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Democracy In Rajivan
Democracy In Rajivan

© Sambhav Jain

Drama Fantasy

2 Minutes   8.9K    117

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Once upon a time, in a forest named Rajivan was ruled by a lion named Lovely Singh.

It was an excellent, peace loving,kind and generous king.It fulfilled all the needs of animals living in the forest.

One day on the date of 15 August Rajubhai, the monkey went to Delhi.There he saw many spectators,large parades and he also saw the prime minister and other ministers.He could not understand what was happening there and asked a few monkeys about that.

They narrated the whole from the the British arrival in India and till India became independent. They also told Rajubhai about 26 January 1950 that India had become democratic on the day of 26 January 1950.A thought crossed his mind that it will be so good if Rajivan would also become democratic.

After returning to Rajivan it talked to his friends about what the monkeys had said.One of them was Chinku,the squirrel an official at Lovely's court.They were very happy to hear about it also thought that we should also have democracy. They all fixed to meet the king tomorrow to talk about democracy.

On the next day at the king's court they said about also having democracy . The king ws unhappy and asked "Do I not fulfill your needs?"

Chinku stood up and said, "yes,we are happy but who knows your successors will also keep us happy.We should also have a right to choose the ruler which we want to rule."

After much discussion the king said yes to democracy. All the animals were very happy to hear that.They also started writing a constitution.

After some months, elections were held.

One was Lovely Singh the king itself and the other was Ritu,the jackal who was very rude to the animals but before some months he became very kind and promised many things.

After some time the the result was announced and the winner was .............. Lovely Singh! Ritu became very angry when it lost and started shouting at the animals for not voting it.After this shouting was completed

Lovely stood up and said "Democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people......"

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