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The Journey Of Life.
The Journey Of Life.

© Abhishek Saxena

Drama Tragedy

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One day a boy left his house in search of a job and it was raining heavily. As he was depressed and stressed out because he was the only one in his family to take care of his entire family and to fulfil the all needs of them. His financial condition was very poor and he had no more money left in his account.

On the way while he was crossing the street, he met with an car accident and lost both his hands and legs. But no one informed his family about the accident. He was in pain but somewhere also felt relieved. He lost hope and cursed himself and he questioned God why he is alive and cried a lot as he is not able to face his family now and wanted them to be happy.

It was dark at that time and he heard a voice from his side "Wake up dear you have to go to school. Else, you will get late again". He rubbed and opened his eyes and was shocked that his mother and father were sitting next to him.

He was unable to believe that he was perfectly fine and nothing happened to him. The boy was confused and was in a shock for a moment. What he had experienced his past miserable death or his new life given by God to him. The boy wrote the entire story in his diary and told to his parents. Unfortunately they didn't believe him .

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