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Love Heart : A Window Of Suffering
Love Heart : A Window Of Suffering

© Rakesh Kumar Nanda


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Love Heart : A Window Of Suffering

"No! i don't want to meet him. And also you are doing such type of things? I don't expect it from you Ritikesh. " - Dipali replied, with an aggressive attitude on her face, when Ritikesh asked her to meet his friend Ravindra, who loved Dipali very much.

For Ritikesh it was unexpected, the way Dipali replied to him. For a moment, he felt himself left out in a crowded college canteen. Dipali was a close friend of him. Her words were still striking in his ears- “..also you are doing such type of things?” Ritikesh thought that he was doing something wrong!... Is it a bad thing for a good boy to ask a girl to meet his friend? With a blank mind he returns to Ravindra, who was eagerly waiting for Dipali's reply. After knowing the matter Ravindra starts blaming Ritikesh for not conveying his message in a perfect way to Dipali. Ravindra- " You have no idea man, how to initiate a conversation with a girl. You must have told her everything directly without initiating the matter, right?" Ritikesh- "Ya.. but I have not done anything before like this. So, how could I know, how to start?" Ravindra taunts Ritikesh- " Ya beta.. reply the same on your first night that I haven't done anything like this before.... Lets go I have to think something else. You are useless in this matter! God knows how will you get a girl friend?"


Ritikesh a young boy having a teen heart wants to feel the taste of love. He can smell it around him but can't find its origin. He is trying to recover from a love shock, he just experienced as the world of love is new for him. He has yet to cover a long distance!


Nimisha his childhood crush-cum-friend, was a gorgeous girl. Both of them were in the same class. Her stunning beauty could attract any boy of that age. Ritikesh was also one of them. He liked her. Rather he had something more than that of liking for her. But whatever it was, it had been from Ritikesh's side. Soon he knew that Nimisha already had a boyfriend. But he still loved her with an innocent heart that continued to think that one day she would realise his love and come back to him. But the worst part was yet to come! Soon he realised that Nimisha was not equally beautiful with her character as she was with her looks. Going to movies with her boyfriend by bunking classes and tutions was now a common thing. This was also effecting her result badly. Ritikesh once warned Nimisha that it was not going to be good for her. Nimisha promised him that she will not do it again and will concentrate on her studies. But one day a friend of Ritikesh informed him that he found Nimisha getting intimate with her boyfriend. This gave a big blow to his love. He immidiately decided to put an end to his thoughts towards Nimisha.


He was trying to come out of the trauma but his mind was wandering in Dipali's words, which he had heard a few minutes ago. Suddenly a sweet voice called him from behind. It was Priya, an innocent girl of the college. She was in Ritikesh's class and they lived in the same colony. Priya-"Hey Ritikesh! Where were you? I searched for you class by class, the whole canteen but couldn't find you anywhere!" Ritikesh doesn't say anything. Finding him confused, Priya suddenly replied- "Oh! I am such a stupid person! I just forgot to go to one place. Thats why I couldn't find you." Ritikesh asked eagerly- "Which place?" Priya replied jokingly- "In boys' washroom, where I can't go!" And both of them broke out into laughter. Priya asked- "Do you wish to spend whole day in college? Ya I know that you are very studious, but I have to go home. My mind is exhausted by attending all these boring lectures and I have no one with me as a companion. Will you come with me or no? I’m feeling very hungry yaar..." Ritikesh stopped Priya who was talking continuously- "Ok! Ok, let's go to the bus stop, will eat some snacks there and then we will go. Happy? You are still a kid, Priya. You still don't know how to cross the road." Ritikesh told Priya holding her hand and made her cross the road. Ritikesh asked Priya in a light mood- "How have you got admission in a college? How many times I will help you to cross the road." Priya answered in a sweet manner - "Ya I am afraid of crowd since my childhood. I cried that time when I saw a lot of unknown people around me. And what do you mean by how many times? What are friends there for? To help each other..hmmmm, Its ymmuy!!" Priya replied while taking a dig of the samosa. Suddenly bus arrived. Ritikesh, who had just completed his snacks, asked Priya -"How much more you will take Priya? The bus have already arrived. Let's go. You are still eating like a kid. Come on. Hurry up!" Taking the remaining samosa in her hand Priya replied- "I am making you go late or you? Let's go now." Ritikesh- "But your samosa??" Priya- "I will finish it while I’m in the bus. Now let's go." Ritikesh told shaking is head- "You will never change Priya!" Priya replied with a smile- "Ya I will not." The bus was full of passengers. Ritikesh arranged a seat for Priya and made her sit there. Suddenly Priya felt that a man, standing at a distance, was staring at her. She started feeling uncomfortable and requested Ritikesh to stand in front of her. When Ritikesh asked the reason for doing this she explained him the whole matter. Ritikesh started looking at her, thinking, ‘How innocent is Priya!’ He got attracted towards her cuteness and simplicity. At the same time Dipali entered the bus and Priya called her to sit next to her.


