Jalpa the pure

Jalpa the pure

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Jalpa was a queen of her life, she was a papa -girl, grown up with her choices and autonomy. Whether it was a matter of hair cut or taking decision of taking subject in schools or choices of food and mobiles. She took decisions and made them right every time. When it was dropped Polytecnic studies in third semester and join high school and won dance competition there, When she dropped out her M. Sc just before her final exam and join animation course and later she became one of top most faculty of animation of her city. She rejected so many boys before tied a knot with Arav. She just denied the wedding proposal and her father move ahead with her notions, finally when her father got confused about Arav , She came forward and opened her mind that Arav was only one who took this princess in his palace. As always happened all of her family member with her ,they had no other choices.

Jalpa took a great start of life with Arav. Arav worked in IT firm as a program developer. He is a typical engineer type guy who never studied in his engineering , managed to pass exams and got a job. Travelling with his friends and drunk for long days suited him best. In the early days of married life Jalpa and Arav found soulmate each other. Arav hold the storm and all sea was tranquil before that day. Some waves jumped but with his engineering mind he never failed to swim on those waves.

It was Mamta who threw a stone in still water, Arav and Mamta - both were in same college and hooked up for some time and broke up smartly to join next relation. Both are comfortable all these relation and enjoyed each part of these joining, storming, dating and chilling. Mamta had nothing to Arav now, she was going well in her cage but after three beer she reached in flashback and messaged some text where she would engaged whole night sometimes. As night died She was continue with her today ,ignored all text messages and other side who got messages also knew this was just advertisement in their life drama.

Although Arav and Jalpa were meshed up together and often gossiped about the stories of their coloured time, yet some colour mixed with root colour and losing it’s entity but remained there. Mamta was such colour of their rainbow. Jalpa herself replied her message on the behalf of Arav and he had started the journey which had only one way, no u-turn.

 Arav and Jalpa planned so much for tour to spend extra quality time outside the home city but nothing was executed, many times they set to fly but surprisingly return to their dome, before the burst of Jalpa, Arav was with workable plan and this Summer month of June they were going to spend their weekend Manali.



Jalpa remained all time in good mood, this time not in her all time , away from her nature She just wished remain in home but before it she appealed so much for this outing she had in a fix how to drop such a catch. As usual she make herself understand like JALPA – Pure ,no two idea same time, no mixing ,just pure like Jalpa . She remained single mind throughout her life ,when decide-just do it no another thinking at that moment. Most a time this very nature is her strength, but there is thin line between weakness and strength as we going towards stronger and stronger we forget to visualise that thin line with the powerful eyes and there lies deep weakness beyond the strength .

Jalpa whole heartedly began preparation for this trip. She was a good planner and keep handy every small thing which they might use on this summer weekend. The day of action came the love birds flown to transit nest to enjoy hyper summer. With the horrible sense of humour they were living a ton happiness in a every bit of time. They need a back mark on it so that shadow of grey time never came on their side. 

Arav tossed light joke on Jalpa whenever they crossed any temple or divine place ,both are cracked silly comments on GOD. They felt proud on their scientific temper although it was hard to say implementation of their theories of metaphysics, they read ,talked and heard a lot on these and appreciate these scientific notions and suggest all in their friend circle. They belonged to family which had deep root of religion and follow without fail customs and traditions. Jalpa and Arav left hot discussion on such issues but Arav sometimes got ignited and lead messy talk, Jalpa smartly jumped over the talk and change the rudder path. They were first generation tech-savvy newly modern family.

Cat jumped over Jalpa , She screamed and changed her fear into anger as Arav made a great laughter on her. They just reached their destination city and it was the funny welcome of this spouse. As soon as they entered into their hotel ,that very cat pulled Jalpa’s skirt, She at once gazed the cat and in mystic voice murmured on the cat. For a while she thought about cat how this coincidence happened but soon flew in the arm of Arav and with a great romantic mood they were playing crazy. They planned their evening trip ,surprisingly that very cat again jump on Jalpa. This time Jalpa rushed behind the cat ,cat was more dynamic and soon disappeared. This time a bell rang in the mind of Jalpa ,why was she faced this cat scene over and over. Arav also nodded with every single argument of Jalpa. Both reached the conclusion that they would not leave this time that very cat and catch their crazy kissed journey. It was the end of every logic on being coincident while returning Cat was found again in between the legs of Jalpa when she took a small nap in the bus.     

