prayer to the lord Jaggannath and closed her eyes. As she opened her eyes she found in a distance Chiku was standing and smiling at her. His mere presence at a distance made her full of confidence and she started her dance moves.

The crowd applauded her for her outstanding performance.Everything went well. As the dance finished, Anisha went to the green room and found Chiku there. Seeing Chiku Anisha smiled broadly. Chiku came and leaned forward to kiss Anisha’s forehead. Anisha hugged him tightly and cried with joy and excitement.

Then Chiku wished her Happy birthday and gave her a gift he brought for her. Anisha was anxiously opening the gift packet, then Chiku stopped her.

Chiku: Open it in your hostel.

Anisha: No, I can’t wait.

Chiku: Please baby. Now I have to go. It’s too late. i have to catch the next bus to my hometown. The last bus from here is at 8 o’clock.

Anisha with a big face and moistened eyes said , “hmm” .

Then Chiku held her face up and wiped her tears out.

Chiku: We will meet soon Mimi. Now I am getting late.

Chiku hugged Anisha tightly and said in her ear, “ You are looking beautiful.”

Anisha can’t stop herself from crying and said him bye.

As Chiku left, Zaara and Tina entered the room. Both of them helped her to remove her make up and costume. They left for hostel.

In the hostel Anisha told them about Chiku that he had come.

Tina: What??

Anisha: Yes.

Tina: Stop it yaar.

Anisha: (with a little irritation) Why?

Tina: Why he did not meet us?

Anisha: He has to catch the bus to home.

Tina: Grow up yaar. Stop talking rubbish. There is no one like Chiku.

Anisha: What does that mean??

Tina:That means….

Anisha: Tell me. i want’t to listen.

Zaara: Guys, Are you arguing over Chiku again?

Anisha: I really don’t know why Tina behaves abnormally when i talk about Chiku.

Tina: I am not abnormal, You are a psycho…

Zaara: Just stop it Tina. And you Anisha, go and take rest.

Anisha: He has brought a gift for me. Wait, I will show you.

Tina: Yeah, Please show me. What your Chiku gifted.

Anisha: Where is my bag, Zaara?

Zaara: Leave it na Patlu. Go to sleep.

Anisha searched her bag and could not find the gift.

Anisha: I might have left it in the cab.

Tina: No, the gift never existed actually.

Anisha threw the glass from the table as she was losing control over her mind at Tina’s comment.

…………..Present Day…………..

Anisha’s phone is ringing. It’s a call from Zaara.

Anisha: Finally you got some time to call me?

Zaara: No, yaar….Evereytime I miss you but..

Anisha: But what??

Zaara: Nothing. Tell me how are you?

Anisha: Super fine and you?

Zaara: I am not as fine as you.

(both of them chuckled at the situation how everything is the same like the old college days)

Anisha: So, how could you manage 7 months without me?

Zaara: Busy with setting up my family.New life new people and I was just struggling to manage everything.

Anisha: How is your in laws?

Zaara: They are really nice. My husband helped me a lot to cope with it. He is really nice towards me. Initially I was afraid that arrange marriage is not a cup of tea for me but he made it smooth and easy. After marrying him I realised the beauty of the sacred relation.

Anisha: (Sighed with relief, that Zaara has moved on in her life and forgetting her boyfriend, she started her life again. ) It’s really nice that you have managed everything with such ease. May God Bless both of you and your family.

Zaara: Thanks!! when are you getting married?

Anisha: Don’t know yaar. Chiku is now focussing in his career. So nothing is planned till he is ready to settle down.

Zaara: Chiku!!!

Anisha: Yeah.

Zaara: Are not you continuing your medicines?

Anisha: No. No need of that.

Zaara: Patlu, listen to me, you love me na, go and take your medicine.

Anisha: I am alright Motu.

Zaara: No, you are not.

Anisha: You are now behaving like Tina.

Zaara: Listen Anisha, Chiku never existed.

Anisha: What??

Zaara: Anisha don’t start it again. I don’t want go through the pages of your dark life again. What had happened in college, is beyond anyone’s imagination. So just stop yaar.

Anisha: Why nobody believes me. I love Chiku and he exists.

Zaara: I am hanging up the phone.

Anisha: No, just stop and clear it once and forever.

Zaara: I just don’t want to talk about it.

Anisha: Say me, dammit.

Zaara:Ohh….You want to listen, alright then. Chiku is an imaginary character of your mind. There is no one like Chiku or sabyasachi ever existed in real. Your hallucination has created the character and you are posessed by that character. Did I make any sense to you?

Anisha was crying …..

Zaara: In college days you told us about Chiku and initially we all believed it. You were always with your phone and laptop. We actually thought there is someone. But when we searched for him we found no one as you described Chiku is. That day do you remember you showed me your phone and the conversation you had with Chiku. But unfortunately there was nothing, no message from anyone like Chiku. I was surprised that why you are behaving like that and I informed your mom about it. When you told us about Chiku’s arrival on the day of konark festival, Tina was not behaving abnormally that day but you were. I stopped Tina cause i just did not want to hurt you.

One day you narrated about how you spent time with Chiku in his bike, eating bamboo chicken and bla bla. Then you already lost your control over yourself.

Anisha: Stop it Zaara. They are not true. For God shake stop it …My brain is bursting.

Zaara: I am sorry, but you initiated it.

Something happened to Anisha and within no time she fainted.

Zaara was crying over phone Patlu, Patlu….But no answer came from Anisha’s side.

Seeing Anisha on the floor Gita didi called the ambulance and took her to the hospital.


Zaara was recollecting the memory how Zaara took her to the hospital from college that day when she fainted earlier arguing with Tina regarding Chiku. Zaara thought of the helpless face of Anisha’s parents’ that day in the hospital as she looked at Anisha lying in the hospital bed.

Zaara in her evening prayer prayed for Anisha and looked at the sky with a hope that her patlu will be alright again


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