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Life After Marriage
Life After Marriage

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Before marriage life was so blissful, hot and happening.  It was always so romantic with my girlfriend. We went out on dates every single day, texted each other while working in the office and talked on the phone the entire night.

We couldn't wait to get married and start a family. We had even decided the names we would give our babies. The features we want them to have. Our honeymoon location etc.

After marriage, life as we know it changed drastically. I hail from a traditional Hindu family. I lived in a joint family. Piya was a Christian who always wanted to get married into a Hindu family. She had her fantasies which I really didn't get. Honestly, I wasn't even sure that our families would agree to our marriage, but Piya, she was positive from the beginning.

Our first night and the honeymoon phase in Ireland was the only time we had shared some intimacy. Once we got back at home, life became an uphill task.  

It was very difficult for Piya to adjust to the new atmosphere; Joint family. She was allowed to go to office only because we worked at the same company. She had to follow many rituals and customs at home.

Every night whenever I tried to get close to her she would get all worked up and say: 

"So please!  Am not in the mood today. Let me sleep. Unlike you, I have to wake up early in the mornings, take a bath in the chilling water, go to the temple and start with the household chores. You are always on a holiday. I have to work both at home and at the office. Am tired. Goodnight."

I would stare at the ceiling digesting her rant. Have I really brought this on myself? Was marrying Piya a bad decision? 

No, Not at all. I love her a lot and want to wake up every morning by her side. 

Things will be alright once she gets used to her 'Sasuraal.' 

A lot many things were changing. Earlier I was the centre of attention in her world but now it was Naniji and Nanaji, Mummy Ji and all other Jis. She was doing her best to be a good model daughter-in-law. 

We used to talk about so many things but now everything revolved around families. The likes and dislikes of every family member. Recipes of various dishes and housekeeping.

Piya had changed from the modern, sassy, laid-back woman to a traditional type who I feel have just landed from a village. Where was the Piya who used to kiss me in public places, who used to click endless lovey-dovey selfies and crack jokes with me?

I thought that before the situation gets any worse I should do something. I planned a surprise vacation for us. I had already spoken to our boss and  sanctioned a leave. 

Piya had always wanted to go to Goa with me. I made all the arrangements and told her the news. She was very happy and surprised. Initially, she had her inhibitions like what would mummy I say, what about the office and household chores etc.

After convincing her that everything and everyone would be fine she agreed.

Goa trip was like our second honeymoon. My gun was loaded all ready to shoot at the target. We enjoyed a lot. She took to me Bom Jesus Church where we lit a candle and prayed silently.

Karva Chauth was round the corner and it was very important for Piya as it would be the first time that she would do the puja and keep the fast. She was looking so beautiful and dazzling. We were out on the terrace, she was looking at the moon with the channi and then she looked at me and... 


Golly! Was I looking that hideous? Anyway everybody panicked and I lifted her in my arms and laid her on the bed. Somebody had already called the doctor. The doctor came and did her check up, while we waited outside. 

Naniji was in a mood. She was like girls these days are so weak they can't handle a fast. We kept fasts for a week and were always so fit and active. She was interrupted when the doctor came out and said that Piya is fine. She fainted as she hadn't had any food or water, especially in this situation. She asked me to bring her to the clinic tomorrow for further tests. 

I was confused about the 'situation'. I asked the doctor about it and she said that fasting during pregnancy is not good. 

My heart leapt with joy! It was a wonderful moment for me. I was so happy. I went inside and kissed Piya. She was blushing so much. Everybody congratulated and blessed us. I informed her parents as she was feeling very shy to tell them. 

I still remember that night. Having a baby is such a beautiful gift and symbolism of the love we share. I couldn't wait to hold our baby in my arms.

The pregnancy stages that followed was a nightmare for me. Piya had become so cranky and she had such weird cravings that too in the middle of the night. She had become so emotional and her morning sickness always made me feel guilty.

Nevertheless, it was  an experience that I always cherish. The walks we took. The way her body changed. I used to click her picture every month. She glowed and had become more beautiful.

Our nights had become romantic. She used to keep her head in my chest and ask innocent questions like:

"So will I be a good mother? Whose eyes would the baby have? I wish we have a baby girl not that I would mind if its a boy. What if we have twins, it would be awesome! Hey, do you think I am being biased and evil to wish for a baby girl."

I loved her innocence. She was so sweet and then I watched her sleep with  our baby.

Life was wonderful. We were complete.

What happened to the baby and how our equation changed is a different story.

But I know this that I will always love my sweetheart and my baby.

'A moment in my arms and a lifetime in my heart'

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