Mere Talking And Listening To Someone May Change Their State Of Mind

Mere Talking And Listening To Someone May Change Their State Of Mind

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As Steve was walking down the street on his way back home, he saw another boy, about his age, ahead of him. Just then the boy tripped and fell down. All of the things he had been carrying fell off on the street. Steve immediately came to his rescue and helped him up. Then Steve also helped him pick the things he was carrying. There were books, a set of gloves, cap with a base ball bat, and a small alarm clock. As both of them were going the same way, Steve helped the boy carry some of the burden.

While walking together, Steve came to know that the boy’s name was Jake, that he loved adventure stories, baseball and video games. Jake had trouble with almost all the subjects except History, and that he had broken up with his girlfriend.

Soon they arrived at Steve’s house and he invited him in for a Coke. Soon they were watching T.V, munching on chips and giggling over. The afternoon passed rather pleasantly and then Jake went home.

After this incident, they continued to see each other at school, shared snack box once or twice and then graduated from junior high school. In fact they even studied in the same high school where they shared contacts with each other and even met occasionally. Finally, the time came when they were to graduate from the senior school and perhaps, it was time they would have to part from each other. Just two weeks before the last day, Jake called Steve and asked him if they could meet.     

Jake seemed nostalgic as he reminded Steve of the day they had first met years ago. He asked Steve, “ Do you know why I was carrying all those things home that day?” Steve was listening as Jake continued, “ Actually I had cleaned up my locker so that I didn’t leave any mess behind. I had stolen away my mother’s sleeping pills and was going to commit suicide. However, after meeting you and spending quality time with you I realized that I would have missed all these beautiful moments and many more such things. So you see Steve, when you helped me pick those articles, you actually did a lot saved life.”   

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