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“You are over ambitious Arun and I am over satisfied. We are meant to be together to find a mid-path in our life” Soni used to say this very often.

"But something has definitely changed now". Arun read her letter again, “You were too busy to notice, but we have been living our separate lives since very long. I always imagined what it would be like if you spend some time with me, without your brain being pre-occupied. Finally after waiting, for what seems like forever, you planned a long weekend only for us. I was thrilled, until I realized that waiting for you for so long has made me fall in love with the mirages. I am happier waiting for you, rather than being with you. I need sometime, before I can appreciate and love your presence again. Till then, I cannot lie to you or me, so I am going away”.

Arun was sitting on the floor devastated, still not being able to find out, what exactly went wrong.

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