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My Grandpa maintained a book of quotes. He handed it over to me on my 13th Birthday and told me to flip open a page at random. He believed the quote on the page would offer me a relevant lesson. I received a lot of gifts that day and the book got sidelined.

After a few years, I chanced upon that book in the store-room. It was thrilling to find the book and without any delay I opened a page at random. It said: ‘It is always the Morning that comes before the Sun and never the other way round.’ I kept wondering about this thought for some time and concluded that I had to wake up early to find out what Grandpa meant.

The next morning, I woke up before the sun rose. Being a night owl, it was hard to beat the sun, but I left no stone unturned to wake up at 5 am. I decided to celebrate this feat by rewarding myself with a ‘Special Chai’ at the newly opened Tea Plaza which runs 24 x 7.  I carried the book along with me. I studied the early morning events on my way to the Tea Plaza.

It was still dark, but the moon was not visible. With my Hoodie on, I was able to neutralize the chill. There were a lot of old men walking on the red track. I could see some people wishing a ‘Good morning’ to each other while continuing with their brisk walking. The twittering of birds served like a background score to the moment.

I realized that my Grandpa was right. It is always the morning first and then the sun. The morning provides an atmosphere for the sun to rise. I felt that this quote highlights the rise of one who aspires to uplift himself. We are all born to rise but sometimes the delay frustrates us. God is busy setting up the atmosphere for us. We have to keep trying perseveringly like the Sun and eventually we will rise, too.

On reaching the Tea Plaza, I opened the book at another random page and found ‘Share your leanings so that you can learn more’.

P.S: I have now shared my learning so that I can learn more 

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