Betrayal-A Corporate Thriller

Betrayal-A Corporate Thriller

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“They both were standing on the big sea rock with beer tin in their hands.

He was very angry and shouting on him. He tried to calm down him but he was not listening anything and pushing him.

The sun was setting on the rainy day. Suddenly the lightning struck very hard. "


Jignesh woke up in the bed. His forehead was full of sweat and his heartbeats running faster.

“No! Again the same bad dream. Oh God why I am seeing all these? Please help “Jignesh wiped his forehead with his bare hand. He starched his hand and took a nearby water bottle. He emptied half with one gulp and tried to get his composure back by taking a long breath.

This has become a routine for the Jignesh to have a nightmare on regular intervals. He would see almost identical scene in his dream.

Jignesh aged 31 was living alone in the one room apartment in to the city of Rajkot. He was working as an Area Manager in the “Assured Insurance Company”. He was still the Bachelor and living alone in the city. His family was living in the village. He owned this small apartment.

Jignesh started his career as an ordinary sales executive in one of the Credit companies. Slowly and steadily he grew his career in the sales field. He was highly ambitious person with firm determination to get success by any means. So after changing many companies, Jignesh has joined “Assured Insurance co " 1.5 years back and in short span of the time he was now enjoying

Prominent position in “Assured Insurance Company"

He again took the water bottle and drank the remaining water. He then took his cell phone and checked time. The wallpaper of analog clock in his cell phone showed time of 5.12 in the morning.

Jignesh took the long yawn and again fall in to the bed with his cell phone in his hand. Sleep was out of consideration so he unlocks his cell phone again and started to browse it. He touched on the Gallery icon and opened it with the secret pin.

He opened the folder named ' Life'

The folder took little time to load and when it opened it displays the various different images of the same beautiful girl.

Neha was the girl to whom Jignesh was in deep love. Neha was working as the front office executive in his office. She was also likes Jignesh and his company and their relationship has now become the more than a ' Friendship'

She has joined “Assured Insurance" just four months ago and soon after destiny started to play its game.

Neha was sharing the apartment with other working girls in the same society where Jignesh’s apartment was. So it has been routine that they both went to the home together which seeds their special relationship.

Jignesh finished the browsing of the all photos of Neha. He thought about calling her but later decided against it as this was the very early and she would be in the deep sleep.

Finally Jignesh put his mobile phone aside and closed his eyes in order to get some sleep.


Jignesh entered in the office at 10 am. After having the nightmare in the early morning, he again fell into the sleep and when he woke up, it was little late.

“Good Morning Sir! Are you OK? “The security guard asked

“Of course I am, Anup” Jignesh smiled and pet him on his shoulder

This unique ability of Jignesh was making him very different from other bosses that he cared for everyone from security guard to housekeeping staff to tea vendor to everyone else. He is there to care them and to support them on regular periods. As Jignesh also had been rise from the bottom level so that he knows that no person or no any job is smaller or bigger but it only depends on the attitude of that person that how he sees his job.

Jignesh was the trend setter in his company and in his field. His career graph was taken as an example to the new comers. He became the admired person to almost everyone in the office.

Jignesh entered in his cabin and put his laptop bag on his desk. He heared a knock on the door and office boy entered with tray caring a cup of tea and glass of water.

“Sagar is your mother ok?” Jignesh drank the water and asked

“Ji Sir! The plaster on her leg is supposed to be removed on this Saturday “Sagar replied

“Good, you can take a leave on Saturday! We could manage by ourselves as it would be only half working day “Jignesh assured him

“Thanks Sir, it has been very kind of you” Sagar said with genuine feelings and he left the cabin

Neha entered in the cabin. Jignesh rose from his chair and saluted “Good Morning, Mam”

Neha was in her late twenties. She has joined the company four months ago. Soon after her and Jignesh eyes met and they started to like each other very much. The whole office staffs are aware about their relationship and they also support the same.