As her bleary eye opened she rushed with her full tactic and stamina over the cat , Arav remained far behind but Jalpa this time in a full zeal and continue chased the cat. Jalpa threw her mobile on cat and what a James bond style! Mobile hit on the back of cat with a deep MEWS cat lost her awakens and this was the sharp movement of lady James bond -a long dive and cat in her lap. She vomited all abuse as she had and ready to threw away that cat Arav came and calm down her and make free that very cat. Suddenly A strange lady came there and took that cat and showed her love on cat. Before Jalpa opened her mouth for a great quarrel ,that lady cried –“ you are in trouble , you are I trouble ….you lost your love and tried rushed from there , but who could escaped from lady spy- Jalpa . Jalpa hold that lady and spoke bitch to beep . Arav took away Jalpa from that sight. Now Jalpa returned to her sense after a high volume dialogue delivery. She started fight with Arav why he made a way for that cat lady. Jalpa had thousands of queries about this weary accident ,that ruined her fun-cum-love summer weekend. That lady told some points that she was not supposed to know, those things were only familiar to Jalpa if there is second to know that all that was only Arav. Arav……..She screamed, how bitch knew so much about me and why she told on my love and tightly hugged the Arav. She began to weep and poured her love on Arav, kissed where she got space. Arav passionately replied her move. After this sexy mellow drama Arav and Jalpa went in search of that lady , hours of searching they could not found that mystic lady but before hope doomed Jalpa ‘s eye got a click of that very cat. She stormed to that cat ,Arav got hint that Jalpa found any clue and chased with her. They got that lady and drizzled of questions on her. She didn’t reply any of question of Arav and Jalpa but told a remedy to Jalpa if She would complete the task that the only way to save her love. Jalpa had no time for giving a second time on all such ideas. She started just as a puppets because it was the matter of her beloved. That lady told her that Jalpa had to go to Hiddimba temple and brought from there a bull mark mask and put it on holy place of her home, everything would be back to normal. This all Jalpa had to do single headedly on foot. Arav told whatever but Jalpa didn’t listen him and moved to her goal that was Hiddimaba temple far thirty kilometre from there.     

Jalpa with ocean of questions started her journey for her love, it was the matter beyond the love ,how she could lost her love? How life became so cruel to her? She never allow anyone such space that one can play her emotions so badly. She had a fathom anger for destiny and life. She thought this planet to another planet, her maniac journey of weird thoughts would move rapidly along with her foot towards temple. She wanted revenge from these circumstances but had no time until got a bull mask from Hiddimba temple and save her soulmate. She irritated so much that she felt  all incident was not truth, she was not believing that life had lost control of her. Her character resisted her foot, She became live volcano that was about to abrupt burst. Red tears were blown on her face, soon inertia won on motion. She suddenly found her in stationary position. Could this became in real life, her pious curiosity took birth and soon grown up, she nurtured this basic processed skill to uncover illusion and testing hypotheses along with Arav. Now with a short of time a lady challenge her persona which she carried since long ,the thought of Arav life, that lady word’s propelled her to temple but her wisdom and pseudo modernism  were taking shape and reached their maturity and created a mammoth drag that pulled her back to near that lady. Why did not She slapped that lady, kicked that lady ? What happened her at that moment? How She followed her? Now She took revenge not from life or destiny but only and only that cat –lady.

On the other side Arav and that lady wrapped in to the bed and increased their blood pace and touched the final satisfaction moment after a long time. They were top or bottom each other ,it was hard to said exact position of both ,they were meshed up so weirdly.

Jalpa with a great surprised so hastily reached hotel and could not handle the reality . She at once stroked threw with candle stand which was sharp on the top on the Arav ,that lady covered herself with bed sheets and threw watch which was kept just behind her on Jalpa and in return of that action Jalpa had a quick reaction just revert that very candle stand on the back of that lady. Earth lost her spin as Jalpa lost her conscience, that lady soon disappeared, Body that had no breath lied there with body that had breath- Jalpa and Arav with another one which is not human the cat.

Jalpa took three hour to get back conscience. She opened her bleary eyes when the cat, all seven pounds of squirming flesh, climbed onto her belly. Squinting into the sunlight streaming in from the open window, she discovered that she was now the weary possessor of a pounding headache, and at the same point, had managed to lose both a tooth and a spouse. She got punishment for losing herself. She neither awake nor fainted just numbed, she needed catharsis.

 That lady was none other than but the only Mamta. One boozy night she chat with Arav, that day not only she was out of her cup but all her surroundings also and other side Arav too. They cooked that night such stupid dish that brought them Manali for making a deep get together. Arav got ready for come Manali on this weekend just the fruit of that tree which Mamta and Arav sown that boozy night. That very cat , Hidimba ridicules story and all drama were shadow of that dark night. Arav lost not only his life but a melodious soulful creature of world Jalpa . Now Jalpa was again Jalpa –just pure like her revenge because Jalpa can shocked her meaning but if one thing in nature that remains always Jalpa that is revenge.

Jalpa created storm with tsunami, her voice was everywhere, walls of house as well as base under the earth shook from roar of Jalpa . Everyone was silent ,no one dared to say single word, their mind stop every movement for a little , Jalpa herself not managed to settle she at once left the room and with the windy speed she came under the open sky and glared at the sky, her eyes was filled with tears, any how she managed herself to cope up from this situation. Inside the room with the self-healing time everything tried to come back in their business. On that night one person also left this earth –Mamta. After getting a sharp hit of that candle stand on her back she moved hardly few meters and got her consequence but Jalpa was not in a situation to perceive reality. Now Jalpa had the reason for getting back her conscience her revenge from Mamta.

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