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“GRS Fantasy Park…” I said to Ola cab booking counter man after coming out from railway station and while putting my power sunglasses…

Oh, Its too sunny here…” I said myself.

The counter man told me “Its cab num 2474…” after completing its formalities…

It’s the cleanest city of the country…, really its true!!! the plants are covered with yellow and purple spring flowers…Yes, its looking much beautiful than the last time, I had visited… I cannot expect any change within this short period of 2 months.

By the time, the cab driver had kept my only baggage on the carrier of the cab and I sat inside the cab without making any delay.

“Ma'am, where do you want to go exactly…” suddenly I took back my attention from the big Beganville creeper covered with amazingly beautiful pink and white flowers, towards the driver’s question.

“Abbhi Campus, Bioclinica…” I replied back… 

“Strange!!!” this time I was enjoying the beautiful flowers…

But, last time, I was not able to take my eyes towards any flowers…

A feeling of emptiness was suddenly grabbing me by putting a quick picture of my own flowers which I had grown in my balcony garden. A scene of dried and crying plants were coming to my eyes, which I had left alone in the same balcony to get them dried up there under the heavy sunlight and without water….Then how can I enjoy here by seeing these smiling plants and flowers!!!

I enjoyed the calm and clean city with many up and down sloppy roads…

“Mam….its 170 bucks” the driver said…

I paid the amount, entered inside the office, after taking visitor’s pass from the security and asked Cheryl whether Harsha has come…

“Harsha has not come yet… but you cannot imagine how happy am I by seeing you back!” Cheryl, our sweetest receptionist said after welcoming and giving me a warm hug…

“Its my pleasure by getting you all back…” I said while sitting in the sofa near to her…

“Oh, hello Suchi… a very Good Morning…” Harsha said while rushing towards the reception and taking out his helmet from his head…

“How are you? Is everything fine? Didn’t have any difficulty in coming here? Where do you stay? How can I help you?” Harsha, our HR professional asked me…

“Everything is fine…I am directly coming from railway station and will search a PG accommodation by the time it gets evening…”I replied back giving him a smile…

“You are a brave girl, as usual…! Just give me 5 mins… I will call you back” Harsha said…

“Thank you” I replied back.

By the time, I started enjoying the fishes, in the aquarium, which was kept in the reception.

“Really, very beautiful fishes.” I said to Cheryl

Then Harsha called me inside the HR Bay and I went inside…

“Just show me your last relieving letter and besides that everything is done” Harsha said…

I showed and he completed all the HR formalities without taking much time…

“This is my passport size photo for access card!” I told while giving my photo to Harsha…

“No, this time, I will not accept your old photos…!” Harsha said

“Then?” I asked

“I need a new photo” he said

“I don’t have any…” I said

“I don’t know… you have to give” He said.

“ How does the photo matter? It only work matters!!!” I said

“Photo matters…” he said

“Have you seen that how many eyes were grazing towards you while you entered inside this HR Bay? You don’t know how beautiful you are… you have to give a nice photo. Wait, I have it”…Then immediately he took 6 passport size photos and showed me….

“Where did you get it…” I asked being very surprised

“Guess….” Harsha said…

“Hummm…. From linkedin!” I replied


“See how cute you are looking here…”

“Cute?!!! At this age?!”

“Yes, your look matters… it will give you more confidence”


I just smiled and took the access card from Harsha…

“Please be in Phoenix, Britto will take your laptop there…In the meantime if you want to have tea or coffee, then you can join with me”

“Thank you….” I thanked Harsha and moved towards Phoenix

After few minutes, I started working as usual, which I was doing 1 week back, the same work, the same Product, the same team members but the different location and the different manager!!!

At 4 O’ clock, Saroj invited me to have a walk outside of the office, his intention was to give me update about the Organization within these 2 weeks in my absence, which he was not able to say in the workstation…

I went with Saroj and Satya just to explore some nearby areas. They ordered Amma for tea and started giving me the status of my product within these 2 weeks, these 2 weeks when I had resigned from this company and had left it… but instead of listening to them, my mind and eyes were enjoying the surrounding nature.

I saw a little cute black puppy sitting under the wooden bench, was not able to come out, as it was scared by seeing so many giant creatures… we humans.

I took it out from its place, started passing my hands over its head to tail…

Like last time, I was not cursing myself by seeing this cute little creature…

Because, last time I was always remembering my cute little pug, whenever I was seeing these street cute doggies… which I had left with my parents

I gave it a little milk taking some from the Amma who was preparing tea for all of her customers…

I left the doggy there and started to come back to my workplace.

“Didi, you are looking too beautiful !” -I heard someone was telling me…

When I turned my head, I saw a small little girl, in school uniform and carrying school bag in her back, was standing beside me and was giving me a smile…

“Oh, so sweet! You are also very beautiful baby” I told her and gave a KitKat chocolate bar after getting it from my trouser pocket.

Then Saroj told that “See, how Mysore is too friendly! How everyone greets you here? In Bangalore, have you ever received this kind of compliments, because no one is having time to look at you, but still you are not accept Mysore? ”

“Yes, Saroj, you are true…” I said and smiled.

In the lunch hour, I had already searched a PG by googling and had a talk with its owner Madam, for what I started at 5pm…

Completed all the formalities with PG Madam and started arranging my stuff in the room which I had to share with another 2 young college going girls…

Life as a Paying Guest was not a new for me…

I had lived many years as a Paying Guest when I was in Bangalore.

