Father'S Day :)

Father'S Day :)

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She stretched her hand as much she could to stop the alarm from getting on her nerves, but failed. Irritated, she had to give up on the beautiful relationship with her cosy bed and fluffy pillows. However, Aparna wasn't worried about her sleep; she hasn't had one since weeks now anyway. It was just that she didn't want to face the world with the commotion brewing deep within.

Off bed, she froze. Her body denied to cope with. Her legs didn't move. Her mind was indecisive. Being a sensible lady, she knew what was coming her way but the daughter within wasn't ready to accept the truth. She got ready for the day, battling with the reality crushing her soul. In a hustle, she didn't even notice her favourite breakfast served on the table. As she moved out in haste, a part of her was left behind cherishing the memories associated with her father.

Aparna, 22 is a successful entrepreneur leading an MNC. She could afford all the desired luxuries of the world. But, now her father was all that she wished for. Too much into the situation, she tried to distract herself with some music. But on was the favourite track of her father. She felt nostalgic remembering the days; they together tuned into the song with funny gestures and shared their loudest laugh. She couldn't bear it and turned it off. Yet again her vigour was tested and she chose to miss the important meeting at her MNC and drove to the hospital.

She rushed to the 6th floor of specialised ICUs' in one of which her father was lying unconscious, equipped with various machines to help him keep his lungs together and push them towards the feeble hope of life. Through the glass window she could only get a glimpse of her father with an oxygen mask, laying still, totally unaware of the tumult she has been going through. Despite her tries, she couldn't gather enough courage to make it to the doctor and ask about her father's health in a detailed manner. She occupied the chair in despair and thought of how blessed her life was a few weeks back. How her father was as fresh as new dew on a leaf. But little did she know that the dew was sipping off the edge, losing its grip. She was totally unaware of her father's deadly disease. Not because she was ignorant of him, but because he chose to hide it behind her success and spend every ounce of his body on her.

Waiting outside, she softy treaded down the memory lane ...                                                                   When her tender hands needed support, his rough fingers were lovingly rendered. As she stumbled upon her baby steps, a guiding arm reassured his presence. How his manly chest saw her breaking into tears at her worse days. Although there wasn't much of sweet memories for her to tread on except for when she was a kid, she continued pondering over the way; her success was accepted the same way as that of her failure! She even commemorated how he left when she was gripped by fear, how he let her face the darkness, those loud thunderclaps. How he was strong enough to let her be on her own on the first day of his school. She simpered through her tears realizing how even her stupidities never made him impatient. Her dad, her priced possession, her superhero. He believed in her always and held her hand through thick and thin all the way.

But soon, she was shaken off from the beautiful dream to an appalling reality by a nurse. The nurse greeted her with a cold look. A look that assured a halt to her father's suffering. A halt, forever! Gathering her shattered self, she followed the nurse in. The oxygen mask had been taken off the pale, lifeless face but it continued to radiate inspiration for her. She wanted to be strong, but tears paved their way unnoticed and she left for the reception counter to finish up the paper work. Aparna was too shocked to believe in anything anymore. Life was very unfair to her certainly.


Years after, fussing through her dad's literary works, she was astounded to find a letter safely sealed addressed to her. In clumsy handwriting, it read as follows:

"To my princess,

                 Maybe you'll find this letter long after I'm gone but I'm sure this letter will find you safe and stout. Probably, I'll never see you again, never adore or scold you again but I'll always be by your side. Look up at the night sky, it is star studded only for you! And the brightest one you can mark is me, guiding and loving you throughout.

Do you remember, when your tiny hands reached out for mine? I was afraid to hold them, for I may not be able to give you the best. You thought I was cold about your achievements and never really expressed but that's not true. I knew that was just the beginning. You are efficient to scale greater heights. I never really slept on stormy nights, because I knew my princess is afraid of darkness and thunderclaps but I never woke up to embrace you. That way you wouldn't have learned to fight and overcome your fear. My heart ached when you cried so much on the first day of your school but I turned back because I didn't want you to see me cry. Because superheroes don't cry, then how could have your superhero disappointed you? I know this disease is killing me slowly everyday but..."

Brimming tears didn't let her read further. She stepped ahead and perched on her window sill to find her dad up there. She waited for a shooting star to wish for a miracle. But even miracles take their own time. Just then the clock struck 12 and her phone reminder buzzed aloud, flashing, "Daddy's day, wish him!"
She spotted the brightest star and whispered "happy father's day!" and it was as if it shone brighter showering blessings and love upon her. . .

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