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Tale Of Pain
Tale Of Pain

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Part ~ 1 

She in his diary

"Dear Diary,

Today, I felt a strange feeling towards a stranger. It was the moment when I was standing at medical shop waiting for the chemist to give me bandages for my stitches. She was staring at me with those big red eyes, cyclone of pain was noticeable in them. She was holding some kind of injections in her hand and was sweating all way around. I blew little air from my mouth, she silently blinked and then ran away as if she had seen a ghost. 'She was beautiful as a dark night, and I kept adoring her like a wanderer.'

Good Night



Part ~ 2

Nightmare or ??

"Please!! Stop. Don't kill me. What have I done to you." I screamed to her. But she seemed to ignore my verdicts totally, and kept coming near, until I realised I am at corner of the room. "Look we can talk on it," I pleaded to her. "Talk on what?" she replied, "You are a ditcher. You ditched me and now you will pay for it. "No, I never did. I have never cheated anyone," I said to her, asking for mercy. "LAIR! LAIR! LAIR!" she kept on screaming louder and louder.

Until I fell down, hugging my room's floor. I balanced myself and I noticed a drop of blood swinging on my chin. I ran towards mirror. "Oh, no! Stitches have opened. F***"

I rushed to the hospital and, to my senses, I saw someone familiar from last night at medical shop and later, from my nightmare too.


Part ~ 3

The stranger

I went forward and initiated the conversation, "Hi, do you remember me. We met last night at.." "at that medical shop." She replied with a faded smile. "Yeah right, my name is Adi and yours...." I introduced myself. But she seemed annoyed she ignored it and walked the other way. "Hey, wait." I kept following her blindly as if she had hypnotized me. And when she stopped I realised I was in her room, which stated, 'Only for Drug Addicts'. She is patient - A DRUG ADDICT PATIENT. After reading the board my mind made many images of her, but my heart wasn't ready to accept the fact, because it believes that 'eyes are the reflection of one's heart'.


Part ~ 4

Keen to know her

It has been a week now and I am visiting regularly. Leaving my all work for no reason other than her. I kept on noticing her, observing her. I am so tucked in her schedule it feels as if I am myself performing them. Her medication to her yoga, breakfast to dinner, just everything, even though she was aware of this fact, still my presence for her was negligible. The strange part is that every new day I noticed a fresh cut on her body; pain of not taking drugs were higher than those cuts to her, she barely feels them. 

Till now I haven't seen anyone visiting her, except the doctors and nurses. She is the loneliest and my loneliness beholds our happiness. I just know her name 'MAHI' and her routine and I am keen to know her story.


Part ~ 5

Words of Nightingale

She was sitting in her room on her bed.

"Hey, good morning. Mahi". I greeted her with a beautiful rose and I knew like always she was going to ignore me so I started moving out but this time she left me motionless. When she pulled me back and hugged me tight with her teary eyes wetting my shirt. I wasn't bothered of my shirt what bothered me is her tears and her joyless life, so I kept on hugging her, until she spoke. "Please take me out. I don't want to stay here." With loosen head. I went down on knees grabbing this Nightingale's face with both of my palms. "Listen to me Mahi, I know what are you going through right now. These cuts on your body are describing your pain and I can feel it, I don't know how, but I do. And this isn't good for your health, they are just trying to help you out...."

"No, no, no, no........" She kept on screaming those words and punching her hand on hospital bed. I couldn't see her like this. So I just held her head tight and kissed her, simply kissed her. I don't know what made me kiss her, neither was I taking advantage of that situation, but I couldn't see her like that and at that point of time I could only think of kissing her.


Part ~ 6

A kiss of pain

I kissed her hard, as if I was trying to put my years of aggression into a beautiful moment. Our lips kept on summing our pain and desire of loving life. It was a kiss of pain. Pain which come out as bed of roses at that point of time, even she was equally involved until she fainted. I called upon the doctor.

"Please, wait outside." He demanded. I waited outside her room. And for those hours I couldn't think about anything but her. I stood solemnly numb and felt my life blossoming all way around again. I couldn't see her for some hours but I could feel her on my lips, her hands full of scars hugging me, her eyes full of pain gazing at me asking me to rejoice her life, her heart totally worn out still beating high to love the one, her smile concealing her tears and I will make sure those tears fade away promptly. I kept wondering about what could be the reason which made her a drug addict, but one thing I was sure of it must be deeply painful and the fact that I am in love, again.


Part ~ 7 

Her smile makes my world smile.

