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The Disabled Mankind
The Disabled Mankind

© Shama Patel


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Today, while waiting at the station, a blind man came walking towards the seating area and almost stumbled upon the luggage. With the help of his stick, he reached the place where I was seated. He politely asked (in the air, not knowing who he was talking to), if there was any place to sit. I guided him to the vacant seat next to me. We sat there for almost ten minutes. In those ten minutes, I couldn't help but admire the mere presence of this man - perfectly dressed in casual pant and shirt, calmness in his being, peaceful face, erect posture - and he sat staring at the open space in front of him. I wondered what he must be thinking, what he must be imagining and how difficult it would be for him to survive in this world.
Then a voice inside me whispered, 'Learn Shama. Learn to live life from him'. He was blind. He saw nothing but darkness in his presence and yet there was a light in his being. He had a strong will and desire to walk through that darkness. He was courageous and strong enough to walk past all the hurdles. Even though he stumbled upon them, he managed to hold himself strong and confident. He radiated life and a will to live that life without cribbing how difficult and unpredictable it is. This man sitting right beside me taught me what it means to have faith in life - faith in existence and faith in walking through the darkness even if there isn't any trace of light. 
Looking at him, I felt like I was the disabled person and sitting beside me was the most able human being I had ever seen.  
PS: Later, I found the same man selling peanuts and mukhwaas packets in the train. Respect.

Encounter with a blind man

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