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Love : Doesn'T Have A True Definition
Love : Doesn'T Have A True Definition

© Anjali Shah


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Chapter #1: Love is you.

I don't know why and how all this happened, but you have changed me and my life so thoroughly. The air I breathe and the oxygen is you! I thought life was always cruel to me. But you have changed me and every action I do, life has become so amazing with you. It feels like it’s heaven and the sins are left behind. Every night it relaxes me with the thought that you are waiting to see me awake, waking you up and seeing my smile which will make your day! Life is beautiful to me and the colour that made it beautiful is you. It’s generous and amazing to me since I found you, every decibel of my beat sparks your name, turns to your way and sings the music of love and beauty. It’s something no one will understand or no one will get, no one will see or no one will manage to be in one, but I see you in my dreams and feel you being closer to me. That's the thing about love, it feels that it has always surrounded you with pride and fragrance. Life is better only if you are around, life is this and life is that and life is all around me. Singing those love songs, smiling over a kissing scene and managing to stand upright in all toughs is because of you. This is love and not only this but much more! I don't want to run away or create a series of chaos but the people in this society don't accept our kind of love, ours is a different kind of love which an open heart has to sail its boat on that stream. Ours is a same body alike with the same body system of having taking the pain of being on periods and then handling each other in the same way, being intimate and then saying each other we aren't pregnant, yes we are controlling the world population in this case, this part of a mockery! No one is going to get it this way, why do all think that only a girl and a guy can fall in love. Why do they not see the hearts a guy & a guy have and same with a girl and a girl. We are running like we have committed an endless crime, which is not going be the part and in the end we are going to be on the dead ends of the gun, being together, holding hands and sleeping forever. - Ng 💟

#love_is_for_all #acceptance #open_mindedness

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