“Why you have been late today?” Neha asked him directly

“No Mam No please don’t cut my today's wages please " Jignesh folded his hands and pleaded

“Jignesh stop! I am serious! You could be late for only thing that you have been overslept right? “Neha asked

Jignesh sipped his tea and said

“Yes! I could not come on time because ...”

“Because! You are having that nightmare again “Neha interrupted

Jignesh just nod his head in yes and said nothing. Neha was aware about his frequent nightmares.

“Why are you seeing same dream? What actually happened? “Neha repeated the same question

“It is not a dream. It is a reality and I have been part of it “Jignesh replied with pain in his voice

“I know you want tell me about it so it’s not a point to ask you more “Neha frustrated and said

“You know you are everything to me! I will tell you everything on right day. I promise “Jignesh placed his both hands on her chicks and added with fake authority in his voice

“Now go to your work, you are not paid to entertain your boss right? Go to your desk and handle the walk in customers”

Neha smiled and left his cabin


Just before the lunch break, Jignesh heard some furious shouting at the front office desk. He came outside and saw one heavy build customer was looking very angry and shouting.

“Sir please doesn’t create a scene here. Come to my cabin, we would have a discussion over there “Jignesh escorted the customer in to his cabin

Once seated, Jignesh asked “Sir, now tell me why you have been upset with us ? "

The angry customer was taken aback by excellent reception from Jignesh. He also seemed ashamed of his behavior.

He replied “Today I got the statement of my investment in this company. I was very shocked to see that I am not getting the returns as per I have been told at the time of making the investments. I have been cheated by your executive. You, your people and your company is the cheater. "

Jignesh took the statement and started to observe it very carefully. Office boy came with two cups of the tea.

Jignesh typed something on his laptop and he said to the customer

“Sir, you have chosen an investment plan which is based on the performance of the Indian stock market."

He paused and looked at the customer. He was nodding his head in yes.

“Till date you got the 13.35 % cumulative interest on your investments and this is much higher than overall stock market performance of 11.75 % " Jignesh showed a rough calculation.

Customer saw it and replied " But I have been told that I would get at least 15 % interest. Here is the broacher with the projection sheet which has been given to me”

Jignesh took the materials than he highlighted one line and replied

“Sir, please have a closer look. There is clearly written that ' This is the calculation with the benchmark of 15 % projective interests. It could be lower or higher depending upon the chosen stocks. The actual Returns on Investments are subject to the performance of the stock market”

“But I have been told that I would definitely get the 15% “Customer argued

“Sir, on that point I am feeling sorry for you as you might have been victim of the ' wrong selling ‘. This is truly an unethical process and must be stopped immediately. "

Jignesh added “Anyway Sir, now I personally monitor your investments and in long term, you will surely get the desired returns”

Customer rose from the chair and said “Thank you very much. My doubts are cleared”

“My Pleasure Sir “Jignesh again escorted the customer to the exit.

The entire staff was appreciating the Jignesh and his skills.


“OK by, Love you ...Miss you ... " Jignesh spoke to Neha in the filmy style. He then connected his cell phone to the charger.

He jumped in to his bed and brings another pillow in to his chest. Neha has just given him the best news.

Neha has hinted about their relationship to her parents. When asked what the feedback from her parents was, she told that they seemed surprised obviously but one thing is sure that at least they did not seem upset. That was the positive sign for their future.

Jignesh starch his hands on the bed. He closed his eyes and started to think about their future with Neha. He also thought that he too needs to inform to his parents sooner.

Then suddenly his mind drifted from the Neha to that un-happy customer who came to the office and called him ' Cheater ' . With that thought even he did not knew when he got the sleep.


“His shouting was increasing. He tried to speak something but he was not at all in the mood for any conversations.

He threw the empty beer tin towards him and screamed with the agony

' You are the Cheater ' "


Jignesh was invited for the dinner at the rented home of Neha’s uncle. Neha’s parents have been come to the city. Neha’s father was interested to have a small house.

