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She stood there motionless, her mind completely blank. It was hard for her to digest the fact that all of a sudden her whole world had changed. The hair behind her neck were giving her the chills. There was something crawling up her spine. Maybe that was fear. Fear of being seen. Fear of being spoken to. Fear of being alive. Just plain black fear. She didn’t want it. She didn’t like it.

She tried focusing on the things happening around her. There were a lot of people. Yes, a LOT of people. But why were they all so sad, she wondered. She could see her parents. Her mother looked horrified while her father looked like someone who had to take charge as there was no one else to count on. He was broken from inside but couldn’t show it. She decided to go up to him and get some answers. Answers to millions of questions swirling in her mind.

She called out to her father. He seemed busy or maybe he is pretending to be. I will go to mother, she thought. She sat beside her mother and asked what is happening? Her mother looked up but didn’t seem to quite register her question. It felt like she looked right through her. Her mother went back to looking down and started crying. Now this is frustrating! Why is everyone ignoring her? She was already feeling so afraid.

Everyone now was preparing to bid goodbye. They all came to her mother with a look of sympathy on their face. Her father just stood there, eyes gleaming, waiting to be left alone. Right beside him was the box. It was big and open. Great! , she thought and decided to have a look.

She went closer to the box and felt it. It seemed new, shining and dark. Somehow it started giving a creepy feeling. She was beside the box and looked inside. A mirror!?, she wondered. Feeling confused she looked up and down. It was then she realized it.

Her name is Diana Ming. She is sixteen. She is dead.

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