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Puraav - An Acquaintance From The Sky
Puraav - An Acquaintance From The Sky

© Robin Dubey

Children Stories Fantasy

11 Minutes   178    5

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'I've really done it. Have I ?', asked an amazed Sutantu to himself.

'Yes, Planar ultimate range air actuated vehicle'. It's my 'Planar ultimate range air actuated vehicle', boomed Sutantu.

'Sutantu', scolded the mother while pausing her prayers for the moment.

'Mom, I've done it', came Sutantu running down to the mother.

The mother frowned and gestured Sutantu to keep quiet for the while.

'Mom, listen to me, Shiva has finally listened to your prayers' said Sutantu while bowing to the Shiva Lingam.

'Namami Shamishan Nirvan Roopam..... ' continued the mother in a raised voice.

Sutantu sat aside his mother. Closed his eyes and tried chanting that 'Shiva Rudrashtakam Mantra' with the sanctity he lacked all these years.

'Shiva Shiva Shiva ....' chanted the mother under her breath while sprinkling the holy Ganges water in her tin-roofed shanty.

Sutantu was busy thanking the lord.

'Sutantu, you turned twenty-eight last month and still you behave like a child', squeaked the mother.

'Mom, you used to ask, what am I doing'. 'Huh?'. 'Come with me let me show you', said Sutantu with elation.

Sutantu escorted his mother to the only room in the house.

'What is this, son?', asked an astonished mother. 'What is this thing, Sutantu?' 'Where did you....?'

'Mom, calm down for a minute, I'm not dead yet... I'm going to tell you everything, right?', conciliated Sutantu.

'You are going to kill me someday, Sutantu', exasperated the mother.

'Mom, please. Can you cut it down for a minute?', asked Sutantu.

'No, I'm going to throw this thing out of my house', said the mother while rushing toward the thing.

'Mom, please don't touch it. It took me all these years to design and fabricate this, please understand... please please please', said Sutantu.

The mother uttered nothing more than a word, 'Shiva', and left the room reluctantly.

Sutantu sighed with relief.

'I should tell Rudra about this', thought Sutantu.


'Rudra, help me find some job friend', said Sutantu.

'Brother, I too am looking for some work which can owe me some good money so that I can help my father in raising up the family...but',

'I understand your state Rudra, as we're grown enough to work and help nurture our family', broke in Sutantu.

'When will the Lord listen to us, have you got an idea about no?', asked Rudra.

'I'm 25 and till now he hasn't shown his compassion on us', chuckled Sutantu.

'Maybe he is busy planning something "Huge" for us', winked Rudra.

'I can help myself out with a small job only', said Sutantu while biting and spitting the dead skin off his lower lip.

'Leave it, brother. Look at the beauty of the rising sun in the infancy of monsoon, I'm falling in love with it', said Rudra.

'You fall like this on every odd thing you see', replied Sutantu.

'You are spoiling the mood Sutantu', said Rudra by giving him a sullen look.

Sutantu grinned away Rudra's reaction.

'Well, you're right Rudra. The sun looks like losing its vigor. But, this is really a wonderful view and in fact pretty different', drawled Sutantu.

'Yes, Different', replied Rudra.

They both were looking at the Sun in astonishment and curiosity. A few moments later, they could feel the sun's warmth on their faces.

'I'm getting hotter', said Sutantu.

'I too am', smiled Rudra.

'I'm getting, even more, hotter', said Sutantu.

'So stop looking at the Sun', replied Rudra.

'I already have. But I think the sun is getting bigger or may be coming closer to us'.

'Why don't you take some pills for avoiding acting creepy at moments, huh?. It's just our daily sunbath', jeered Rudra.

'Run', shrieked Sutantu.

Sutantu grabbed Rudra's hand and tried dragging him away from the site to a tree.

'What's the matter, brother', asked Rudra.

'Keep your eyes close till your sight comes back to normal', answered Sutantu.

After a while, Rudra opened his eyes and looked around. 'What the HELL is this, Sutantu', asked Rudra.

'I don't know', answered a startled Sutantu while stuck staring at the view. Maybe, it's the end or something.

'End?, O Lord! I want to have a couple of babies first', said Rudra.

'Rudra, there's something coming towards us', shouted Sutantu.

A big sun-sparkling thing smashed into the ground with a thunderous sound leaving both of them blind for the while.

'Ugh', shouted Rudra.

'You okay Rudra', asked Sutantu.

'Why am I always at a wrong place every time', replied Rudra.

'Calm down brother. I think we should look for the thing just fell onto us', said Sutantu.

'Have you gone mad? I'm not going there. I've to marry my girlfriend. She loves....'

'Okay, then I'm going alone you .......', interrupted Sutantu.

'I'm what? Tell me ...actually yes I'm boneless because I love my girlfriend and she loves me...'