Her father wanted a property in the city because Neha’s younger brother got the admission in the college. In result they have decided to move up to the city so that they all could live together under one roof. In that way they could save the accommodation expenses of both Neha and her brother.

Jignesh touched the feet of all the elders present in the room. They all seated in the living room including Neha, her father & her uncle. Her mother & aunt were busy in the kitchen.

“So you are working with Neha?” Her father asked Jignesh.

“He is my boss, papa “Neha replied before him.

“What about your family?” Her father said

“My family consist my parents and my younger sister “Jignesh answered

“Its sounds odd but I want to know about your social and financial status “Her father said and added

“As you could understand that being a father of the girl, at least I should know about everything. Isn’t it? "

“Of course Sir, you have every right to know about it “Jignesh replied

“I started my career as an ordinary sales executive and I was living in the hostel at that time. Because of my hard work, I started to get the success in every step “Jignesh drank some water and resumed his narration

“You might be pleased to hear that , once I have rented an apartment on sharing basis with other guy and now I owns the same property "

Neha’s father seemed impressing with him. He asked again “Good! What about that guy with whom you were sharing your rent? "

Jignesh replied with sorrow "He was working with me in this same company but I am sorry to say that, he is no more. One tragic incident has took his life”

“Holy God! I am really sorry to hear that, my son “Her father replied with genuine concern

“Ok than, you have the good position in the company and you are having your own property in the city. This is the great achievement. “Her father said

“Thanks “Jignesh replied

“No seriously! You are the achiever" Her father added

By the time dinner was ready and after the dinner Jignesh left and reached his home. He was very tired so he directly jumped in the bed.


“He was now out of his mind due to the anger & alcohol .He was pushing him.

He folded his hands and pleaded him to back to his room.

He was not listening anything. His shouting persists, he was saying

‘You are not achiever ! You are the looser'


The state head has been arrived in the office. The atmosphere in the office became electric. The purpose of this visit was not communicated.

They all assembled in the conference room. The state head took the charge.

“Friends, It has been my great pleasure to announce that our region has top across pan India in this fiscal year. "

The murmur of cheers spread among the entire staff.

“The maximum contribution of this outstanding performance came from Mr. Jignesh and his branch”

The feeling of happiness can be seen in everyone’s faces.

“You all would surely get your performance bonus as an extra allowances. " The state head announced

“Thanks Sir “Jignesh replied on behalf of his staff

The state head awarded a memento to the Jignesh

“One thing I could say with the confidence that without this man, this performance could never be achieved. My friend you are the ' Real Hero ' "

Jignesh replied “I have not done anything special Sir. I have just perform my duties”

The state head announced

“In addition, the top management has granted an ' Incentive tour ' to the DIU. The date would communicated to you shortly”

Each face became bright after hearing the announcement except Jignesh. He seemed shaken after hearing the place Diu.

He excused himself and went to the home directly.


“The speed of waves has been increased due to the high tide.

The big waves reaching at the big rock upon which they were standing.

He was now totally out of his mind. He grabbed the collor of his shirt and shouted

“So who are you?’ The Hero ' no you are ' The Villain ' "


Neha came to office little late. She also was not looking good. Her face seemed tense and tired.

Jignesh sensed something is wrong with her so he took her to the nearby cafe.

“What happened?” Jignesh asked with deep concern

“My father has finalized one apartment which suited to our budget and our need. " Neha informed him

“That’s the great news. Why you are upset even after? “Jignesh asked

“Actually, my father has decided to take the loan from the local financer" Before she could finish her statement, Jignesh interrupted

“Why from local financer? Why not from the standard home finance company? I mean our company's subsidiary is present in the home finance field. You know that very well. You could get the home loan easily”

"I also suggested the same to him, but my father is having the conservative approach. He would not accept anything from his daughter. He would allow any liabilities on the shoulder of his daughter. So he approached to the local financer who would give him easy and fast loan in terms of liquid cash. “Neha answered

“Ok! It’s your father's wish. But what is the problem? “Jignesh asked

“The main problem is that the financer has asked about the local guarantor." Neha replied

“Means" Jignesh asked

“We need a local resident who is having some property in his name as a guarantor of our debt. The Guarantor has to submit the original documents of his property to the financer for security purpose” Neha clarify.

