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Determination And Perseverance
Determination And Perseverance

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In the beaches of Mexico lied a dream of a young girl, who lost her father at a very small age. Her father was the best swimmer and surfer of Mexico. Nobody could match his speed and the accuracy with which he could cut through water. Not only he was talented, but was a very kind and generous man. He treated everyone equal. But, Jesus seemed to be needing more kind-hearted people in the heaven, when, Ana’s father died while surfing in the Atlantic Ocean.

She still remembers that day when the clouds suddenly grew darker, the waves became violent and the thunder struck, the moment her father started to surf, he even tried returning but the winds made it impossible. Then a huge and enormous wave came to meet her father and took him away forever. This day still repeats in little Ana’s dreams. Ana was twelve years old and was tough and strong. She was determined to be, like her father, talented, kind, generous and caring. Years passed she was twenty now. She turned out to be as talented as her father, determined, focused and ambitious.

One day, she was travelling towards the Varca Beach Hotel. The next year’s world swimming Olympic sports game were going to be held over there. One year was left with her to groom herself for the tournament. She practised every day and was excelling in her sports day by day. She was praised by everyone, the whole Mexico laid their hopes of winning on Ana.

Now, there were only six months left for the tournament when there was a big unexpected and sudden accident in her life. It was 1’O clock in the night. She has gone for in a party with her friends. She was waiting for her driver to pick her up, on the road when a drunk man driving his car in full speed smashed her. It was dreadful. The drunk man who was driving the car died. She was lying on the road bleeding for an hour or so until her driver came and took her to the hospital. While Ana was alive, she was in a miserable condition in the hospital. She had a mental meltdown. Her right leg was injured very badly and had got 20 stitches on her wound. She didn’t eat anything for a whole week and was sitting helpless, in a state of shock.

One day she finally spoke up and asked for her discharge. She was very angry and was determined to fight against destiny. She tried to walk with her injured leg but was very painful. Doctor advised her to rest for 3 months at least and not let the stitches get wet. She was very worried about her Olympic tournament which was just 5 months away. Time was flying by so she decided not to continue her rest and start practising.

It was very difficult to gather strength and start swimming practise. The deep would burn when in contact with chlorine water. But she was firm in her commitment for the sport. She kept practice as much as possible and now the tournament was just a month away. However, the recovery was slow due to which her stamina had drastically decreased. She never gave-up and kept practising 16 hours a day.

Finally, the D-day arrived. The crowd was excited and cheering her up to give her confidence. There were four rounds in the quarter finals. Though, she lost the first round she bucked up in the second, third and fourth round and qualified the quarter final. Then there was the semi-final with only on round so, this time Ana was determined to qualify it anyway.

While swimming in the semi-final, her leg started bleeding but she reached her goal. Now she has reached the finals which was tomorrow. However, her leg was paining and bleeding very badly. The doctor advised her to get hospitalised. She refused to get hospitalised. It was a sleepless night. She woke up with a strong determination and desire to fulfil her dream. The finale started. She kept swimming while her wounds were bleeding. She didn’t stop and ultimately, won silver medal. She was very happy and entire Mexico was rejoicing and chanting her father and her name.

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