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Sometimes Age Is Just A Number
Sometimes Age Is Just A Number

© Swati Tyagi


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They were hovering over me. I was looking anxiously into their eyes, trying to figure out what they were up to.

“There is no shortcut. We will have to do the procedure.” He declared

His assistant turned on a romantic old hindi music for some odd reason.

“What exactly will happen?”

“It never protruded properly. So we will have to cut the bone.”

“How much time it will take?”

“About half an hour”

“And expenses?”

“Approximately 13,750”

“I will sign the papers.”

I looked at her unbelievably as she signed. I was given first anesthesia then.

“Will you please wait outside ma’am?” He ordered in the most polite manner.

“Sure” She seemed amused for no apparent reason.

After that, the so called procedure began. I couldn’t help but let out heart wrenching screams which led to three more anesthetic injections. It surely took more than half an hour. Finally, she was called in again.

“Are you crying?” She asked sympathetically

I wasn’t crying but couldn’t control tears rolling down my cheeks due to anesthesia.

“Do you want the souvenir?” He gave it to me wrapped in tissue paper

I opened it with trembling hands and there it was: MY WISDOM TOOTH.

I looked at my wife and smiled (as much as I could). I had bravely got my first tooth extracted and learnt an important lesson: 'First visit to a dentist is always terrifying, whether you are 5 or 35.'

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