“That’s the rude process. I mean they are taking the interest on their payment, even though they demanded the Guarantor “Jignesh said to Neha

“It’s really true but now we are unable to find anyone who could be our Guarantor . " Neha replied with grief in her voice

“Don’t lose the hope, sweetie " Jignesh put his arm around her shoulder


“Papa, Let me apply for the home loan from the company. I would surely get the loan “Neha requested to her father

After the dinner they all were seated on the living room of her uncle's rented house.

“No. I have already told you that I would not allow any liability on your shoulder “Her father replied

“Your Papa is saying the right thing beta, we cannot accept the debt from our own daughter “Her Mother also supported the notion

" I think either we should drop the idea about buying the house or we need to find a guarantor who can provide us the original documents of his property " Her father said with pain in his voice

" But who could be our Guarantor? " Neha almost shouted

" I am " They all turned their faces towards the source of the voice and saw Jignesh was standing with briefcase in his hand


“Boss, when we would supposed to go to the Diu ? " A sales manager asked to Jignesh

“This weekend only " Jignesh replied half - hearted

“Really! It’s great news “A sales manager said and left the cabin

Jignesh’s cell phone vibrated. He saw it was whatsapp massage from Neha.

“Need a talk! Meet in the cafe”

Jignesh entered in the cafe and saw Neha was already seated in their particular table.

“Now what happened? " Jignesh asked

" I have two good news & one bad news . Which one you would like to hear first ? " Neha said

“The good news. Tell me that first “Jignesh drank the water and replied

“So hold your breath. My parents have approved you as their future son-in-law. They would officially communicate to your parents after the Diwali “Neha spoke in one breath

Jignesh literally jumped from his chair with the excitement

“One of the best news I have ever heard. Thank you very much”

The waiter served their order

“What is the second good news? " Jignesh asked

“We got the finance on the base of your Guarantee and we have purchased a property which my father has finalized. Now we will permanently live there. “Neha explained

“My father told me that he would soon clear the loan by selling the farm land of our village and in this way your original documents also would be recovered very soon . "

“Oh don’t worry on that part “Jignesh assured her

“My father also thanked you for your kind support “Neha said happily

“Ok. Accepted. By the way what is the bad news? “Jignesh emptied the coffee mug and asked

“The bad news is that we are shifting to our new home in this weekend so I would not able to join you in the Diu “Neha said and waited for his reaction

“Oh, that thing. OK. I too am not caring much interest on this trip to the Diu but as an Area Manager, I need to accompany my fellow staff members “Jignesh replied

“Ohk. But tell me one thing. I could be wrong but I observe a change in your body language & in your behavior every time when someone explains the name Diu to you. Why that so? I mean do you carry any bad memory there? " Neha waited for his answer

Jignesh took a long breath and answered " nothing like that . It is in fact I just ... I just having a ' Sea- Phobia' "

“What did you said? You are having what? “Neha asked with confusion

“Nothing! Leave it. Let’s get back to the office. I recall some important task “Jignesh rose and indicated her to do the same

They both reached to the office.


" He has now grabbed him with his both hands . He was pushing him towards the cliff.

The intensity of the rain has been increased. They were feeling the thunders from the lightning.

They have been now on the very edge of the cliff and beyond that it was endless body of the deep water.

The water was also dropping from his eyes. He could feel the hot stream of water also running between his thighs.

