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PRESENT, 420099

It was glowing like anything as the Devas approached the place and started to feel that their own Aura was being undermined by the immense radiation coming out of its core. Their joy could not be described in words. They couldn’t help smiling at the very thought of the end of the dark era. As they neared the platform where the energy radiating sphere was kept suspended in air they could feel the resonance down their veins. Indra, Surya Varun Vayu and Agni kept on moving forward even though the rest of Devas chose to be outside the last circle as they could not bear such radiation. The five of them stopped keeping a little distance from the platform. Indra stretched out his hands to pick up the sphere but Alas! Even the King of Devas could not bear the immense energy and he dropped it which fell all the way down to Earth. Everyone was aghast. Some started shivering on the very thought that what was coming next. All eyes were on Indra and then Devraj exclaimed “It’S lost”.



End was approaching. Yes, the end of Kaliyug was approaching. Perhaps, just a few years more for the evil to reach its Zenith and then soon its downfall will start even faster than its rise. The Gods were furious at pitiful condition of earth. They were angry at never ending desires of mankind. Earth was at stake and now only divine intervention could save her.


EARTH 14 March 420098

The earth was parched. It has changed from blue planet to red planet. It was now considered as sibling of Mars. The same Mars which had already been blown up in an attack by humans.

Earth which was once the home of millions of organisms was now controlled by human race. The Earth which was once filled with forests had now changed to concrete forest.

Humankind was not only a curse on Earth but also on the universe. Everything had been destroyed by the humans. Nothing remained. Even the mighty stars which had lighted the universe for ages seemed helpless and hapless before human. They were slowly dying due to the power suckers fitted on them to fulfill the energy requirements on earth. They had become the spot of nuclear fusion to produce gold and radium.

Meanwhile not all humans were enjoying all this. Majority suffered due to absence of enough oxygen, water and food. Their condition had been so since the end of democracy. Only the creamy layer of the society had enough to afford oxygen emitters, water producers and food capsules.

These were few invention human did for their survival. These oxygen emitters were as small as micro chip. These attracted oxygen atoms from universe and formed coat of oxygen around the body. The water producers did the same with hydrogen and oxygen atom to produce water. The food capsules fed the humans in absence of vegetation.

The creamy layer included the King of Universe Vikram, his family members, ministers and their cronies. They ruled the earth for last 500 years. For every one Vikram was fearless, brave and strongest of all but only a few knew that he was haunted by the fear of death. He had good reasons to fear.


Year 419600

“You fool! You will soon pay for your misdeeds. I will tell everyone know that you fooled me by making me develop hybrid gene which can absorb and radiate gamma radiations for your personal motives and gains and not for people” cried Keshav Vikrams childhood friend who was now the most intelligent, innovative and recognized scientist.

The king smiled to tease him. Keshav went on shouting and hurling curses at him. He wondered that how shameless and shrewd his childhood friend was. He was the same person who had murdered democracy and liberty of people.

“What do you think of me, Keshav? I knew that you would not let me change my dreams into realities. I was well prepared for it. Well, I have a last surprise for you on account of our friendship. Take a look at it” said Vikram at last to Keshav.

No sooner Vikram had uttered that word; a gang of highly trained robots that was hidden with the help of camouflage clothes in the room pounced upon Keshav and tore him into pieces. But before dying he uttered a prophecy which had haunted Vikram’s mind and soul for these years. He had said,” Vikram you burgled me, you will soon pay the price. As stated in the ‘Bhagvad Gita’; the Kaliyug and your reign of darkness will end when all the planets and the sun make a straight line. This is all what I have to say. Goodbye friend.”


“Hey you, didn’t you listen that king has called an emergency meeting.” cried the lieutenant to the guards or rather to call robotic lieutenant cried to the robots. The guards quickly marched towards the king’s court.

The whole palace was on run. Nobody knew the reason for the emergency meeting.


“So, what should we do? Keshav was a very intelligent scientist and his words should not be doubted. All plans are invited.” said Vikram.

The court buzzed with discussions. Nobody had any idea. But a young man in the court smiled as if he had the key to the problem.

“My lord, I have a great idea. If you wish I will narrate it to you.” said the young man.