'Ugh..you and your girlfriend'. 'Actually, you can do one thing, call your girlfriend and wait here until I come back', said an irritated Sutantu.

'That's good', replied Rudra.

Sutantu turned and walked prudently and consciously towards the site of the incident.

Rudra was trying to reach her girlfriend on phone.

'Hi baby, how are you?'

'I'm beautiful, baby. Where are you right now?'

'In hell', replied Rudra.

'What?', came the reply.

'I mean, baby I'm with Sutantu at some horrible place and missing you badly', said Rudra.

'Oh, you are missing me badly, then come and meet me baby', came the reply.

'Why didn't she asked about the 'horrible place'', thought Rudra.

'I can't come right now', replied Rudra over his thought.

'Rudra' a loud shout intercepted the phone talk.

'That's Sutantu.. he must be in some danger'. 'Oh, Lord! why a friend like him' thought a frightened Sutantu.

'Baby, what happened?'.

'Nothing baby, I've to go now.. Love you'

'But where?' 

Rudra hung up the call and ran towards the site.

'MORON', murmured Shalini.

'Sutantu, you okay', asked Rudra.

Sutantu was on her knees on the ground. Rudra walked closer to him.

'Who is he?', smirked Rudra.

'He calls himself 'The East'', replied Sutantu.

'Why is he sparkling so brightly', asked an amazed Rudra.

'He is made up of neon, hydrogen atoms, oxygen, and other sun gases' answered Sutantu.

'Bhaskaraya', shrieked the man.

'What is happening to him Sutantu?', asked Rudra. 'What did he say?'.

The man was struggling with the breath. Sutantu had no idea about what is happening to his guest. He was trying to find out the glitch.

'It's the rain'. 'Oh my god'. This is the first rain of the season, 'The acid rain', which has sulfur and nitrogen oxides...We have to protect him from the rain'

'What's with the Acid Rain?' asked Rudra.

'The poisonous oxides in the rain are reacting with his body matter and are disintegrating his body making hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen nitrate which are soluble in the water'.

'I need your clothes too', said Sutantu while starting undressing himself.

'Clothes?', asked Rudra.

'To cover him up', replied Sutantu.

Rudra took his shirt off and tried preventing the man from the rain but wasn't of much help.

'It's too late son', muttered the man.

Sutantu cupped his hand to his right ear so that he could hear the man and said,' What?'.

'I said, it is too late'. 'I am going to die soon', said the main.

'But we probably can help you', said Rudra while looking at Sutantu.

'None of your help will do any good to me, Son', replied the man. 'Bhaskaraya', uttered the man.

Sutantu and Rudra found no words to follow for the man.

'This is my 'Yaan', It is called the Planar ultimate range...' coughed the man. 'air actuated vehicle', continued the man. 'I hope you take good care of it'. 'It has to be there, where it belongs to...Lord forgive me'.

The body melt with the rain. The man in no time turned into some glittering wet sand.

Rudra and Sutantu looked at the 'Yaan' almost together.

'Sutantu, what are you thinking?', asked Rudra. This is a complete mess.

'From where he came? Why did he melt into sand? Where does this 'Yaan' come from?...'

'Forget it Sutantu, I think we should go back home', interjected Rudra.

Sutantu was still ogling out the 'Yaan'.

'I will take it home and repair it, this can owe us plenty of money. This will be a phenomenal invention of us Rudra', said Sutantu.

'We don't have any money with us and even if we would have, then wherefrom we'll get these 'obsolete' parts of his freaky 'Yaan' of Mr. East', reasoned Rudra.

'I'll design them', answered Sutantu.

'Genius you are!, but can you please enlighten me a bit my friend..why are you so sure that these are the only parts of this 'Yaan'?, I mean there's a possibility that there may be some part which could have melted like Mr. East did', said Rudra.

'The 'Yaan' is made up of iron', replied Sutantu.

'How would you take this thing to your home', asked Rudra.

'I'm thinking of dismantling it', answered Sutantu.

'Sutantu, we can't even fit in this thing, So what's the fun in repairing it', asked Rudra.

'That's not a big thing to worry about, if it works then we can make another one of an enlarged size', said Sutantu.

The thing found a place in Sutantu's room.


'Rudra, where are you, brother?. I have riveted all the parts to my device, you listening?', said Sutantu on the phone.

There came no utterance but the beep sound of disconnection of the call.

'Rudra, you there?'.

'Why'd he disconnected the call?', thought Sutantu.

An hour later, on hearing Rudra's voice, Sutantu left his room and found him talking to his mother.

'Rudra, why didn't you replied on the phone', asked Sutantu.

'Because I didn't want to', answered Rudra.

'What happened?'. Sutantu looked for an answer.

Rudra grabbed Sutantu's hand through the elbow and made him drag to his room. Sutantu was quiet but a bit skeptical about the happenings.

'This is not your device', said Rudra raising the larynx above his usual tone.

The mother in a white saree was trying to control her frozen tears from melting.

'It is P-U-R-A-A-V, named after the East direction, it belongs to them only. You can't call it your invention Sutantu', said Rudra.

'How do you know? Who are you', asked a bewildered Sutantu.' You can't be Rudra'.

'Don't be nuts, Sutantu', replied Rudra.

'Who are heck are you', yelled Sutantu.

'You are smart!'.

Sutantu and his mother looked at each other with no clue of the next second.

'Bhaskaraya!'. The man reverted to his gaseous body shining brightly as a tiny sun.

The mother fainted on the floor.

'I am his brother', said the man. I came here to take our 'PURAAV' back to our colony of whose my brother was the king, 'The East''. 

'But..how did you, I mean he came here?', asked a slightly frightened Sutantu.

'The West colony raised a war on us. They revere Bhaskaraya, the sun as we do, but they wanted the sun to rise from the west, because, you 'Prithvi vasi' worship 'The Sun' in the early morning which in turn enhances the energy of 'The East'. They were rebellious to us for this reason and so naive to attack us. They thought if there won't be any east direction then Bhaskaraya would have no choice other than rising from the west and falling there too.'

'But that will change the law of nature, and it is actually not possible', said Sutantu plausibly.

'I know. Actually 'The East' tried to reason them with the facts that it is not in our control. In fact, nature won't allow us to interfere and if we still do then it will cause chaos and destruction. But, they were quite belligerent to listen to these plausible facts.'

Sutantu reckoned those words said by the man.

'I have to take PURAAV with me', said the man.

'But why now? you could have taken this thing from me when I just found that. And you would have some more 'Yaan' like that', asked Sutantu with a fear of losing all his efforts of earning some money.

'I couldn't because it was into pieces', answered the man.

Sutantu was continuously staring at the Shivalinga his mother used to worship daily.

'I have to take this thing with me', urged the man.

'You can, it is all yours', replied Sutantu after a few minutes of quietness.

The man looked at Sutantu in astonishment. 'I didn't think that you'd allow me to take the device so easily', said the man.

Sutantu passed on a tight lips smile and said, 'Nothing happens without his wish', gesturing towards the Shivalinga.

'You are a great person Sutantu. You spent all those years for this....'

'Greatness doesn't help you with anything except some praises', interrupted Sutantu. He continued, 'Years are just some numbers, and I have much more to go for me. You can now take the thing with you and save our planet from any more destruction'.

The man turned towards the device and kept his hands on it before muttering some inaudible words which ended up with 'Bhaskaraya Namah'. The thing turned into a tiny glowing light source. The man opened a pouch and kept the thing in that safely.

'What was that?', asked Sutantu in a mild astonishing tone .

'Puraav- The East Energy Assimilator. All the energy we get from 'Prithvi' stores in that', replied the man.

'But, what about planar ultimate...'.

'It was to hide its identity from the black heart', said the man.


The man continued, 'The East knew that 'The West' would certainly try to steal our energy. So, he turned 'Puraav' into 'PURAAV'. Only a sacred heart could...'

'Hold on for a sec. I think the most opposite thing to do right now is wishing you a goodbye. Please, I feel swindled'.

'Don't forget to see your chiffonier tomorrow', professed the man and dwindled down to emptiness.

Sutantu felt dejected.

'Mom, Mom... You okay', said Sutantu reaching out to his mother.

'Where is Rudra? ', asked the mother.

'No one is here, Nothing is here...It's just us and our meagreness', replied Sutantu.

'Don't forget to see your chiffonier tomorrow', 'Don't forget to see your chiffonier tomorrow'

Sutantu woke up with those words going through his head. He glanced out of the window. The sun has just raised itself from the horizon, as what we perceive.

'Don't forget to see your chiffonier tomorrow'.

'What have you got for me?' thought Sutantu looking at the chiffonier.

Sutantu walked himself up to the corner of the room. He looked at the chiffonier, took a deep breath.

He wrestled up with the handle. 'Oh, Come on', he said.

'Ugh...Mom', shouted Sutantu.

'What happened son?', the mother came running, leaving his prayers in the mid.

The room glowed like a tiny sun. 'Where are you Sutantu?'. The blind visibility turned limpid and the mother saw Sutantu on his knees struggling with the sight.

'Son, you alright', said the mother while reaching to his son.

'Yeah, I think so', said Sutantu trying to see things around him.

'What happened here?', asked the mother. 'What was that light?'.

'Nothing!'. Sutantu gets himself on his feet.

He looked in the chiffonier. 'Is that gold?'.

The room fell into a deep silence. The only thing their ears could hear was the sound of the RAIN striking the tin roof.

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