He folded his hands and pleaded again ' Please let me go. I am afraid of the sea ‘. "


“It was indeed an amazing time spent in the trip “One staff member said to in general

They were returning by the mini bus from the two days trip to the Diu.

“Indeed it was the splendid experience. We have totally enjoyed “Other one said

“Hey, Boss! Only you have not enjoyed the trip as you have locked yourself in to the hotel room for the whole time or you were missing the Neha mam “One fellow said to Jignesh

“Buddy, my health was not at its best. I felt not well. “Jignesh replied

They arrived to their office by late night. Everyone said goodbye to each other and headed towards their nests.


Jignesh was mentally tired rather than physically. He remained in the hotel room during their stay in the Diu . He told the each one that he was not feeling well and needs the rest.

The auto dropped him on the main gate of his housing society. The time was 2 after midnight. The atmosphere was totally silent at this hour of night.

Jignesh paid the auto and started walking towards his apartment. His apartment was in 2nd floor on the K building.

He reached at the K building and started to climb the stairs. He was walking very slowly .He reached at the second floor and headed towards the door of his flat.

When he reached at the door of his flat, his eyes went wide with the shock.

There was a small barricade on the door with the sigh ' Do Not Enter ' .

Jignesh saw a notice was on the main door. He went near to the barricade and read the notice.

It was saying that ' This property belongs to the Neha’s father and without his permission, the entry is prohibited’

Jignesh saw the name plate also has been changed from his name to the name of the Neha’ s father .

“So Mr. Jignesh how is that? “Jignesh heard a familiar voice. He turned towards the source of voice and saw Neha & her father were standing with a briefcase.

“Neha ... Uncle ... What is this all about? " Jignesh almost screamed

“You could see by yourself. Your home is now mine. “Neha ' s father replied

Jignesh’s mind has stopped working. He could not understand anything. He looked at Neha for the further explanations.

“You don’t deserve this asset. This apartment. It does not belong to you. So we have taken back the same from you “Neha said angrily .

" Why you have betrayed me ? What wrong I have did to you? “Jignesh asked

“OK ...Mr. Jignesh so you wants to know the truth. Fine ...Just remember”NEERAV" I am his SISTER. You KILLER. You have ‘BETRAYED’ him than you have killed him" Neha shouted with anger

After hearing the name ' Neerav ' , Jignesh' s head was spinning . His legs were trembling. The sudden darkness came in front of his eyes. He loses his balance and fell on the corner.

His entire encounter with Neerav ran in front of his eyes like a film strip.



“Here we are introducing the ' Super Star ' contest among the entire state. This validity of this contest would be Jan-Feb-March. The only criteria of this contest would be the highest numbers of selling of our latest plan 'MaxGain'.

The winner will be rewarded with the upfront One Lac cash prize “The state head announced

“The Holy Shit! " Neerav murmured to Jignesh

The entire sales team of the state including Jignesh & Neerav were gathered in the lavish conference room belongs to the one of the business hotels of the Ahmadabad. The occasion was the launch of their new plan ' MaxGain'

" Hold your breaths team , In addition to the cash reward , the winner also shall get the ' Zero Percent Home Loan ' from our sister concern Home Loan company " The State Head offered another honey bomb.

“Please pinch me as I wants to make sure that I am not seeing any dream or not ? " Neerav requested Jignesh in very silent voice

“True, yaar! Its indeed an amazing offer. I mean one could get ' Zero Percent Home Loan ' . That means we could buy our dream home without very easily “Jignesh agreed with Neerav

Neerav & Jignesh were colleagues and in same grade working as sales managers. They both were like minded persons with identical work abilities. They both were sharing a rented apartments and they had became the best of friends in short period of time.

" The announcement of the winner of this contest would be done in the best hotel of DIU . The party would begin in first week of April “The state head set the mood of entire hall .

“Oh I forget to mention that , the winner would also be eligible for the direct ' Promotion' in next ' Appraisal Cycle' " The state head took another rabbit from the head.

