Life Is A Canvas

Life Is A Canvas

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Imagine when we are born we have a canvas to draw and as we grow young we learn to first draw something new just as we experience feelings,emotions, and happiness for the first time and as we grow younger we have added expectations and desires apart from the experiences we had till now.

Those expectations have a huge role related to our happiness, new experiences and generation of thoughts. Now the canvas demands more space to fill in for these things but the real challenge comes when space is limited, one has to adjust and use that space to fit in every new thing that comes to our life. Now comes obstacles and challenges related to our lives which either break us or make us while we keep trying making our canvas look positive in a way that it sounds appealing.

We sometimes fill canvas with materialistic expectations which looks good for sometime but they stay temporary for long run. How much temporary things we keep on our canvas is directly related to such desires and expectations and how well we understand which things are good to keep in long run and forever depends upon the ability to distinguish and filter desires from pool of realistic expectations. The longer we add temporary things the quicker those things disappear and when life comes to end we cherish our canvas.

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