By seeing Dipali in the bus Ritikesh's face’s colour faded up. He feared that if Dipali would say any thing about the canteen incident to Priya, then what would Priya think of him? Suddenly he breathed a sigh of relief when he found Ravindra in the bus, who had boarded the same bus, just for Dipali. Ritikesh was looking for the chance to escape from the scenario and he found it with Ravindra. He asked Priya to sit with Dipali and moved up to Ravindra. Priya showed the man to Dipali who was staring at her and explained how Ritikesh helped her out. Dipali herself liked Ritikesh. Some time she thought and was confused whether it was attraction or love? But it was also true that she could not remove her eyes from him. Whatever it be, but she knew that she liked him. But she never expressed her emotions to Ritikesh, even she couldn’t think of doing it being a girl. That's why she was hurt when Ritikesh came to her for Ravindra. But when she got to know that how he had helped Priya, she forgot his mistake and started liking him in a much better way. On the other side, unaware of all these things, Ritikesh still had the fear in mind that what if Dipali told anything to Priya? Thinking this, he started to look at them. At the same time Dipali's eye striked upon Ritikesh’s. She found him looking at her. Finding his eyes coming in contact with Dipali, Ritikesh apologized to her in sign language. In reply to which Dipali gave him a smile. Ritikesh concluded that now everything was all right. But Dipali was still looking at him with love as she found a good boy for her in Ritikesh. But Priya caught her doing this and asked her- "Hello madam! Where are you looking? To whom you are looking for?" Priya's words broke off her concentration and she replied hesitatingly- "Nothing.. Actually I was thinking of something." Priya eagerly asked- "What?" Now Dipali was confused of what to answer- "What???..." Thinking for a while she made a reply- "Ya.. Are you participating in our prize night dance program? Will Ritikesh also participate in it? Who is his dance partner?" Priya-" Wait dear wait. I will answer to all your questions one by one. Ya I am there with my partner Jiten, Ritikesh is also there. Do you know that slim girl in our class, Sikha, she is with him." Dipali- "You and Sid are good friends then why are you not with him as his dance partner?" Priya clears her doubt with a smile-"Oh Madam! Open your eyes and see if you can. where is he and where am I? He is slim and tall. I am not tall enough for him. So the group decided Sikha for him and I got Jiten as my partner." Suddenly the bus stopped. Ritikesh called Priya and they stepped down when their stop had come. They started to walk when Ritikesh suddenly stopped Priya. He has a friendship band with him which he gave to Priya. Priya asked him- "But Friendship Day was yesterday. Right?" Ritikesh answered - "Ya. But it was sunday. And the college is closed on sundays. We couldn't meet, that's why I give it to you today." Priya replied happily- "Thank you. Ritikesh. It is my first friendship band ever. I will keep it in my memory box, where I kept all my memorable things". These words of Priya striked Ritikesh in his heart. He was admiring her innocence. Was it a sign of love or just a meagre attraction? Whatever it be, Ritikesh didn't want to take any step hurriedly. He required some time to conclude everything. He said good bye to Priya and reminded her to come early for the college next day for dance rehearsal.


