My First Year Of College

My First Year Of College

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My first day of college began on a rainy day and like many other Fresher’s, my mind was preoccupied with thoughts of my life at this hyped place. From figuring out classrooms to remembering names of my classmates, everything was confusing in the beginning and the word “school” used to slip out of my mouth for the first few months. Our teachers welcomed us with warm smiles and constant reminders that, “You are not in school anymore.” In short, you are not going to enjoy the privileges of “spoon feeding” in college. Finding friends was not a difficulty because I already had many old friends. But this place did introduce me to some new people and, trust me, they were good ones. It was my Maths class that brought my bunch of 'inseparable' friends together.

Like all ideal students, during the first few days, I tried being punctual. But sooner than later, the 'procrastinator’ in me woke up. And since I belonged to the category of ‘eleventh-hour doers’, most of my mornings were spent running and fighting with the crowd to catch the earliest metro train. Here is where the definition of happiness changed forever, because now finding a place to stand without getting pushed along, and on being able to plug my earphones and listening to my favorite song made me happier than anything else.

Talking about college, it’s a completely different entity and, apart from the fact that you won’t get your holidays extended even during the scorching summers or the freezing winters, every other aspect of college had been wonderful. Well, another thing that enhanced its beauty was that I could finally say goodbye to the old school uniform, but as they all say, 'Freedom comes with a price,' being a girl I was caught up with the inexplicable situation that “My wardrobe is full, but I still don’t have anything to wear.” It still turns out to be a long standing problem.

Slowly, going to college became an excuse to bunk classes and set out for the real adventure. Me and my friends are still on the pursuit of exploring every nook and corner of Delhi. Many a times, college seemed to be more relieving than your own home.

One revelation about college is that this place gives you wings and, above everything, it lets you express yourself in an articulate manner. Perhaps this is the first time in my life that I started studying not out of the need to score well or to please my parents, but because of the desire to learn and acquire knowledge. With time we developed a profound bond with our teachers, who taught us to question the existing dogmas. My English classes were the best and I was blessed to get a teacher who kept expanding our horizons. Those were the days when most of us could release our pent up emotions, opinions, and views without letting them censored.

Towards the end of the first semester, we were all busy with jotting down lecture notes, photocopying textbook pages and, of course, begging our teachers for attendance. That’s when we promised ourselves to be consistent and regular the next semester. But, you know, a few habits never tend to change and I am still incorrigible.

A few more months passed by, and while I was busy clicking pictures and capturing my happy moments, I didn’t know that my first year of college was coming to an end so soon.

On taking a look back in time and on reminiscing the memories I had, it brings me a smile along with the realization that these three years in college will undoubtedly turn out to be “the time of my life”. I am proud to say that, my college is my second home now and it has contributed a lot in making me a better person. Above everything, it has taught me to follow my dreams and walk out unperturbed.

As of now, I just want to experience and enjoy the perks of being a “DU Student”, cherish and flaunt my fun-filled memories of college and make the best out of these three years because, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.


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