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My Life My Way
My Life My Way

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"A good family life is the most precious blessing for a girl."

Diya's mother used to say. Diya was an uprising model who had took the modeling industry by storm. But that evening she was caught in midst of a conundrum. The solution of which held the key to her future. She has managed to capture a magnanimous modelling assignment with a Paris based advertising agency. This assignment could take her places and could even win her the status of 'Supermodel'. The title was one of her long cherished dreams. As she dashed into her home to break the news to her Mom, she was surprised to know that her Mom was already on cloud nine. Though the reason was entirely different. A marriage proposal from an affluent bussiness family had come knocking on Diya's door leaving her in a dilemma.

"How long do you think your modelling career will last?" Mom asked in a matter-of-factly fashion."Within a decade some other girl will replace you. But think of it, marriage is a life long guarantee of happiness, love and prosperity. And that too, if the alliance is with the heir to a whooping 120 crore, dont you think this one is a better deal."

Diya spent several sleepless nights pondering over the issue. And finally concluded that Mom was right. Her modelling career could never guarantee a secure tommorrow. But the marriage deal came with several terms and conditions. She has to give up her career and had to transform herself into a homemaker. She surrendered her dreams and tied the nuptial knot with a heart full of dreams and hopes of a so called 'happy family life.'

A few days after marriage she realised that the marital life that she had imagined in her dreams is quite different from what she had encountered in her real life. She had to remain confined within the four walls of her mansion. The world of modelling that once filled her with ecstacy was now far beyond her reach as her in-laws would not approve of it. She was not allowed to watch fashion shows even on a television set as they considered it to be indecent. Ideal daughter-in- laws should watch daily soaps and nothing else. Her mother-in-law looked upon her with sneer contempt as she didn't had the back up of a financially sound family. Her animosity towards Diya outpoured in form of sarcastic remarks and cruel words.

Diya silently bore it all for the love of Ashish - her husband. But a few months after they had arrived from their honeymoon trip, she noticed a grave change in his nature. He had started avoiding her. His phone calls to her started dwindling in frequency. Last week all her calls to him were able to reach only his answering machine. A couple of days ago she even discovered a gold ring safely concealed among his things. The ring was definitely not of her size. She decided to get to the bottom of it.

As Ashish set out for his office next day, Diya followed him stealthly till the evening. In the evening he asked his driver to leave and started driving his car himself. She followed his car as he turned towards Leelavati chawl. A marriage ceremony was going on there. He parked his car, got down and went straight to the stage where the bride and groom were seated. She followed him and hid among the crowd near the stage. An old man greeted him and said, "Sir I had never expected that a busy man like you will come to attend the wedding of his retired peon's daughter."

"You have served my office for your entire lifetime. I will feel ashamed of myself if I let you leave without giving a token of appreciation."Ashish said as he took out the gold ring and handed it to his daughter with his blessing.

Diya's eyes filled up as she thought, Ashish is worth the sacrifices that she had made to have him in her life.

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