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Varuni Villa Part --4
Varuni Villa Part --4

© Jisha Rajesh


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Rohit was staring hard at the well with empty eyes as his phone rang. It was Pawar.

“We have identified the skeleton… it’s Avanita’s. And the cause of death was a severe blow on the head with some heavy object which has a rounded surface like ….” Pawar paused to find the appropriate word.

“A hammer” Rohit said in a cold and distant voice.

“Yes… but how do you know?”

“There is more to it Pawar that I haven’t found out yet,” Rohit said as he hung up.

Rohit’s eyes ran through the garden like that of a madman’s.

“Where is it?” He asked himself, “It has to be somewhere here itself.”

He ran from one end of the garden to the other like someone who was at the end of his wits, searching intensely for something among the weeds, bushes and the grass. Then he ran into the house and brought a plough. He kept digging the entire garden for the whole night. And when the dawn was about to break, he dug out a plastic bag from beneath the huge Banyan tree at the far end of the garden. He opened it carefully and picked up some blood stained clothes of a man along with the hammer. He took out his phone and called Pawar.

“Come here as early as possible. I have all evidences that will prove to the world that who the real culprit is.” Rohit said as he exhaled a sigh of satisfaction.

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