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Welcome to the Portmanteau Nation, where the only way to keep your identity intact is through zoomorphism. So hold on, cause you are going to encounter some species like you and me.

This place may appear a bit creepy and cumbersome at first but will surely make you love it while you scratch your head off! These may be people you know or maybe you don’t! but can surely relate if given a thought.

Here, the ram is young and likes to dance not just on her beats but on the rhythm of every heart attached to her. She is young and adorned with her beautiful eyes holding secrets deep within. Here the strongest of the species i.e. Mr. Elephant is actually the most soft-hearted being but never shows up. He is that star of the kingdom who is complete enough to bind the whole constellation. Inspirational.

The Fox, chameleon, and sloth make a great company here, driving way to the new routes only they know are right. Horse, dog, and squirrel are not the trusted species here instead they back off in your maydays. Leopards and zebras don’t strive to kill each other here instead they make peace with their words and silences. Dolphins seem like dolphins but are actually something else. Nevermind!

There are no human species and if there is, they are not humane enough to be called the same. Cats are metaphors for positivity here they don’t make you divert our path instead they shout out for the confirmation this side. The butterfly seems like Phoenix and love being called phoenoctopus because she loves the octopus. Isn’t it?

Last but not the least, the goldfish indecisive with his 3 sec memory but always remember to flash the light in your darkest corner whenever needed.

There are a few not mentioned, still struggling to enter the domain. Finally me an octopus trying to spread every piece of me to hold it in.

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