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I Woke Up In My Favourite Book
I Woke Up In My Favourite Book

© Lakshya Jindal

Children Fantasy

2 Minutes   803    108

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One day, I woke up in a strange house. There was no bed to sleep on, I found myself in my sleeping bag. I got out of the sleeping bag and started looking around. I saw a suitcase and opened it. To my surprise, it had clothes from my wardrobe in it. I changed my clothes and started exploring the house.

While exploring the house, my leg got stuck in a handle and I fell. I got up and pulled the handle. I saw bark of a tree and a rope ladder. I realized that I was in a tree house. Just then, I saw a boy wearing spectacles and a girl climbing up the rope ladder. They came up to the tree house and asked me, "What is your name?", I said, "My name is Lakshya", They again asked, "From where you have come?" Mumbai," I answered. "My name is Annie",said the girl and "My name is Jack",said the boy. "I don

't know how I came here", I said. "It is not just a tree house, It is a magic tree house, and it can take you anywhere you wish to go", they both said. "We are going on a mission to Dharavi as part of clean Mumbai campaign", they told me. "Can I come with you, please?" I said. "We can take you, but you will have to participate in the mission", They said. I agreed and we all spoke in one voice, "We wish to go to Dharavi in Mumbai", and magically we found ourselves in Dharavi with magic brooms. We started sweeping there and collecting the garbage. The people living in Dharavi also joined us. Within a few hours, it was looking very neat and clean.

Then, we explained to them about segregation of Wet and dry garbage and recycling of dry and wet garbage. Jack and Annie said, " Now we have completed our mission and it is time to go back. Again, we all spoke in one voice, "We wish to go back to the Magic Tree House", and in a flash, we were back in the tree house.

Jack and Annie thanked me for helping then in the mission. "I want to go back to my home",I said. "It is a magic tree house and you just have to wish", they said. So I said, "I wish to go back to my home".In a flash I found myself back in the bedroom of my home. I heard my mother's voice, "Wake Up, Lakshya", I woke up to realize that it was all just a big dream.

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