I again went to meet her as always. "Good morning Mahi." And to my notice I didn't saw any cut on her hand. It was no less than winning an award. "Good morning Adi." She greeted me with a smile, like a flower blossoms under rays of sun. "How's you?" she asked. "I am good, but now better after seeing your smile." And her cheeks got colour of red roses. "Well, I have got something delicious for you," I said to her. She crossed her legs and then immediately stared at my lips and closed her eyes. "Hehe, no not my lips." "Then?" She inquired hastily. I showed her chocolate pudding. "Every beautiful girl like chocolate, but you are not only beautiful but special too. So here it is for you." She bursted out in laughter, and this was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. It tickled every corner of my world and looking at her laugh made me laugh too. The breeze around made her hair blowing sincerely. "That was cheesy." And she laughed again. This sight of her wanted me to kiss her again but something more important was to be known.

"Mahi would you mind if I share something with you." With an intention to get something shared back. "I won't mind at all."


Part ~ 8

Confession of past

"I will narrate you a story." I said and she kept on listening by nodding her head like a cute kid. "There was a boy named Adi. He was in his early 19. When he went to his college tour time in forest area, he saw a beautiful angel stuck in net struggling with it. He helped her without even knowing her as cupid struck him hard. Later they both became best friends. This trio of ADI-DIVYA-VIKRAM was famous in college. Vikram was also his best friend who knew about his feelings for her. They were the coolest, and jovial always. One fine night on Valentine eve he confessed his love for Divya and the moment rejoiced when Divya said I love you too. It was his best Valentine ever. Everything was completely perfect. Acceptance of family, respect, freedom everything. Unaware of the fact that karma is going to be hard. He found Vikram and Divya blossoming their love in bed. He was shattered, destroyed and broken. He didn't say anything to them and just moved out. Later, he received a text from Divya stating I didn't wanted to hurt you, that's why I said you yes that night but later I realised I love vikram. SORRY. He was numb. He changed his town, college, number and everything. And he is a well known writer now right in front of you. After that incident he never made new friends or girlfriend moreover he didn't shared this thing ever with anyone although it's been 5 yrs."

Whipping her tears she said, "Happens but now I am here. We are friends." "Yes, Mahi we are friends."


Part ~ 9

Her confession of past❤

Looking deep into her eyes I said, "I don't know what you have done to me that made me share this thing to you." She blinked her eyes and hold my hand, handful of bruises trying to console my pain. These little moments made me believe how soulful she is. "So, do you have any story to narrate?" I asked. "You will hate me, Adi." I took her face and touched her head against mine. We were close enough to kiss again. But I wanted her to burst out her pain. "I won't ever hate you MAHI." She split out the story I always wanted to know.

"Mahi, a girl so ordinary and simple. Just like every other girl. She had a beautiful dream of becoming tennis player since her childhood but she never got support from her dad and mom died while giving birth to her third sister and she was just 6. Once she returned after playing state level not known to her dad. She stepped into her room from window and the sight in front her was big havoc. She saw her sisters in bed pale and naked. She tried to move them but the touch gave her spikes, their body were cold and dead but something more devastating sight awaited her. She saw strain of bloods coming out of their uterus. Her soul was shattered but the sound of shattering wasn't heard. Later when she heard sound of laughters from room by side she summoned herself took the knife and went inside that dark room and stabbed the two man who were spiked. And when she realized one of the man was none other than her dad she ran away. The hands who were meant to play tennis are of a murderer. She lost everyone that night whom she could call hers. Other day when she found herself out of food, starving in sun under no roof. She asked a man for help and the cost she paid was her virginity. When karma pays it pays hard. No trace of happiness I had in last 3 years a tennis player was a prostitute then. To bare this pain I made drugs my love and my life partner and it infected my liver. And here I am again in this world of lust where cost of my treatment is sex per week." I didn't wanted to bring this in her notice that she spoke 'me, my, I' instead of 'she, her' she was so lost in pain. Their was silence all in room and my words can't describe her pain.


Part ~ 10

Master plan

I decided to help her getting out of hospital and make that doctor punish. Few days later I and Mahi were busy talking and suddenly she fainted, again. I moved to call doctor but then I recognized words of Mahi when she told me that doctor charges sex per week for her treatment. Still I went and called upon doctor and like before he locked the rooms but this time I had a punch ready for him. Out of doctor's sight I placed my phone with Facebook live on. And I rushed to media and showed them his reality. And with hurry I ran back to hospital with police and guards who beated him black and blue. After few hours Mahi was back into her senses, I showed her how I punished doctor for his deed. Her eyes were full of sparkles and spirit, her smile was no more fading and had a cheerful shine in it. But their are more victories to be won and first one is her health and her drug addiction. I decided to take her to my place. "Ready to leave mahi". "Absolutely Adi." I took leave from my work for 3 months, because now she is the priority. We shared beautiful memories together. We walked together in park holding each other's hand. We cooked together and had a flour war. Those sounds of her giggles made my house 'home'. Her stupid talks tickled the kid out of me. We planted beautiful plants near our house, kept ourselves busy parenting them. She taught me tennis. And together we used to compose music. We travelled through every beautiful place in our city. But her past kept on haunting her, her scary dreams made my nights sleepless. She used to scratch the hell out of me. Though I love her till eternity I used to take her in my arms and babysit her. Seeing her sleeping peacefully, I felt relaxed.