Next day the college auditorium was full of dance groups. Different type of musics were played by re-mixing them together, which produced noise. Ritikesh's dance group was waiting for Priya, who was late as usual. She entered in green suit in which she looked very cute. Ritikesh got angry with her - "For God sake please come on time Priya! See every one is waiting for you. We are getting late, we have to practice a lot to synchronize our steps. "Priya-" Sorry! Sorry to everyone. I am late due to my father. He had to go office early in the morning. I had to make breakfast for him as my mom is out of town for a week. Sorry guys. Let's start rehearsal." Everybody took their position. To make Priya feel light Ritikesh praised Priya- "By the way Miss Late comer, you are looking very pretty in this suit." Priya smiled and moved towards Jiten. Before starting to dance, every girl tied their stole on their waist. But Jiten was a guy with a cheap mentality. His eyes were on Priya's body, which, without stole, looked pretty appealing. Jiten wanted to take advantage of the dance to touch her. He slowly puts one of his hand on her bottom to which Priya angrily replied- "Don't you know Mr where is my waist?" Priya removed his hand from her bottom and put it in her waist where she tied her stole. As the dance begun, Jiten moved his hand towards her back and tried to find the side of her kurti. Innocent Priya unaware of this, was concentrating on her steps. Suddenly in a step her kurti slided a little and by taking advantage of this, Jiten now started to touch her back above her waist. This made Priya uncomfortable! She couldn’t do anything out of shyness. Ritikesh who was dancing with Sikha also followed Priya's dance steps. When he found Priya not doing well, he understood Jiten's intention; he told Sikha the whole matter and requested her to change the pair with Jiten when they are close while dancing. Sikha agreed and change her partner with Priya. When Ritikesh held Priya he found her very nervous. Due to the deep neck of her suit, without stole it gave a little view of Priya's cleavege to Ritikesh. He thought this must be the reason that would have been the cause of tension between the two. He cared for her innocence, so he had put the stole on her and made her sit for a while. Priya whispered to him and said- "Ritikesh, I can't dance with him anymore. I just don't want to dance. I'm taking my name back from this group." Ritikesh, holding her hand assuringly, said- "It's Ok Priya. If you are not comfortable then its alright. You don't think any thing else. I will look into the problem and will put Jiten out of the group." Priya hugged Ritikesh for his help and promised him that she would cheer for his group, from outside. After the rehearsal Ritikesh announced that as Priya would not be able to dance (because of her family problem), so Jiten too had to quit the group. Jiten also warned Ritikesh that he knew why had he made him move out of the group and he would not make happen this dance performance turn into a great success.


On the eve of prize night, Ritikesh told Ravindra about Jiten, who was in function organising committee. Ravindra assured him of all possible securities he would render to make the function turn into a success.Today Priya came in time. Ritikesh gave the responsibility of looking at the backstage to her. Drama, presentations were going on, on the stage. Ravindra put his eyes on Jiten's activities. As soon as Ritikesh's dance group started their performance, Jiten entered the auditorium with his friends. All of them were drunk. They started making noise and misleading the crowd. Some of them started commenting on the dress of the girls. Dipali who was in the crowd wanted to move out of the site. Suddenly her stole got trapped somewhere in the crowd and tightly wrapped around her neck. She couldn't breathe properly. Ravindra reached to the site to control the crowd. Dipali saw him but was unable to call him. Ravindra was busy to remove the disturbing elements. Dipali's condition getting worst!!. She held her breathe and shouted out his name. This time her voice striked Ravindra. Finding Dipali in such a condition, Ravindra immidietely ran upto her and tried to free her neck from the stole. He found one end of her stole was trapped in the chair and another and was tightly pressed under Jiten's shoe, who was not in his sense at that time. Ravindra gave a big blow on his face. He made Dipali free from the trap. Suddenly Jiten regained and hitted Ravindra. Ravindra on reply, held Jiten and threw him against the glass window. Jiten was injuried badly. After completing his performance, Ritikesh too came there. Seeing Dipali's condition he asked Dipali about the matter. She explained him all the incidents. Ritikesh asked Priya to take Dipali with her. Ravindra came upto Ritikesh and asked about Dipali- "How is she now?" Ritikesh hugged him and replied with a smile- "Oh my hero! You have done it man. She is fully impressed with you. She narrated the whole tale that how had you rescued her!" Ravindra couldn't believe that this miracle happened to him- (out of excitement he asks) "Is it true?" Ritikesh confidently replied-" Yea man. Its half done now. Just find a good chance and propose her."


