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A Laughter Riot
A Laughter Riot

© Aparna Subramanian

Children Comedy Drama

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Payal was the only daughter of Mohan and Hema Balpande. She was a 7th-grade student of Vidya Niketan School in Pune. Payal was a brilliant student with a great sense of humor. She was very popular with her classmates. Her mother Hema was a homemaker and addicted to TV Serials. Her father worked as an accountant in a private firm. Their neighbors envied them because they loved each other and laughed heartily. It was Friday. Hema was weeping bitterly and blowing her nose. She was watching her favorite daily soap on TV. The heroine had just tripped over and rolled down the stairs. Hema's twelve-year-old daughter Payal entered the room after finishing her homework. " Come on Mom," she scolded," It is just another stupid serial. Why do you waste your precious tears?" Hema glared at her. Payal threw up her hands and said," I was just kidding. Please don't lose your temper. You look like a comedian when your nostrils flare up." Hema burst out laughing. She asked her" Have you finished your homework?" Payal nodded and threw her arms around her neck affectionately. Payal's best friend and classmate Sneha came in with a box of sweets. She said," Hello, Aunty. My brother has topped The NEET exam. He has got admission in The Armed Forces Medical College." " Convey our good wishes and heartiest congratulations to your brother," said Hema taking a sweet and popping it into her mouth. Payal took one sweet and shook hands with Sneha. Hema switched off the television and resumed her kitchen duties. Payal and Sneha chatted with each other for some time before she took leave. Payal's father Mohan returned home after a tiring day at his office. Payal took his briefcase and offered him a glass of water. Her father kissed on her forehead. He said," I am lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you. I can't understand why people crave for a son." Payal smiled and went to her room.

It was 8.30 PM. Hema set the table for dinner. Mohan and Payal took their seats while Hema served them food. Mohan asked casually," What's the news?" Payal giggled and answered," Isha is pregnant in the serial Pyar. She will deliver a baby boy after one year. The serial would take a 20-year leap. Isha will stay young forever. She must be bathing in a fountain of youth." Her father choked over his food. He was unable to control his laughter. Even Hema couldn't help but smile. She commented," If you hate the daily soaps why do you watch them?"

Payal chewed a morsel of food and replied," I am preparing for my married life in advance. These serials teach me how to get rid of the unwanted characters in the marital home." Her parents had tears in their eyes from laughing.

Payal helped her mother to clear the table. They retired to their rooms for the day.

When Payal and her father arrived for their breakfast, they were shocked to find something gooey on their plate.

She took a spoonful of the stuff and put it in her mouth. " Yuck," she spat it out and said," This thing tastes like mud. What is it called?"

Hema answered," This is called Upma. My friend Mrs.Iyer gave me this recipe. I did prepare it according to her specification. Let me taste it." She tasted it and gulped it down with great difficulty.

Mohan chuckled and said," Thank you for saving my life, Payal. May God bless you with long life. " Payal grinned at him and asked her mother to prepare bread toast. Her mother willingly obliged and served them bread toast with jam. She kept a glass of milk for Payal and coffee for Mohan. Mohan dropped Payal at her school on his way to the office.

Payal was late. She hurried up to the watchman and requested him to let her in. She joined the other latecomers outside the principal's office. She was the last one to enter his room.

Payal knew how to extricate herself from a tough situation. She was an excellent actress. Her acting skills would put even Bollywood actresses to shame. She knocked on the door and said," May I come in, sir?" The principal nodded, and she entered with her fingers crossed. The principal was short and stout with a protruding belly. He was nearing 60 and sported a thin mustache. He barked at her," What is the lame excuse for your late arrival? I hope none of your parents are sick." Payal made a sad face and replied," I am sorry, sir. I won't give any lame excuses. I came late because I overslept."

The principal looked at her incredulously. He questioned her," Who asked you to watch the late night movie?" She answered, " I apologize for coming late. I had a wonderful dream last night. You received the best principal award from our honorable Chief Minister. The Harvard University invited you to be their guest lecturer. You were given a hero's welcome. My mother woke me up before I could hear your speech." The principal was extremely pleased with her flattery. He smiled at her and said," You may go now. Please make sure to be punctual." Payal thanked him and rushed to her class. The first period had already started. The class teacher Mrs. Sudha allowed her to come in. She took her seat beside Sneha. Their English lesson was in progress. The teacher asked the class," What do you know about punctuation?" Sneha raised her hand and answered," The process of mending punctured tires is called Punctuation." The entire class roared with laughter. The teacher clarified the concept of punctuation and moved on to the next lesson. The English period came to an end. Their science teacher entered the class. She cleared the blackboard and started writing on it. The lesson was about atoms and molecules. She started explaining about protons electrons, and neutrons. Sneha raised her hand to clarify her doubt. " Yes, Sneha. What do you want to know?" asked the teacher. Sneha replied," You have taught us about protons electrons and neutrons. What about morons?" The class exploded into peals of laughter. The science teacher had a hearty laugh. She explained the meaning of morons, amidst her incessant chuckles. She asked them to take down the notes of the lesson. They had Mathematics for their third period.

Mrs. Shilpa Rastogi taught them mathematics. She strode in with her bulky figure. The students suppressed their laughter when they saw her. She wore a yellow saree with purple blouse. Payal whispered to Sneha," We must change her nickname from Mrs.Buffalo to female Govinda. What a horrible costume! She doesn't need any makeup for Halloween party." The girls sniggered at her appearance.

The teacher glared at them. The class became silent. She taught them about decimals and fractions. She discussed the importance of zero and its invention. Sneha shot her hands up and asked," If zero is so important, then why do we get spanked for getting them in our exams?"

The students and the teacher roared with laughter. Payal was thoroughly enjoying herself. She had never laughed so much in her life. Their History teacher walked in for the fourth period. She was teaching them about Adolf Hitler and Nazism. She put forth a question to all," When and where was Hitler born? "

Sneha stood up to answer the question. She said," Hitler was born on 22nd December 1976 at Government Hospital in Kanpur." The teacher snapped at her saying," That is absolutely rubbish. Who are you talking about?" Sneha answered," I am talking about my mother. My father calls her Hitler." The teacher suppressed a giggle," You are mistaken, my dear girl. I was asking about Adolf Hitler of Germany. He was born on 20th April 1889 in Austria. He died at the age of 56 on 30th April 1945 in Germany. You don't seem to open your history textbook." Sneha replied," I do read the chapters from History before going to sleep. I would certainly recommend reading a history textbook at night. It is more effective than a sleeping pill for any sleep disorder. Reading History textbook a day keeps insomnia away." The teacher nearly fainted from laughter. Sneha's classmates almost fell out of their benches. They were clutching their stomach due to the bouts of laughter.

During the lunch break, Payal requested Sneha not to open her mouth for the rest of the day. All the classmates gathered around Sneha. They appreciated her comic timing. They wanted her to sit with them and share their lunch. Sneha asked Payal," What did I do to garner so much attention? I had some doubts which I clarified from the teachers."

Payal replied," You made everyone laugh with your stupid questions and answers. You brightened our day. It is easy to make others cry. You made us smile with your innocence. I am lucky to have a great friend like you." Sneha had tears of joy in her eyes. She said," Thank you for your kind words. I am grateful to God for having great friends like you." They hugged each other and pounced on their lunchboxes.

Sneha remained silent for the remaining periods. The two friends went home together holding each other's hands. Payal shared her hilarious experience with her parents at dinner.

Their day ended with laughter.

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