Ice Cream

Ice Cream

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“Ooh, Ice-Cream.”

One bite and her stomach felt so good.

It was not her favourite flavour. She didn't care for flavours anymore.

She didn't even mind the dirt on it when she picked it up from the street. Someone might have thrown it half eaten.

Cold milk of ice cream was dripping down her chin and onto her torn shirt but she was indifferent. She was busy in licking melted ice cream running down her elbow.

Suddenly she realized she had to feed her baby. She looked around in panic. Where was her daughter?

She was away from her daughter for a long time. Why her baby was not crying? She crossed the street dodging speeding cars and there she was… clad in beautiful silk- Her beautiful baby.

"Eat." She pushed the ice cream cone in her mouth.

But her baby didn't open her mouth.


Melted ice cream entered her baby's nose but there were no bubbles.


Her baby was not breathing.

Suddenly she remembered that her baby was dead since morning.

Then she remembered… them.

She remembered them snatching her daughter away and throwing the baby on the median verge of the road.

She remembered them touching her eyebrows making her feel dirty.

She clutched her hand and ice cream burst out of the cone, just like blood burst out of their heads when she killed them with the shovel.

"Ooh, Ice-Cream." She started licking her elbow again.

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