On the other side Dipali had new ideas, blooming in her mind. Her mind was still in auditorium. She recalled about the incident and thought, that Ravindra was not a bad guy. The way he helped her, reflected his nobel character. If she developed friendship with him then it would be a good chance for her to get close with Ritikesh. But Ravindra liked her. If she would do such things, then will she not hurt Ravindra’s sentiments? So what? Everything is fair in love and war. She would only stick up to friendship with Ravindra and nothing more. She would also not do any thing that would help Ravindra to come close to her. But the problem was, how to get started? Priya!!! Ya Priya can help her for this. She was quite innocent and would never know of her plan. Due to the prize night incident the dean rusticated Jiten from the college and suspended Ravindra for a week for being violent. Ravindra begged that if he was suspended then, he would miss his lab classes, which in future would effect his results in the pre-board exams, scheduled in the upcoming month. But the dean did not show any mercy on him. This gave a fair chance to Dipali to get a step forward in her plan. Since Dipali and Ravindra were in the same lab group, (due to alphabetical order preference for making a group there is no chance of Ravindra to be in Dipali's group. But he had changed his group for Dipali by giving the reason of his odd tution time) Dipali started sending her notes to Ravindra with the help of Priya, when Ravindra joined college after his suspension. Ritikesh encouraged Ravindra- "It's her (Dipali) style to say thanks to you. You should start friendship with her." Ravindra- "Priya! Does she say anything to you that how should I return these notes to her?" Priya- "No, she sent me to you with notes and told me to say thank you to you. Now you have to know how to return! I don't want to involve myself in this." Ravindra decided that he would go to Dipali's home to return the notes himself, as he wanted to spend some time with her. Dipali's shot was on target. Dipali was thinking that Ravindra would surely come, but with Ritikesh. As he did before by sending Ritikesh to her. In the afternoon the door bell rung. Dipali was eagerly waiting for Ritikesh, but she was shocked to find Ravindra alone. She unwillingly welcomed him- "Come. Come inside. Ritikesh is not with you? Where is he?" Ravindra- "Ya he had to go tution class." Dipali started the conversation- "By the way I am sorry that I couldn't say thanks to you." Ravindra sitting on sofa replied with a coyness in his face- "It's ok. It was my duty." Dipali- "Ya but first time in my life I have seen that a person is punished for performing his duty." Ravindra replied with a little smile - "Ya that's my bad luck, or you can say good luck.." Dipali asked- "Good luck! How?" Ravindra said- "If I was not suspended then I can't be here with you this time."This created a silence in the room for a while. Seeing Ravindra getting romantic, Dipali broke the silence- "My notes?" Ravindra replied hurriedly- "Ya. Ya, it's here." Taking her notes Dipali again stuck her lips. Ravindra then restarted the conversation- "So what are you doing this evening?" Dipali replied very cleverly- "Ya I have to go market with my mom. So if u don't mind, would you please...?" Dipali stopped her words in a half way but Ravindra understood that she meant that he had to leave now. Ravindra replied unwillingly- "Ya. Sure, I have also got to go to the post office for an urgent work. See you in college. Good bye."


