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Dear friend,

I know you carry stories, strongly bound by the tongue, so speak through your eyes, for eyes speak no language.

You smile through your lips, with some familiar cracks and stains, so laugh through your heart, for heart never lies.

You say NO with your hand gesture, which tangles themselves into like knitting lines, so speak of your mind, because the mind knows how to say NO!

Your words speak the foreign language breaking shackles, unheard most of the time, so show them your dreams, because dreams only know liberation.

And my love, I know you carry love, which is often rolled up in smoke and tears, so when they ask you,”how much you loved them?”

Show them your eyes, your heart, mind, and dreams and tell them that,”My mind has always dreamed about your heart to be mine, and though my mind knows how to say NO it has always said YES for you”. Breathe and let them stare back into your hollow eyes, for eyes speak no language and so does love!

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