“My Goodness! The company seems to spend its entire fortune on this contest “Jignesh said

" It Must ! ”The fellow sales manager from Surat city seated on row behind and . They both turned their heads towards him

The sales manager from Surat seemed happy to give a lecture

“The newly launched plan 'MaxGain' is the weakest among all the plans offered by the company

“Are you sure? I mean it promised bigger fortune to its investors on paper “Neerav asked with genuine surprise

“Yes buddy! You know this humb called ' MaxGain' is not at all justifying its name. Though it looks perfect on first sight, it is not fruitful to its customers. There are many far better plans available within our company and also with our competitors too “The sales manager from Surat replied

“Got it ! So to increase the sales of this poor product, the company is offering ' A carrot Stick' “Jignesh looked convinced

" So Team ! I hope everyone present in this hall would do their level best. We would again meet on the result day . Till then good bye & Happy Selling “The meeting is over.

Neerav & Jignesh managed to get the seats in the Volvo bus running from Ahmadabad to Rajkot.

“Yaar! This is the mother of all opportunities. I am still unable to believe what have been offered to us

I am definitely going to grab this key of wealth with both of my hands”

Neerav said with childish expressions.

“Yaar ! I am thinking otherwise. You know this just a honey trap to increase the sales of the weak product. “Jignesh set aback him

When Neerav & Jignesh reached at their shared rented apartment, the time was midnight. They were tired so without doing many conversations, they quickly fell into sleep.

From the very next day onwards the Neerav has been changed. His mind seemed to be occupied with the thoughts of the new contest.

“Where you have been remains all day ? " Jignesh asked Neerav

“Nothing, just trying to find the big fleet of customer for the contest. " Neerav answered

They were giving justice to their dinner at the apartment. Jignesh noticed that there is little change in the Neerav's nature.

After finishing the dinner , Jignesh said to Neerav " Let’s have a walk "

They both came outside and went to the society garden.

“Look Neerav, I know this is an excellent opportunity for all of us to create our mark in the company. It also provides us the chance to achieve the fame both in terms of tangible and intangible ways. But ... " Jignesh explained to him

“What But my buddy? " Neerav asked

“This product is not worth selling my friend . The customers would not gain much from this. We should not market it ethically & morally” Jignesh answered

" Yaar nothing in this world is perfect. The ethics & morals are just looks good only while hearing. Be practical. We are doing nothing wrong. We are just following our management. “Neerav replied politely

Jignesh did not force him more. They came back and fall in to the sleep.

The days are passed and both Jignesh and Neerav were engaged in their respective workloads. Neerav was working very hard. He had almost doubled his efforts and he was utilizing his entire strength to win the contest.

Jignesh on other hand was also working hard but he did not seemed to be much interested in the contest. Not that he was not working well but he only sells the flagship plan of the company. He was not pitching the new plan' MaxGain ' . He only offers the new plan if customer demands the same.

The time was running fast and now only the last week was remained for the contest. Till now Neerav was proving to be the dark horse and he was in top 5 in fact he has secured 2nd place in the contest. Jignesh was also in the top 5 list and he was at 5th place

“Bro. you are now at the Third spot on this contest , work little harder and you could win the same " Jignesh said to Neerav

“Right Jignesh I knew I have a very good chance to win this contest . By the way you too are in the race , I mean being at the 5th , you also had a fair chance to win as anyone from top 5 could win the race " Neerav replied with smile

“You knows that I have no interest in this contest also for me its very difficult but it is easier for you to win . You could easily win it “Jignesh answered

“OK than , I am telling you the secret . I am the sure shot winner of this contest “Neerav said slowly

"Cool but How could you surely say that? " Jignesh asked

“Listen buddy. I am at 2nd place right now and now only three days have been left for this contest. Right? “Neerav paused

“Yes So what ? " Jignesh asked with confusion look

“I have already collected huge amount of the payment cheques from the customers for this plan " Neerav replied

“Cheques, Where are those? " Jignesh asked

“It is here in my bag .I have not informed anything about these to our state head yet " Neerav took his attaché and fetched the proposal forms and payment cheques

“I will inward and login those in the system tomorrow. I am damn sure that with such a huge amount of in warding no one could beat me “Neerav said triumph

“Excellent my friend! I would demand the Grand Party from your side once you won the contest" Jignesh said with happy tone.

