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I Was Shy But I Don'T Now Why?
I Was Shy But I Don'T Now Why?

© Anand Ranjan


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Years ago I was in school
brilliant, bookish but totally uncool
I had a crush on a girl
with pretty face cute eyes and hairs curl
she looks like a diva shining more than that a pearl
I wanted to live with her and to die
but I was too shy to propose her and I don't know why?

Days passed and now I was in college
A little strong a little firm and with some courage
managing hardly to skip from the seniors
she was my only friend and my only saviour
I met her on the day of admission 
giving directions to the visitors and parents
she was a volunteer and everyone needed her guidance
with pink lipstick earrings and nail-paint
she was glowing like a rose in a beautiful garland
A professor came and appointed her to help me
as I lost my file and he wasn't free
she helped me out and I got my file
I thanked her and she passed a smile
I want her contact and maybe she won't deny
but I just said bye 
as I was too shy and I don't know why?

Semesters passed and I became university topper
master in every subject and the best blogger
but I was unhappy and lonely
as she was dating someone and it wasn't me
she looks happy with him at CCD
when I use to watch her from our class balcony
whether she wore red green or white
she always looked adorable and bright
days passed and she got busy in her studies
as it was time for placements and visiting companies
she was selected for an MNC with good salary
and was leaving soon the college and our corridor's gallery
I wanted to stop her and to confront
but I didn't have guts to perform this stunt
I could have proposed to her if I had tried
I was too shy that time and I don't know why?

shyness leads to nothing.

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