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My Quest For True Love
My Quest For True Love

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It started at a tender age of 15. I was growing up into a young and pretty lady. He met me in the elevator. Aneesh was my new neighbor. Both of us were studying in the tenth grade. It was love at first sight for us. We enrolled in the same Maths tuition. I remember talking to him from the balcony. It was such a close bond. Aneesh did all my assignments so that I could go to dance classes. He would teach me and made sure I get good marks. Three months later, Aneesh failed his board exams, while I passed. We broke up because he accused me of distracting him. I lost myself. I got acne, my hair turned fizzy and many of my nails broke. I guess I was depressed. It was a great loss. 

Nikhil was my angel. He helped me recover from the loss. He was my best friend’s cousin. He claimed to love me. I too fell in love with him. He was simple, sweet and adorable. We would walk in the park every evening. Once he gave me a gift. I opened the beautiful blue bottle. I gave a peck on his cheek as soon as I saw it. There was a little tortoise in it. It was just as cute as Nikhil. I brought it home and put it in my fish tank. Next morning, the tortoise had eaten all the fish there. I removed it and threw it outside my house. I ended my relationship with Nikhil on the same day. He was not the right guy for me and my fish. 

A year later, a young, handsome hunk proposed to me. Sameer was the captain of the football team in my college. I was reluctant initially, but he bought a ring for me and proposed to me officially in the college campus. The huge diamond ring was elegant and suited my sleek hand. I made it a point to wear it all the time. I went on a few dates with Sameer. He always paid the bill. I felt he considered me his responsibility. Once I asked him the price of the ring. To my surprise, it was an ordinary silver ring for a few hundreds. I threw it on his face and broke up with him. The ring was fake. I couldn’t live with a man who cheated me.

It was my 19th birthday. Avinash came to wish me at 12 a.m. It was pouring and he was all drenched. He proposed to me with a bouquet of red roses. I said ‘Yes’, in spite of his mediocre looks and short height. It was difficult for a beautiful girl like me to ignore his shortcomings, but love is blind. I had a very good time with him. We dated for seven months. He would pick me from home and drop me back on his bike. Once he took me home to meet his mother. That woman didn’t approve of our relationship. Avinash started ignoring me because of his mother. I broke up with him because he was a coward. I wanted him to go against his parents, fight for me and overcome all odds. But, he didn’t. I didn’t want to be with a “Mumma’s Boy.”

I went to Srinagar for a study tour when I was 21. The tour guide was a dashing man. Kashif was tall, handsome and soft spoken. I felt that there is some connection between us. Maybe, there was something from the past life. I would talk to him all the time about important things like nail colors, stilettoes, foot spas, dandruff remedies. He seemed very impressed with my knowledge and maturity. Both of us went for a movie in local theatre. I lied to my classmates and professors that I am going to the nearby temple. It was such a rejuvenating experience. He told me that he was 18 years old. The same moment I felt irked. An independent and strong woman can never love a little boy. We left Srinagar and I never felt anything for Kashif again.

I came across Hiral’s profile on Tinder. He right swiped me like every other guy. But, the best thing about him was that he looked honest. I went on a date with him. I was already upset that he didn’t notice my winged eyeliner. He was too boring for an exciting and smart girl like me. We had dinner that evening. Being an investment banker, he was talking about things that wouldn’t interest a lively person. To my surprise, he wanted to share the bill. I was so upset. A man who cannot treat a girl “ladylike” cannot be good for her. I deleted his contact number from my phone and never met him again.

Finally, after so many heartbreaks and failed relationships I have turned much stronger and wiser. I agreed to marry Shirish. He is my father’s long lost relative. Both families decided that we should marry each other. Shirish looked so handsome on the day of the engagement. The ring was studded with tiffanies. A grand fairy tale wedding is arranged for us. We will live in his four storey bungalow after marriage. I am so excited for the month long honeymoon in Switzerland. Shirish is exactly the man I was looking for. I wanted somebody who loves me dearly, even if he is not the rich or handsome.


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