“Of course my brother “Neerav patted in his shoulder

The cell phone of Neerav rang.

“Its my Uncle from our Village. Why he had called at odd hour? “Neerav murmured worriedly and answered the call

“Ha Kaka. Su Thayu? (What Happened) .Shu? (What) Kyare? (When). Hu hamna j nikdu chu. (I am coming right now) “Neerav ended the call. The glow on his face has been totally faded.

“Yaar! My Dadaji (Grandfather) has been passed away by sudden cardiac arrest . I need to reach village immediately “Neerav said with pain in his voice

“Oh Good Lord! This is really a sad news my brother. May his soul rest in peace “Jignesh folded his hands and prayed

"Listen! I want allow you to go alone, I am also coming with you "Jignesh said

"Thanks for your concern. But you stay here. I need your support for the contest "Neerav replied

"Means” Jignesh asked

“Look. Now there are only two days has been left for this contest and you knows how this contest mean to me and also I am the definite winner as I have the large amount of payment cheques are ready with me . "

“So what I want is that, You inward all these proposals and cheques on my behalf. Please make sure that everything is booked under my name. “Neerav requested

“Of course yaar. Now it’s my responsibilities to work for you “Jignesh assured him

Neerav handed him the attaché to him and said “The result of this contest would be announce after 4 days so I will directly reach to the DIU and receive the winning price"

“OK Done “Jignesh said.

“Yaar please be careful. I am handing over my total hard work to you. Please take care of it and do as I have suggested “Neerav once again requested.

Neerav hurriedly packed his bags and left for the village.

The doomsday is arrived. The entire sales team had been arrived at the DIU.

DIU is a beautiful island with excellent landscape and sand beaches. It is serving as the tourist spot for the entire state.

The entire team has been gathered in the one of the lavish Resort. They have seated in the ball room of the Resort.

Neerav arrived at the DIU by overnight bus journey. He looked tired because of the long journey. Everyone in the room paid their consolation to him.

The state head and other senior members of the company arrived in the hall. Each one took their respective seats and waited for the award ceremony to begin.

The state head took the charge and started the proceedings.

“Team, we got the excellent response of this contest. We manage to generate the excellent revenues by this product Many of you have did splendid job for this contest. But ‘THE HERO’ is the only one “The state head paused and looked at the audience.

Murmuring start among the audience. Neerav was seated calmly and waiting for the moment when his name would be declared a winner.

“So Team, hold your breaths, It gives me an immense pleasure to announce the winner, the best of the best , the Numero Uno ‘THE HERO Mr. JIGNESH ‘ from the Rajkot branch “ The state head throw the bomb.

Neerav was unable to believe in his ears. He was so shocked that as if he had seen an alien in front of him. He pinched himself for making sure that he is not in the dream.

“JIGNESH has slammed the Sixes; No I would say a double six in last ball. He has in warded and booked the huge amount of payment cheques on the final day of the contest. “

The darkness was coming in front of Neerav’s eyes. His throat was becoming the sour.

“Only because of his solid performance on the last day. Jignesh took away this contest from his other competitors. His figures were so splendid that no one could came near to him “The state head announced

Neerav was looking at Jignesh. There was unexplained expressions was on faces of both the friends.

“I request Mr. Jignesh to come to the stage and receive his fortune. “ The state head requested

Jignesh rose from his seat and went to the stage.

