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An Unread Autobiography
An Unread Autobiography

© Maya Bhat


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I still remember it was a day before the New Year’s Eve. I was sitting in Mr. Roy’s shop in a festive mood. Mr. Roy was setting things to close the shop and go home to have the New Year celebration. I knew Mr. Roy since a year. Earlier he used to close his shop at sharp 5 pm but those days he waited till 8 pm, maybe he had some financial issues. I never asked him. The clock in front of me was about to struck 8.

Suddenly a man stepped into the shop. Mr. Roy was quite happy to see a customer.

They had a small conversation. Mr. Roy pointed him towards the left corner of the shop. The man started walking around and suddenly his eyes fell on me.

I was a bit scared the way he moved towards me. He stared at me for a while, may be, he was thinking something. Then he turned towards Mr. Roy. Mr. Roy took me in his hands and started telling him where I came from, how he found me, how good I was, which community I belonged to etc. The man was quite impressed to know about my history. I also felt proud to hear such good things about me. Then the man told he wanted to take me with him. I was in shock! I was actually very comfortable with my present life. I didn't wish to go anywhere. But who would ask me?


Mr. Roy placed me in a box and sealed it. I was in complete darkness. I didn’t even get a moment to say farewell to Mr. Roy. I knew I would never see him again. I was not able to say good bye to my friends too.

By the time I came out of my thoughts, I realized that someone was opening the box. It was a lady. The man called her ‘Lilly’.

Lilly took me in her hands and explored my whole body. After examining me for a long time, she finally reacted, “I didn’t’ like this”! Ha ha.

She didn’t like me, you know.

To say that she took nearly half an hour I guess. Not really cool.

So what was next? They made me sit on a table in their living room. I watched their preparations for the New Year. I was really bored with that lady’s stupid show offs, after all she didn’t like me, right. I felt asleep over there.

When I opened my eyes, I was again in a box. Where was I going?

After some time I heard noises of children and some music.

Then I heard Lilly screaming ‘Happy New Year’ and I felt like I was handed over to another person. Once again the box was opened and it was again a lady looking at me. I think Lilly gifted me to that lady, as she was saying "thank you to Lilly".

Now this lady was pretty happy seeing me. She took me into her kitchen. I was placed near a bowl. I heard Lilly shouting again, "come join us Ruby” and this lady went out.

Next day, it was the New Year eve and people at my new place were busy preparing for the party. I too was busy making new friends in Ruby’s kitchen.

That time Ruby came to the kitchen. She took my bowl friend, mixed up some sliced onions and added a few powders to it. It was really fun to see her doing that. Meanwhile she poured some oil on me. I was placed on the induction cook top and the heat was put on.

OMG!!!!!! . First time in my life I realized that I was a Frying Pan.

The heat went on increasing. The pain was unbearable for me. But unfortunately that was what I was made for.

Next day her son demanded for potato fries and I was heated again. Also at night Ruby tried a new recipe and I was heated once again. Slowly I started getting used to heat. I kept weeping, sometimes burning and totally exhausting for her family.

Today it is again a New Year’s Eve. I have been sitting in Ruby’s kitchen for 3 years with my handle broken. But I can still see the things happening around me. I can hear guests in my house having fun. In the meanwhile, to my surprise, Ruby brought in another frying pan, little bigger, good looking and prettier than me. She placed him near me. He proudly told me that he was gifted to Ruby by her friend. I wondered why people gifted her frying pans!!

Next morning and I was in a public waste pit. I don’t know when I was put there. A truck came and stopped near the pit. A person got down and started putting the wastes into it. I was also thrown inside. From there I was able to see the shops around.

I suddenly realized that I was in front of Mr. Roy’s shop. I saw Mr. Roy opening his shop. I shouted” Mr. Roy, Mr. Roy”. He looked around but did not realize that it was me. He went inside the shop. The truck started moving. At a little distance, I saw Lilly and that man who took me from the shop, walking by the road side. I again shouted “Lilly, Lilly”. She too looked around but did not understand what was going on. But even if she understood, why would she respond, she didn’t like me that day , right!

I moved on wishing everyone a Happy New Year, though they all were busy in their own world.

Hope I would come back one day in some other form and be a useful part of someone's life forever.

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