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Secret Of Success
Secret Of Success

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Anjali won her first medal in school level athlete events. She was not sure this time for success but her lucky charm played a big role here and as usual prize went to Anjali. Anjali performed consistently in academics, sports and other co circular activities. Her parents had so many reason for proud on her daughter. Anjali had a fast friend - Jyoti, Jyoti was a day dreamer. She thought every time and had no time for action. Her parent’s had a great expectation to her but she consistently fail to reach there. In such condition there were tense atmosphere at her home.

There were unit test in their school next week onwards. Jyoti’s father warned her that she should be performed well otherwise he stopped her hobby classes and sent her to her granny for further study. Jyoti got tensed and under extreme stress. She tried enough and cursed her destiny, she observed fast and went to lord Vishnu temple without fail. She dreamt to be winner and get good marks in exams but as she woke up she again into the harsh reality. She levelled as a failure. Her parents often quoted example of Anjali’s success.

Anjali and Jyoti were sitting on the stairs of the Lord Vishnu temple. They discussed their school life and their personal life. Anjali felt that Jyoti was not in her mood and tried to hide something. Only friends could read the heartbeat of their friends. Anjali insisted Jyoti to open her heart in front of her. Jyoti shared that she was under great depression and had no option except getting brilliant result in upcoming exams and sports otherwise she faced very tough time in her life. She shared her family situation and told that she irritated with so much failure and now life became bored and burden.

Anjali held the hand of Jyoti and told her that she understood her conditions and wished her bright results and said that she was her best buddy weather she got desired results or not. She advised that you should ignored unnecessary comments and tried to achieve small - small success and search her heart voice, it was not compulsory in life to get success in each field.

Jyoti- oh, please shut up! I had enough knowledge and habitual to such lectures. Please you don’t preach me like others. Can I take my breath here?

Anjali – I didn’t mean it, I tried to get out you from deep stress.

Jyoti- I don’t believe on God now but you could help me, please share your secret to get success. Please Anjali tell me, I am fed up these failures.

Anjali- You would have to come my home on this Sunday ,I can’t explain here that secret.

Jyoti had eagerly waiting of this Sunday. On Saturday night she could not sleep properly and woke up again and again and watched clock. She reached before time at Anjali’s home. Anjali took her in an old store room where some plastic box scattered , some old tables and chairs were over there. There was a thin layer of dust everywhere. Jyoti surprisingly observed all these and thought why did Anjali came here? Suddenly she heard the sound of door , yes someone closed the door and Jyoti was alone in that room. She screamed a lot but no one was there to listen her. Three hours passed, she managed to understand the situation and cursed Anjali as much as she could.

She began to plan for her escape. She shifted plastic boxes and put heavy table on it . She could manage to lift those heavy stuff surprisingly. She put another chair on table, bottom most plastic box then table then chair, on this stair she climbed and stroke hard on ventilator pane with an old umbrella. She jumped from that passes and found that Anjali already stood there.

Jyoti shouted on Anjali – if you didn’t wish to share you should denied me ,what was the hell it ! How could you do this with me, I still getting mad to coherence all these. You, boasting being my friend, enemies are better than you!

Anjali gave time to Jyoti so that she could calm down and started saying - when you were in the room and got yourself in puzzled situation ,you forgot all other lively things, you forgot even cursing me, you forgot your dreams, your family ,you forgot everything. You just focused the problem and planned and put all your effort to materialize your plan, you thought out of box and did such task that you could not do in normal situations. Please think that how you came out of this room on by on . This was the only secret of success. I tried many times to explain you but you were never ready to listen to me so I had no other choice to make you understand all this.

My dear friend, focusing on our aim and trying with full heart with open minded so that new ideas can take birth and help in paving way to success. There is never wrong time to do right thing. You can restart your journey and I am sure this time you would be the trailblazer.

Jyoti could not speak a single word but did a promise to herself that now her action would speak and moved elegantly from there.

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