The state head handed him the thick envelope “Here is the One Lac cash prize for you, Jignesh”

The audiences were clapping heavily. Neerav became the statue on his seat.

“Here is the cheque of your pre-approved home loan without interest. Now you could buy your dream home easily “Jignesh accepted the cheque from the state head.

Jignesh looked at Neerav. He was looking at him without any expressions. Then he saw Neerav rose from his seat and leaving the ball room with mobile phone in his hand.

“Congratulation to Jignesh, his performance has been noted in top management and soon he would be promoted to Area Manager “The state head declared

The entire room was cheering up.

“So Team , do the party , enjoy the day “ The state head concluded .

The ceremony was over.

Jignesh called Neerav but he was not picking up his call. He inquires about him.

Someone said that he saw Neerav going towards the cliff of the beach.

Jignesh directly run towards the end of the beach. He saw Neerav was standing on the big rock directly overlooking the sea. He was sipping the beer from the tin.

Neerav saw Jignesh was approaching.

“Welcome Sir welcome. Take this “He throw one beer tin towards him.

Now they were standing on the big rock and sipping their drinks.

“Just tell me one thing. Why you have done this to me? “Neerav asked

Jignesh gulped the beer and replied “Because I always wanted to be something in my life . I wanted to have the fame and property. This was the golden chance for me so I grab it . “

“What about your ETHICS & VALUES “The anger was rising in the head of Neerav.

“ You knows the Elephant. It has two kinds of teeth’s. One for the chew and one only for the show off” Jignesh answered

Neerav started to shout angrily on him. Jignesh was trying to calm him down.

The sun was setting and darkness was overpowering it.

“What every one is saying to you ? ‘ Achiever’ no you are ‘CHEATER’ “Neerav was screaming

Now he has grabbed his collar and pushing him towards the edge of the cliff. Jignesh was trying to resist but Neerav was overpowering him.

“You have became the ‘ HERO’ correct ? You are the biggest ‘VILLIAN’ “ Neerav was now pushing him.

They were now on the very edge of the rocky cliff.

“Please leave me I am afraid of the Sea “Jignesh requested and folded his hands.

The impact of the alcohol was overpowering the conscious of Neerav. He was not in the very best of his mind to understand the situation. His legs were trembling. His head was spinning. He could manage to stand properly.

All of the sudden , the lighting struck very hard and Neerav loses his balance and fell from the rocky cliff and in to the sea.


Jignesh was seating on the corner of his apartment in front of Neha and her father.

“When Neerav left the ball room, he made a call to me and explain the entire situation to me. He seemed very upset by your ‘BETRAYAL’. I sensed that something would happen to him and then we got the news that his dead body has been found in the Sea “Neha told to him.

“I have ‘BETRAYED’ him but I have not killed him. I swear on holy god” Jignesh said with wet eyes.

“We could report your ‘ Betrayal’ in your company but I wanted the pure ‘ REVENGE’ . An EYE against an EYE. I liked to break you completely mentally and financially. So I have joined the same branch and made my ‘HONEY TRAP ‘ “ Neha paused for the while.

Jignesh was listening and he has grabbed his head with both of his hands.

“After making sure that I have made you my lover, our next action plan start which was seeking the guarantor for our loan from local financer. By that means we have transferred your apartment in to our name “Neha replied.

Her father spoke “This was not your property by any means. It belonged to my loving son ‘NEERAV’ “

“Now Mr. Jignesh get lost from our property “Neha screamed with anger.

Jignesh tried to rise but he felt heaviness on his legs. He took the support of the wall and stand up. He folded his both hands. The tears were dropping from his eyes.

He bent and touched the feet of Neerav’s father. He tried to do the same to Neha but she stepped back.

Jignesh left the building.


The HR department of the company received two resignations on the same day. One of Jignesh and second from Neha.

Everyone thought that they both have run away together.

No one have any idea about the real story of ‘BETRAYAL & REVENGE ’

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