Dying To Have A Dream

Dying To Have A Dream

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She sat in a corner, near the fireplace staring at the fierce fire like she was in a competition who will burn more bright.

She was getting lost in her thoughts and suddenly there came a little voice, "Hey there ! How you doin?" Before she could answer the question, there was a bold but a quirky voice who jumped up to respond "We are doing fine, no need to ask." She was fed up with the feuds and all the bickering. She was about to leave the reality and dive into the world of DREAMS, and she got scared. As dreaming was the one luxury she could not afford, as her hallucinations answering for her and fighting with one other were dreamy enough for her.

She sat near the fireplace glaring and thinking, "Only if I were rich enough to have a one dream. I am ready to die for it as hallucinations are so dreamy that I am frightened of having a real dream and caught into it." Her only dream was to dream without being scared.

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