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Devi's Wrath
Devi's Wrath

© Jisha Rajesh

Children Inspirational

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"Devi is so fond of you, Chottu."

4 year old Chottu blushed as the words of his mother Kamala fell on his ears. He looked at the idol of Goddess Durga and felt ecstatic as his eyes studied the idol's lips parted in a loving smile and eyes twinkling with maternal affection for him.

"Why is Devi fond of me?" Chottu asked innocently.

"Devi is fond of all her worshipers who do good deeds and have a pure heart. Devi's wrath befalls only on those who harm others and are cruel at heart like the devil whom Devi has trampled under her feet."

Chottu looked at the idol and smiled as if expressing his gratitude towards the Goddess.

"Go Chottu and help your Grandpa with the preparations of puja. Can't you see how busy he is as the head priest of the temple." Kamala said.

Chottu ran to his grandpa who filled his little hands with the delicious prasad which he ate greedily.

"Have you arranged the bird, Dhyanchand?" The head priest Kalicharan asked.

"Yes, its in the cellar."

"I want to see it." Chottu yelled.

"Show him." Kalicharan said.

Dhyanchand took him to cellar and show him a cock. The bird's feet were tied and it was cooing pitiously as he wasn't fed since the morning. Chottu felt pity for the bird and he sat down near it.

"Why is he crying Kaka?" asked.

"He is hungry."

Chottu ran into the house and brought a glass of water and few grains clutched in his hands. He fed the cock and watched a new wave of energy spread through the bird.

"Why have you tied his feet?" Chottu asked again.

"So that he doesn't flies away. He is about to be sacrificed to please Devi."

Chottu shivered at the plight of poor bird.

Soon Dhyanchand became busy with his jobs leaving Chottu alone with the bird. He instantly untied the rope tied around the bird's feet and let it fly away.

"What have you done?" Dhaynchand screamed in utter disbelief, "Now you will have to face Devi's wrath."

'Only those who harm others and are cruel at heart will have to face Devi's wrath.' Kamala's words echoed in Chottu's ears.

He ran to the temple and looked at the idol. Devi was still smiling at him and affection still flowed from Her eyes. Chottu smiled as he assured himself that he has done the right thing by saving that hapless bird's life and Devi was still very fond of him.

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