Here Ritikesh and Priya became best friends from the tag of "Just a friend". They enjoyed each others’s company, going to college and tution classes together. An emotional bonding got created between the two. Since Priya was weak in studies, Ritikesh helped her in preparation for the pre-board exams. Friendship of Ravindra and Dipali had also got a good start but Ravindra was still awaiting for a chance to express his emotions to Dipali. Dipali thought that she did not play the wrong card by making friendship with Ravindra. Because if Ritikesh knew that she and Ravindra were friends and Ravindra liked her, then he would never come close to her untill he got to know what Dipali wanted! Dipali felt that she was trapped in her own plan but feared that how Ravindra would react if he got to know of this, as they are good friends now! Then she returned to Priya to ask about Ritikesh. She asked Priya to bring Ritikesh's tution notes for her- "Priya, can you please bring me the notes of ‘Gravitation’ from Ritikesh? In my tution I have missed this one!" Dipali thought that in this way, she might get a chance to come close to Ritikesh, when she would return the notes to him. But Priya offered her tution notes to her- "Why his; take mine dear! We are both in the same tution class and I have those notes with me right now." Dipali failed this time again. She had to take the notes from Priya unwillingly. But she couldn’t wait for a long time for the right chance, as their college life would soon come to an end. So after reconciling for a while she quickly made a plan for the last day of their college. She invited Priya with Ritikesh for a small get together in a restaurant.


Finally the day had come when everyone said a good bye to the golden period of college life. Priya told Ritikesh about Dipali's invitation. Ritikesh kept of thinking why Dipali had not invited Ravindra? She might have a different plan with Ravindra as they might have/had become close to each other these days! He then decided to go with Priya to the Dreamlight restaurant where tables were booked for them, beforehand.


At the restaurant Dipali welcomed Ritikesh and Priya. Both of them were surprised to see Dipali in jeans and top. She never wore western dresses. But no one was aware that it was Dipali's choice to wear such an outfit to attract Ritikesh towards her. While welcoming them, Dipali took a seat beside Ritikesh which forced Priya to sit opposite to them. Dipali asked Priya to order and started gossiping with Ritikesh. Priya felt a bit uncomfortable in such a situation. All the time Dipali was gossiping with Ritikesh and asked Priya in the midst, if she needed anything. After finishing, when Dipali wanted to pay, Ritikesh stopped her saying - "It isn’t a good manner that a girl pays when a boy is present. Keep it dear. I will pay." When Ritikesh goes out of the sight for billing, Priya decided to put an end to all the curiosities & hence she asked Dipali- "What is going on dear?" Dipali looking surprized at the question, asked - "What?" Priya replied with sharp eyes -" Whatever I am seeing here! First you make friendship with Ravindra and now you are getting cosy with Ritikesh. What is it?" Dipali thought that being a girl Priya could feel her emotions. She revealed all her secrets to Priya that she, in reality liked Ritikesh. She made friendship with Ravindra because he was a good guy and a also a good friend of Ritikesh and with this friendship, she wanted to get close to Ritikesh. Hearing all this, Priya got confused, not knowing what to reply! Dipali then requested Priya to help her in this matter. This request of Dipali developed a feeling of insecurity in Priya's mind. This was the insecurity of losing a best friend. She knew it very well that if she would do help Dipali then Ritikesh would get engaged with Dipali and won’t have any time for her. So she denied Dipali's proposal saying that she was quite inexperienced in these kinds of matter. Dipali's last hope also broke down.


On the way to home, Ritikesh dropped Priya to her home. Suddenly there was a gathering near Priya's home. Priya asked surprisingly- "What's going on there?" Ritikesh was on chilled mood. He replied jokingly -"May be there is some discussion going on about your marriage and the people from groom’s side are at your home to meet your parents! After all, marriage is obvious after the college gets over, as per our Indian culture; right?". Priya replied angrily - "Ritikesh! you just shut up… ok? You leave, let me see what's the matter going on inside. See you in the exam hall." Ritikesh left, saying her- "best of luck". On reaching home, Priya found a family function going on. For a while she was shocked that it was almost the same as Ritikesh had been saying to her. Her father introduced her to the guests in the family, as her daughter and told her that guests were the parents of Amrita, the girl with whom her brother was going to get married, soon… After knowing all these Priya took a sigh of relief. But soon her face faded up when she came to know that the marriage was scheduled in between her final exams. After the guests departed, she requested her father to postpone the marriage till her exams were over. But her father refused! Later, her mother made her aware that the marriage was based on a business deal between that of Amrita's father & that of her’s. Actually Amrita was in love with another boy who belonged to a different caste. Her father was against the relationship, so he wanted Amrita to marry Rohit (Priya's brother). This would have benefitted Priya's father of thirty lakh rupees which would have been given by Amrita’s father. