A Life Outside The Asylum

A Life Outside The Asylum

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Ruby was sweating profusely after another horrifying nightmare of getting beaten up by the hostel warden. She was breathing heavily and was gasping for air. When she looked at the window side she saw the moon shining with all it's luminosity. She wondered how her life turned out to be so depressing. When she lay in her bed she couldn't sleep at all thinking about all the haunting experiences she had.Then she imagined how it would be if she got adopted into a family filled with love and care. Ruby drifted off to sleep with her hope intact.

The alarm rang at 5'o'clock which made her sprang out of the bed.The sun still had not risen up the coast since it was a winter morning. Ruby was assigned to do all the chores as she was the eldest in the St.Ann's orphanage. Outside she could hear the sweet melodious voice of the cuckoo bird. She started off her day by bathing in the non portable water of the residence. Then, she scurried for making tea before the matron woke up. She kept the kettle to boil on the stove. The children in the orphanage were sleeping soundly in their respective beds. The matron came up from stairs and looked demeaningly at Ruby. ''Didn't you complete your work as I told you?" She asked her with a tone of resentment.

Ruby stammered that she has only put the kettle on. The matron furiously replied, "I gave you very little work to do and you have just started on it,? you irresponsible child." By now Ruby was in the brim of tears. She was tired of this job day in and day out. After making tea for the matron, she cleaned the floor. When she was about to prepare the breakfast, she saw one more adopting agency choosing the youngest child. Her heart sank again. Ruby was an optimistic child bursting with energy. But all her energy and time were spent on doing the chores of the orphanage. Whenever she said stories or play with the children, they try to shove off her disliking her for being the eldest. In the night, while she prepared her bed, she was thinking about a plan which was so adventurous and dangerous for her.

Next morning Ruby woke up earlier than usual. She packed her bag with all her clothes and the things necessary for her. Ruby silently tip-toed down the verandah and went to the gate of the orphanage. With shivering hands she opened the gate. A big world full of opportunities was awaiting her. Into the woods she walked exploring the world outside the orphanage.The water was rippling which made her joyous. And the birds were singing melodiously on top of the trees. Ruby felt a sense of calm which she had never experienced in her life. She walked quickly through the prairie to catch the train. After a few minutes, she entered the railway station and was just in time. She had a only a little money left with her which she saved from all the chores she had done in the orphanage. Then, after taking the train fare, Ruby stepped on to the train building all the courage she had. She was ready to explore the world.

As the train slowly moved from the track, Ruby felt goosebumps like never before. She had no idea what was awaiting her. She looked out of the window and saw the plush green meadows afar. The wind was blowing from the moving train. Ruby reached the bologna railway station. She gazed at the surroundings which was buzzing with commercial activities. She didn't know where to go, where to stay or anything. Nevertheless, she went out of the station and slowly walked past the busy street. She could see everywhere people walking briskly to reach their destination. Ruby thought about where she should go. She knew the city was famous for it's historical importance and wished to visit all the places.

The city of bologna was abuzz with the tourists walking from every nook and corner of the town. Statues were erected of notable personalities in the history and buildings of historical importance were seen here and there. Ruby could see houses filled with a pallet of bright colors.The houses were a shade of brownish color. After exploring the places a little more, Ruby filled her appetite by buying some fresh fruits from the market.Then she searched for some part-time job at cafes or restaurants. After her search for about half an hour, she found a cute little cafe which had vacancy for staff. She opened the door slowly not losing her hope.Then, when she asked about the vacancy of the staff needed, the owner of the cafe amiably told her about the wages and working hours. Ruby now had a job and was earning a living. She was pleased with herself.

Ruby had finally attained freedom from the clutches of the orphanage life and had also achieved her dream of travelling. With the earnings she got from the cafe and part-time jobs she did, she started studying. For once in her life,she started to dream for herself.

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