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A Wonderful Journey
A Wonderful Journey

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There were three friends Chetan, Manoj and Bhanu, who were friends from school and were close to each other, even today. As the time passed, everything got changed, like getting into college, building career and finally getting a good job.

Everything went well all the three friends were in good position and all finally got settled in life and finally one of the friend, Bhanu's marriage got fixed and Chetan and Manoj were so happy for his friend that they started preparing for the wonderful day and before that they planned for bachelors party, all decided to go to Hampi, near Karnataka for enjoyment and share their happiness to their friend.

So on 5th of July 2018, morning 6 a.m. the day, the road trip began and all the three friends were so excited about the trip. It was a 6 hours journey in total, by road and all reached Hampi by evening 7 p.m. and from next day all were refreshed and they started their journey towards Hampi, the historical place was full of sculptures, temples, architecture and endless as the place is full of wonderful works and finally the journey ended and the next day all the three friends returned to Bangalore. And finally it was Bhanu's wedding day, all the process went well and finally it ended with happiness and beautiful memory.

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