The Dragon Lord Of Yagarhul

The Dragon Lord Of Yagarhul

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The kingdom of Yagarhul was a beautiful place. The mountains in the north provided protection from armies invading from that side. To the utter south of the kigdom lay a vast expanse of sea. Everything was similar to any other medieval kingdom. The army was powerful and well maintained. The kingdom flourished under the wise and just king. The only thing that separated yagarhul from other kingdoms was the presence of the beasts of legends. The Dragons of Dol Hamir. Dol Hamir was an ancient stronghold of the goblins, but as of late had become a lair of many dragons. It was said that after the death of the last great emperor Alkair, the Darkness had begun seeping through East. Kingdoms had made pacts with goblins and night crawlers. Yagarhul had become an island of hope and happiness in the world plagued by the return of the Great Evil. And then, out of the blue, came a warrior, Galados. Tall in height, sharp mind, and strong body. Clad in shining armor made from the everlasting steel of fate, he made war upon Dor Hamir. It was after the third and the last battle of the Blood Fields that the dragons retreated. In their haste to leave, the dragons left behind an egg. Galados kept that egg for himself and went away, never to be seen again. It is said that even now he roams about the world, seeking the right man. The man who will become the first Dragon Rider ever.                

1200 years later- 

Location: Excavation site, Gadhar valley

A group of local archaeologists were digging up the site to find the remains of the fabled city of Yagarhul. A young digger, who went by the name David took a break and went to the tent. There he found an old man sitting on the only stool. Before David could inquire as to the reason of his presence, the old man threw off his disguise and was revealed to be a strong and young fellow. Before David could react properly, the other person hit him on the head and took him away. After putting him down near an old temple, the young man kept a package near David and left. A few hours after that David came and noticed the package. As he opened it he found a round black rock in the bag. He had no memory of what had happened. Little did he know that the fate of mankind rested on his shoulders.

to be continued...

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