A Letter To A Poem

A Letter To A Poem

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Hi there,

Hope you have enjoyed the much-deserved vacation that you needed so badly, and you unwound yourself. And I am here all coiled up on the swing chair in the balcony missing you.

Words have betrayed me, they refuse to get beaded in a string. No matter how much I try, they escape and scatter all over the house. And I spend the rest of my evening trying to get them back and bind them.

From the day you refused to talk to me and took a break from me, life has been hell, my friend. I understand that you are bored of this mind and needed a change. But by this time, you must have realized that as much I need you, you need me too. You need a beautiful and receptive mind where you can bind all those dispersed words into a verse of silk.

So come back soon, and let us create sheer magic out of vowels and consonants. Together, we can do wonderful things, we can paint a picture. Together, let us touch the hearts of many.

Talk to me, and I will spill you all over the paper like stars in the sky.

Yours lovingly,

A poetess waiting

for her poem

to talk to her.

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