I was well habituated with this, so there was no difficulty in adjusting here…

After giving my daily update to my mother and having my dinner which I had brought from outside… I went to the terrace to enjoy some calm time with myself in the cool breeze, moon light shades under the long palm leaves… my favorite moment and place of the day!

Tomorrow 19th March 2018 is going to be a new day in my life…

The entirely new day which I am going to start my life in a new way, taking all of my experiences gained throughout these years, accumulating all of my strengths and having a clear strategy how to deal any situation by maintaining a proper balance between my strengths and weaknesses.

No need to worry about anything. This is a calm and very friendly city. Everyone greeted me in a so friendly manner that I forgot of being new to this city. The only thing was that I had to accept my destiny and then I had to flow with the grace of the tide. Until and unless, I don’t see, the opportunity that it provides, how can I resist this? I didn’t ever want to go abroad, leaving my parents in India and also didn’t want to get settle in a new, busy, crowded city. So, for me, Mysore was the best option and which I realized very late!

Decision was not so easy to come to Mysore… but I had to move on in my life!

I had to leave everything which was restricting me to move ahead in my life!

To forget everything about my past!

Even though, I was always claiming that I had forgotten my past, but somehow I was not able to move on…

I remember the day, when first time I had come to Bangalore, to start my professional life…I was very shy and innocent…Now also, I am innocent, but have known myself.

Bangalore has seen my struggling days in my professional career, my career growth, my loneliness, my routine personal life and struggling daily life with the huge traffic on the road!!!

With all these, somehow I was feeling my life had become stand still, it was not moving. The same daily life. Was working hard since 5:30 am till 11:30PM, but I was not happy at the end of the day. I was not getting anything of meaningful. Because, I was not happy in my job, for which I was spending 4 hrs daily in the traffic and not much professional growth. Only a job change could have brought a huge change in it and for that I started looking for a job near to my house, so that I can save time and utilize that in my personal interest. Surprisingly, I was getting job offers from other cities and countries but not from Bangalore. I was becoming completely mad, tried to engage myself by exploring many new things, which supported me in my professional growth but still I was struggling in the same job. I was in need of coming out from the same daily routine job. Yes, they added value in my life experience, I got an another identity and passion, which I can never ignore, but always having a feeling of something missing.

On one fine day, Bangalore said me that it has given me everything which it could have given me, now the time has come to move to different place where I can learn something different and start my life in a new way.

But I was not able to accept it.

I struggled a lot to come out from all of those memories… which I had maintained with each and every life or object that was staying with me in my home, starting from the my pug puppy, my tiny aquarium fishes, my flower and vegetable plants, all of my furniture, my kitchen where I spend my most favorite time when I become depressed, my bed which gives me a peaceful sleep at the end of the day, God’s room, where I used to pray to give me strength and confidence, my vehicles where I was spending daily almost 4 hrs in entertaining me by listening songs, practicing my speeches, and a secure place which does not restrict me in expressing myself, sometimes an uncontrolled tear used to come out from my heart and eyes, not asking to get wiped out, as no one was able to see that I used to cry while I drive, giving a safe place and consolidating me that if I will be able to forget my past, only if I share all those painful moments. All of these stuffs, had taken care of me and my emotion and it was my duty to take care of them always. I will never leave them alone. For me, they were not lifeless objects or the lively objects who cannot speak, they were my kids. I was very much attached with them not for my comfort but for being a part of my life.

Many people suggested me to shift somewhere other than Bangalore, as I had seen very painful failed life here, but I used to say that Bangalore will be always my favorite, I have completely come out from my failed marriage and it does not have any relationship with Bangalore. Even if I had to travel several times in front of the house where I had spent those painful 6 months, but still I don’t feel any negative emotion for that. I am all quiet, peaceful, happy and have always felt great and thankful to God for taking me out from that life….

Same daily life, had locked my life in such a way that one day I decided to resign from my job, go back to my home town, and to do something different. In difference, lies life’s momentum and progress. But, there was also no change in life!!! I was not able to understand how to take it ahead…I came back to Bangalore, rejecting the job offer from a renowned MNC in Singapore and started seeing that life is moving very fast surrounding me. Then why have I restricted myself, in accepting my destiny?

Mysore….!!! Even though, I didn’t have accepted the transfer and promotion offered by my current job, but eventually, I had to accept it, because I had to bring a change in my life.

My new destiny, where I had gone 2 months back but could not continue there…came back to Bangalore and started again the daily routine…

Still I remember my words: “I had to grow in my career, not to shift a depressing city. What shall I get here? I will get more depressed and one day I will be died.” This was my answer when my manager had told me to move to Mysore for the first time.

Now, I have accepted it. I have to start everything new. I have to take a break in my fixed daily routine. This place is neither far from Bangalore nor I have to spend long hour in the traffic. I will get enough time for myself, to work on my next plan, be free from that busy life and it will bring at least something new in my life!!!

“Hello, Dr. Karna, Suchi here. I would like to resume with AG, in Mysore office” I called up to the gentleman Dr. Karna, who had told me to join back with the same organization anytime, if I would like to.

“It’s a very good decision and when are you planning to start your new job” Dr. Karna.

“The next working day, means Monday, 26th March 2018, if this is acceptable” I replied back

“Sure, I am working on it immediately and will let you know within today evening” he said

“Thank you, Dr.” I thanked him and started cleaning my house for the last time, I had to take care of kids before leaving them alone, which I had promised not to do.

But, I am doing. As I have to accept my destiny. Until and unless I cannot leave my past I cannot move ahead…

At last, I congratulated Dr. Rituraj for his new job and thanked for giving me moral support and making me more disciplined, I will have always a great respect towards him. All the best for his future life and take care.              

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