“You may, but it should really be a good one otherwise be prepared to be chopped up.” said the king to the young man.

“It is indeed a good one. You said that when the sun and planets would come in a straight line, then you and Kaliyug would end. Then why not blow up a planet. Absence of even one planet will put a permanent end at the damned prophecy. According to me if we follow this plan then we should blow up Mars as I don’t see any significance of its presence.”

A smile crept on Vikram’s face. It was indeed a great plan.”You will be promoted.” said the king to the young man.

The plan was executed immediately. A nuclear fusion missile was fired at Mars. And no one saw it again.


Shivalok Year 420098

Pashupatinath along with the Goddess seemed to be waiting for someone. The ganas too wondered that who is coming.

Lord Shiva kept staring at a big rock. Then suddenly, with a bright flash of light, Brahma and Vishnu appeared. The Tridevas greeted each other and Goddess Uma.

“Is it ready Mahadev?” asked Narayana.

“It is” replied Shiva.

“Can we have a look at it?” asked Vishnu.

“Why not” said Shiva.

The rock Shiva had been staring changed into a sword and flew towards the Trinity and finally stopped in Shiva’s hands.

“Well, a great piece. After all made by you Mahadev” exclaimed Brahma. “But there’s a problem it needs a little detailing before it is ready to be used.” said Shiva

“Yes you are right. We must give it to Vishwakarma for the details.” said Vishnu,” It should be perfect as it will be Kalki’s weapon of Kaliyug’s destruction; the ‘Ratna Maru’.”


Heaven (Amravati)

“Devraj, I heard that Lord Shiva has given the mighty Ratna Maru to Vishwakarma for some final touches. I also came to know that the Tridevas are preparing for Kaliyug’s end.” informed the guard.

“Hmmm…………. its great news not only for me, but for the whole universe” exclaimed Devraj. “Ye…! Lord it is” cried the Devas and delight.

Devraj signaled to hold their emotions. ”I think we shall see that magnificent sword before it is used. Well, Shagun how much time Vishwakarma is supposed to take? ” asked Indra.

“According to the conversation between Vishwakarma and his assistants which I heard, its near about 8 prahars “replied the guard.

“Well, it means we have time to celebrate” said Indra with enthusiasm.

“Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! “The hall echoed as the Devas shouted in chorus.


Meanwhile on Earth

“But my lord, don’t you think it would be inhuman to let those poor die of hunger, when we have loads of food capsules lying in our reserves.” said Soma Sharma the Prime Minister.

“Inhuman! You say, I am not a human now. I am divine. Is that clear to you? You know Soma; you are too cursed with Keshav’s nature. He too used to poke his nose in matters regarding the administration. And why should I waste my valuable capsules on those rats? Let them die.” retorted Vikram

“Dear Sir, please stop calling yourself a divine creature. There’s no divinity in fooling an intellectual to make your jobs done and then have his head chopped off just because he didn’t agree to your way. Divinity is never scared, but you are. You blew up Mars just because you were afraid of Keshav’s prophecy. It’s not so pleasant to suggest you something and then getting insulted in return. I damn care for this damned post. You better assign this post to some crony of yours. And beware, Keshav’s prophecy will surely come true.” said Soma Sharma.

By the time, Soma Sharma had stopped speaking Vikram had turned red due to anger.

“Soma Sharmaaaaaaaaaaa………!” yelled Vikram. You dared to talk to me the king of Universe like that. Guards execute him on the city square. Let the universe know the cost of messing with me.”

Vikram stormed out of the court and after him guards dragged out Soma Sharma.


Meanwhile in Vishwakarma’s Palace

The final touch have been given and the Ratna Maru had been placed inside the sphere. The sphere was kept on a platform built amidst the clouds. Vishwakarma had stationed guards but when they saw Devraj Indra himself they could not do anything. They had no idea that the Devraj was going to commit a blunder.



Dragged in the burning sands the guards threw Soma Sharma on the city square. People surrounded the man. Everyone one was summoned by Vikram to witness the execution so that no one like Soma and Keshav were born again.

Vikram signaled his men to get the man executed.