Part ~ 11

Her last letter because

"What the hell is that on your hand. How did you got those scratches Adi." Her words wanted satisfaction. I never told her truth and will not. But truth can't be obscured for much days. "Adi, I want to go to library can you give that pass."

"I'll come along." As my concern don't allow me to leave her alone. "No, I'll be fine. Trust me. Please." I couldn't deny her innocent eyes. "But promise me you won't ever leave me alone." She holded my hand "I won't." But without her realisation I noticed her crossed fingers. I decided to stalk her all way around. After few minutes she passed on a letter to a boy saying him to send it at the address which was my place.  I anyhow took that letter and started following her back. She was catching sunrise like a shimmering sunflower. Her big lashes slowly blinking as if she is memorising every moment infront of her. Her hands trying to pin her hair behind her ear but they want to be free like she wanted to be. Their she is calmly sitting on bench in park. Their I decided to open her letter and her words shocked my world.

"Dear Adi,

This letter states my regards and sorry to you. I am thankful for whatever you have done for me. But I am not the one for you. I am a murderer, a drug addict, a prostitute and what not. You deserves a much much better partner than me. I don't know whether you love me or not but your words, actions, eyes, heartbeats speaks only one thing MAHI but I can't let my bruises be a dark mark on you and your career. Those scratches on your hand are because of me I saw strain of blood in my nail and I can't do this to you knowing every cons and only cons so I am sorry because this promise of never leaving you is meant to be broken. And if their is life after death I will make sure I match your perfection and blossom your life like you did mine.

❤Yours forever❤




Part ~ 12

She is life

As soon as I read this letter. My watery eyes looked up for Mahi, who was no more their on bench. I thought I lost her, but my spirit, my every inch of heart was still beating up high. "I know you are here. I will find you out." After few minutes I saw her on the other side of road. "Mahi stop, Mahi don't I pleaded don't." But nothing on the earth could stop her then and she drove herself in sea. Everything around me stopped all i could hear my heavy breathes, my slowing heartbeats, my blurt sight, my drained lips demanding for mahi to come back. I ran to sea shore and went inside river and brought my mahi back on land. Her nerves were slowing down but I knew I will save her I rubbed her cold body upside and down. Pressed her chest to let the water come out of her mouth. Mouth-to-mouth respiration. I didn't calm down for a moment. I gave every effort to bring her to senses. And finally my efforts bore fruits. She said "aa..diii.." "Just ssh, keep quiet ok." I kissed her all over her face and then her purple lips. I can't allow myself or you to loose us. MADI can't be separated at any cost. I love her. I love her till every breathe. She is the only one and she will always be. 

I took her home and that night we shared the most beautiful moment of our life. Flowers inside me bloomed like a shinning star. We were all over each other tickling and sharing love. That night my room was Cupid's home and my bed was Cupid's chair of state.

*After a month*

Her recovery after that incident was at high speed. Number of scratches decreased and one day totally vanished but love in our heart kept on increasing.


Part ~ 13

Conquer over pain

After two months. *Knock on the door* "Close you eyes first Adi." She said from inside. "Ok my queen." I took her orders. She held my hand and guided me towards room. I could scent the fragrance of roses. And feel her eager too. "Open your eyes Adi." And I saw a beautiful angel who turned me and my world upside down all dipped in happiness dressed in an alluring red saare. "I want to say to you something Adi." I just put my  finger on her curled pink lips went straight down on knee took ring out of my hand "Mahi, Mahi, Mahi, Mahi... it's just not a name. It beholds my whole world. A world where love conquers pain, happiness conquers sadness and every sad thing turn out to be most beautiful and graceful thing no matter how past was but present is way perfect than anything else in this world. I know I never confessed my love for you because I wanted you to love yourself first, love your life like before and now I am successful in it. I love your flaws, each and every corner of complete you from the day one when I saw you. I want to be with you till my last breathe. So here i propose you to be not one in a million but one and only wife. I love you Mahi. Will you marry me.?" Her eyes always have answer to my questions, her blink said yes. Her smile always have been my drug and the those pink cheeks glowing made me her addict. "But we have to share our love with someone." I couldn't figure out this riddle. "Stupid." She took my hand and lay them on her belly. "It's him" she said. I was speechless all could say is I was on ninth cloud, this feeling is unexplainable. "I love you, mahi." *A forever kiss* "I love you too adi." And I kissed her belly saying together,"we love you baby."

Love pain togetherness his bel9ved

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