Even after much technological advancement one thing remained unchanged and that was method of killing. It was same like that of French revolution.

He was guillotined.

People were disappointed. Soma Sharma was the only one who used to think about them. Even after being the prime minister he remained poor, as he had distributed all his wealth among poor.

“I want this fool’s head displayed here” shrieked the Vikram


He is dead. I am sorry for your loss. The Kings robotic spies are everywhere. You must flee, explained Pratap a minister in Vikram’s cabinet and loyal friend of Soma. When in court he heard the order of Soma’s slaying he quikly reached to warn Soma’s son Vishnu.

“But if I flee, who’ll take care of my old mother” began the youth.

“I shall take care of everyone else if you will simply take care of yourself” said Pratap.


It was Amavasya the darkest night for the city’s poor but not for the rich aristocrats on the higher side of the city. Vishnu had waited patiently for two whole days to carry out plan suggested by Pratap. He wore a special suit which even infrared cold not track. He stealthily ran towards the pole on which Vikram had hung Soma’s head. A foul stench soon guided him to the point where he could see his beloved fathers head hanging like gourd from the pole to which his long hairs had been tied.

Vishnu felt tears well up in his eyes as he saw his father’s severed head swinging. His father’s eyes were wide open and mouth firmly shut, a silent reminder of one of his favorite and now unfortunately ironic maxims: “a man who opens his mouth too often end up meeting a tragic end, either by indigestion or execution!

As gently as possible he lifted the head, cradled it in his arms and reverentially kissed the crown. His tears were in full flood and rained upon his father’s head.

He cremated his father’s body and hid somewhere as Pratap had said him.


Meanwhile in the Heaven

Devas were going through intense fear and pressure. No one among knew what to do. No one could utter even a word.

Finally Guru Brihaspati broke the ice and said “Devas it’s a historic blunder committed by us. Ratna Maru which was supposed to be in Kalki’s hands will now be controlled by Vikram and what a dilemma that we can’t even ask for Trinity’s help. If they got to know about this they will skin us alive. We have to do something quickly to turn the tide.”

And so a heated debate started. Ideas were proposed and rejected due to one or the other reason. Then the Chandra the Lunar God came up with an idea which appealed everyone. He said “if we can’t go to earth and fight Vikram ourselves due to restrictions on Gods from entering earth during Kaliyuga except for Kalki then we can send our representatives to earth who won’t be fully Devas but their powers would match us. Since the five who went to pick the sword are the main culprits only their representative should go.”

Thus idea was last ray of hope and Devas had to go with it.


“You can come out my boy” said Pratap to Vishnu who had been living in a stealth cottage for a couple of days to avoid detection by Vikram’s troops.

The young man walked out and hugged Pratap for his help.

“Thanks Pratapji. You helped us in need. You were my father’s true friend. Please tell me how can I return your favours?”said a crying Vishnu.

“Well, my son I don’t have a wish for myself. But if you plead so much, I just want Vikram’s head.” replied Pratap.

Vishnu was stunned. How mere men like him do anything to Vikram? “But Pratapji he is the mightiest of all. I cannot even stand a chance against him. He will kill me.” said Vishnu to Pratap.

“Your fear will vanish, when you will know, who you are. But for now I would just like to narrate an old saying which goes like; Push through pains, giving up hurts more. I heard this quote from your father. And you being his son gave up like that. Stand up Vishnu there are miles to go.” said Pratap.

“You are right Pratapji but still, I alone cannot fight against that monster.” said Vishnu.

“You are never alone my boy. Your father knew that one day a situation like this would arise and so, he had invented a great number of highly advanced weapons. The weapons are stronger than that in Vikram’s army. And what do you think that a silly robotic force can do against human power. Do you remember once your father and I gone missing for some time?”said Pratap.

“Yes I remember. The same one in which you both returned after 8 months and told Vikram that you both had got stuck up in a mountain cave while trekking, isn’t it?” asked Vishnu

“Yes the same one. But we had gone there to trek but later on we discovered a beautiful city that has not been uncovered by Vikram. We both were digging around the Kailash Mountain as to find the source of mysterious nuclear radiations in that region. We found a wormhole in that region which lead us to Shambhala. Where the Shambhala inhabitants too were facing some problems and we had helped them and so, they did promise us to help us in need. So, I shall suggest you to take these two rings and go to Shambhala to get yourself trained and to gather troops against Vikram. I would be gathering all those who are dissatisfied in Vikram’s empire. It would take time for you to reach Shambhala as it is not registered in Universal Positioning System. So, it means that you will have to carry out the trek without any help. Of course, I would be instructing you the ways and will also provide you with a map to that place. Well, tell are you ready?”asked Pratap handing Vishnu the rings.

“Yes, I am. “said Vishnu.


Two Months Later…

Vishnu knew that he was not much away from Shambhala. It had been two months since he left his home and went on to find Shambhala. He knew he was on a bone chilling expedition but he also knew that it was only the way to avenge his father’s death. His body was wounded and his cloth tattered but his soul was as fit as ever. Surprisingly, the stealth clothes that Vishnu had worn were still working, although, they were not in a good state.

He studied the digital map Pratap had given him. And according to it he was on the right way. Many had conquered the Everest but surprisingly, only few could climb the Kailash. Most of the people forgot the way in the mid of climbing and Vishnu didn’t want to be one of them. He had to climb a little more. Although he had one of the best climbing tools but still it was hard to climb.

After some time Vishnu reached the final spot, where he had to dig. He took the hand drill-cum-gloves from his bag. He wore it carefully as it was made with sharpened diamonds, which could cut the fingers in a blow. Then he started to dig. After few minutes of digging he found the spot where Pratap had told him to insert the first ring. As soon as he inserted it a fault began to appear on the Earth. Soon a wormhole opened and sucked Vishnu inside it.


In the city

Outside the gates of the royal palace and inside a stealth lounge, a solitary figure was standing on a dais and was spewing venom against Vikram”Citizens of the world, this tyranny has continued for too long. The imperial thug, Vikram killed the only minister capable of standing up to him. Are we going to stand here haplessly while all pro people administrators are done away with? How many more Keshav and Soma have to be sacrificed? How many more poor must die because their basic needs have been compromised to fulfil monarch’s imperial motives? It’s high time now. We should rebel against the crown.” A large crowd had gathered after the speaker who was none but Pratapji.

“But Pratapji, we are mere city poor. We don’t even have enough to feed, and you expect us to fight wars.” cried someone among the audience.

“Don’t fear you will have enough to eat. And remember that how Soma used to give his own share of food capsules to you all, leaving him hungry. My friend was an intellectual but he was not crude. I had suggested him a plan to smuggle all the food capsules out of the royal reserves but he was not capable to cheat anyone. He thought that he could persuade the king to part with some of food capsules in his reserves. But he failed. He made me promise that I would not deceive the king. He is no more and, so, his promise. I am not bound now to follow the path of truth to achieve good. So, don’t worry about food. And besides it I will also provide you with training in my friend Soma’s highly advanced weapons. Even if we are small in numbers, we can still win. But only if you all convert your breathes into cyclone, your limbs into killer machines. Are you ready?” replied Pratap to the crowd.

“Yes we are.” they shouted in chorus.



When his eyes opened he saw himself surrounded by a crowd of men, women and children. They were wearing old type of clothing; like dhoti and saree. Some armed guards were standing around him. Before he could do anything, the guards took a cloth and made Vishnu smell it. He fainted again.

When his eyes opened again he saw his hands chained up. And several guards were circling him. He got up with difficulty and somehow reached his pocket and took out the second ring.

A guard saw him doing this and made others see the ring. One of the guards quickly ran out to call someone. The other two quickly came near enquire him about the ring.

“From where did you get it?” asked the guard but in Sanskrit; which only some people knew in the world. Fortunately, Vishnu was taught the language by his father. So, he replied them that it was given to him by Pratap and he was the son of Soma Sharma.

On listening Soma’s and Pratap’s name the guards quickly unchained him.

The guard that had gone to call someone returned with a bulky but well built man, who seemed to be there leader. The guards informed him what Vishnu had told them and Vishnu presented the leader the ring to prove his words.

The leader seemed pleased. He said” Son you are our ally. My name is Agnimitra the chief of the Shambhalans.”

Then he took Vishnu to his court to discuss the reasons for his arrival.


HEAVEN (Amravati)

“Young men you all are on a dangerous mission. You might have Devas’ might but Vikram is a hard nut to crack. Beware don’t try to lift the sword yourselves. You just have to prevent Vikram from doing so.” informed Brihaspati to the representatives while walking out the corridor.

Brihaspati reached with the representatives in Indra’s court which was filled with murmur about the representatives.

Indra stood up from his throne to introduce the representatives to the Devas’.

“Humans from body but divine from soul, here are the representatives who are going to fight Vikram. Let me introduce them to you. He is Varun; Varundeva’s representative, he is Aditya; Suryadeva’s representative, he is Purendra; my representative, he is Pawan; Pawandeva’s representative and finally, he is Anal; Agnideva’s representative. When they are here with our powers flowing in their veins, I feel that Vijay Shree is ours.”said Indra.

“Yes Vijay Shree should be ours.” Cried the Devas.


Agnimitra’s court

“We have no problem Vishnu. Soma was our friend and we would help him and his family. But I want to ask you a question. Don’t to fear Vikram and his dreaded army? Don’t you fear death?” asked Agnimitra to Vishnu.

Taking the last sip of the drink served to him Vishnu said” Sir, even the mightiest warriors experience fear but what makes them a true warrior is the courage they possess to overcome their fears. So there is no step back now.”

A wide eyed Agnimitra embraced Vishnu and said “Your courage has won my heart. Even if, the rest of the world shuns you, Shambhala will stand by you.”



The trinity sat smiling at the sequence of events happening all around. About an year had passed when the Ratna Maru had slipped Indra’s hands and had fallen to Earth. Well, according to Devas only a day had passed. They weren’t angry rather they were happy at success of plan.

It’s very true that early bird catches the worm but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.



“Sir, please come here, see our scouter has detected some high gamma ray radiating object coming inside earth atmosphere” said a scientist at the UCRC (Universal Cosmic Research Centre).

By the chief scientist Pramod Kumar came running, the object had already vanished. But they had made its video and had marked its path and location but due to very high Gamma release, it could not be identified clearly.

Pramod urgently teleported himself to Vikram. He was dining. Vikram seemed displeased for being disturbed while eating but he knew that chief scientist must have got something very important to share, so he allowed him to speak.

Pramod narrated him the incident after listening to him he appeared very happy. He even left his food capsules. The Artificial Intelligence powered guards were also surprised on seeing this behavior. No one except Pramod knew that Vikram’s gene could only take up the Gamma rays to some extent, and then radiate it. His DNA was not developed enough to produce such energy. To recharge him Pramod and other scientists always hunted for GRBs (Gamma ray bursts). But extracting required energy from GRBs was very laborious task and since this object could work as Gamma ray reserve for Vikram. Therefore he was happy.

Vikram told Pramod to wait and went to get ready to go.

Vikram was ready with his robotic armour. He summoned his robot troops as he never wanted Keshav’s prophecy to be true. Pramod lead them to giant teleporter which stood in the UCRC headquarter.

The machine was so large that it could teleport 10 lacs at a time but there were 10 crores in the cavalry.

They were to be teleported in 10 times.



“Sir, the news is true. Vikram with just 10 lakh robotic soldiers is marching towards Rann of Kutchch. From our spy software in the UCRC headquarters, we have got to know that the scientists have found out an object, probably, an asteroid that emits gamma rays. And Vikram is planning to use it as a charger for his genes.” said the guard to Agnimitra and Vishnu.

“Okay, you may go now.” Ordered Agnimitra to the guard, “Well, Vishnu I think that it’s the right time to attack Vikram as he is just with 10 lakh soldiers and we have 20 lakh in total. And also, the object might also be helpful to us. What do you have to say about the plan Vishnu?”

“Well, you’re right uncle. It’s the right time to strike the iron.” said Vishnu.

“Guards, go and inform Pratapji that we are ready to strike. We shall wait for him with 15 lakh spare horses 15 km before Rann of Kutchch.” Ordered Agnimitra to his guards.


Rann of Kutchch

“What the hell is all this? Damn you Pramod, not a single stone I can see in this foolish place” yelled Vikram at Pramod.

“Sorry Sir but our scouters indicated this place only. I think we should wait for some time.” said Pramod feebly.

Hey, ten of you go and search in North, 10 of you in south and you 10 each in east and west. And Pramod if this expedition fails, I would be crushing you under my feet.” said Vikram angrily.

They with rest of their soldiers waited there for hours. All except those sent to East hadn’t returned yet and Vikram couldn’t lose these valuable robots.

Just then a robot came running back from east. He had been destroyed partially.

“My lord, they are very powerful. They killed the rest and sent me back to call you, said the soldier.

Vikram was angry. Who was that fool who could dare to do this to his soldiers? It was enough for him. His eyes burnt with anger. He destroyed the already malfunctioning robot.

“Soldiers, march towards east.” Yelled Vikram

Pramod was too scared to say anything, he simply followed them.


Vikram had reached the spot where his robots were massacred. And he was surprised to see just two men wearing Vedic age clothes standing there.

“Hey you, fools prepare to face the fury” cried Vikram as he least cared how many there were. He only knew that they had destroyed his robots.

“Do you really think that your army of fools can harm us?” asked Purendra.

“It’s enough. Attack” cried Vikram which was followed by the rumble caused due to attacking robots.

They charged towards Purendra and Varun.

Purendra welcomed them with a thunderbolt from Indra Deva’s vajra. Hundreds of robots blew up like scrap boxes.

Varun though the other way. He didn’t wanted to blow them up instead he fired an arrow from his bow which burst and a lot of sea water made them flow.

Vikram couldn’t believe his eyes. He knew he had got his match. He at once commanded the Commander – in chief “Daitya” to attack Purendra.

While Purendra was busy frying robots with his shocks, suddenly Daitya attacked and pulled him down.

Purendra stood up while Varun controlled the menacing robots.

“Silly robot, do you really think you have a chance against someone like me? Your brain must be malfunctioning.” Cried Purendra at Daitya and pounced upon him.

They both started fighting but Daitya was certainly no match for Purendra who had already blown up his circuits with thunder.

Finally a last bolt and it was done. Daitya too blew up like a scrap box.

The dual had destroyed thousands of robots. And now it was high time for Vikram.

He pounced on them from back. Just when he was about to get hold of them a golden streak from sky collided with Vikram who then fell meters away.

“I think I was not too late” said Aditya meekly to Purendra and Varun.

Vikram had meanwhile stood up; he was now red with anger.

“I will never give in to you circus freaks! He shouted at them.

He fired Gamma cannon at Aditya who countered it well with his axe.

Just then and Pawan abd Anal too joined them.

While Pawan, Purendra and Varun handled the robots, the other to chose to fiddle with Vikram.

After a few hours Rann of Kutchch was filled with broken, fried and shattered robots.

Vikram was left all alone. The Deva’s representatives also had a tough time against Vikram. That rogue never seemed to weaken.

They fought for days and nights. It all seemed futile as none of the side seemed to win.

Just then on the 5th day another 10 lacs soldier were teleported.

The five of the Devas representatives were annoyed at seeing them.

But only this time Vikram didn’t allowed them to slay any of his robots.


Vishnu and his troops had come to know about the five mystery men who seemed to have came from nowhere. Vishnu didn’t care as long as they were against Vikram.

It was only few hours when his combined troops would be in the battle field.


Pramod and his fellow scientists had found out the object. It seemed to them an old medieval sword. Pramod’s gamma detector blew up as soon as he went near the sword to check the amount of rays emitted.

Vikram was happy. He went forward to pick up the sword. But surprisingly even he could not do so.

“The damned thing doesn’t even budge.” said Vikram.

Just then a robot came running to Vikram and said, “Sir, they have attacked us. About 20 lakh horsemen headed by Vishnu, Pratap and a Chieftain have attacked us.”

“Those rogues Pratap and Vishnu dared to rebel against me. Pramod send another 10 crores. The machine has been charged sufficiently. Till then let me shoo them off. And yes also use those nuclear fusion missiles.” said Vikram.

Then he stormed away towards the battlefield.


Vishnu, Pratap and Agnimitra charged with their troops. The army had been well prepared and it rained death in the war.

The representatives too were relieved at seeing the unexpected help.

Just then Vikram again entered the battle field and with him came back the will power and enthusiasm in the robots.

But still the Shambhalan forces were too strong to be defeated easily. It seemed that Vishnu’s win was imminent. But the sudden entry of new robotic soldiers was indeed game changing. Now it was hard to win. Strength and will power was being undermined by number.

They fought for hours. The increase in number of the robot army was not a very big problem but the continuous bombardment of nuclear fusion weapons was the real problem.

They all did not realize that they were continuously moving further east. Finally, Devas’ representatives and Vikram prepared for round two of the duel.

The scenario remained unchanged; Vikram fate was on his side. They were soon knocked out.


UCRC Headquarters

While the battle continued, the scientists in UCRC were fighting a brain battle too. The distant star Proxymine was going to burst at any moment. It had been a good energy source for human. And according to the calculation this Supernova would be one of the biggest recorded supernovas.


Rann of Kutchch

“You fool; do you think that you can defeat me with these horses? Let me show you how I blast you and your animals” shouted Vikram at a Shambhalan.

Vikram flicked a Gamma ray sphere which busted on the armor of the horse. Leaving both the rider and horse unharmed. Vikram was shocked. He with all his might fired powerful gamma ray cannon and finally Shambhalan and his horse died. A piece of armor jumped up and Vikram caught it.

“It’s not radium. It’s not plutonium. Its alloy of both, encased in laid.” said an amazed Vikram.

“Hey you, look here. If you have guts fight me. “challenged Agnimitra to Vikram.

“Huh! You chieftain I will fulfill your wish to die. Be assured” replied Vikram.

The two pounced upon each other. Agnimitra with his double sided electric spear goaded Vikram. Vikram in return fired enumerable Gamma ray cannons at him. For hours they fought fiercely. But at last Vikram tore Agnimitra into pieces.

The Shambhalan forces were disappointed at the death of their chieftain. But they still fought because their chief had promised to Soma Sharma and Vishnu.


The time had finally come. Vishnu and Vikram were against each other. The fight started without any exchange of words. They fought fiercely and during the fight they rained each other with attacks and curses. They fought for hours.

But unfortunately Vishnu’s will power and honesty were undermined by Vikram’s experience in warfare and strength.

Vishnu was badly injured and tired. Every bone in his body seemed to weaken. He was continuously goaded by Vikram.

“Never send a boy to do a man’s job.” said Purendra to other four representatives.

Representatives surrounded Vikram and round three of their duel started.

Meanwhile, Vishnu whose all weapons were destroyed saw the Ratna Maru embedded in the sand. He went towards it to pick it up as there was no other weapon around him. He pulled out the sword from the sand at once.

Every eye was on him. The representatives sat down on their knees with their heads bowed.


“Fools, are you scared of me? Don’t think I would leave you if you bow down in front of me. “said Vikram as he saw them sitting on their knees.

“You are fool, not us. Kalki has returned and so the era of Satyuga.

Vikram was annoyed on seeing Vishnu lifting the sword. His wounds seemed to heel quickly. He thought that the sword which he could not pick up was being used by a boy of just 18 years of age. He pounced over him. They fought for hours until Vikram was badly injured and wounded. But still laughed and said mockingly to Kalki “Savior of the earth as they say you can never kill me as I knew that something like this would happen and so, I have already blown up Mars to prevent any such mishap.”

“You fool, look into the cosmos and see the red dot and the blue dot shining brightly in the sky; it’s the time for your death. Kalki has returned and so has Mars. Mars was never destroyed; it was just displaced due to shock waves of your weapons. Now due to supernova which killed Proxymine sent shock waves which have placed Mars in its old position.” Said Aditya.

Kalki smiled while his sword has gone through Vikram evil heart.

It was the end of Kaliyuga. And even the Devas were surprised to see Trinity’s superb plan which had startled them. Now only peace prevailed.


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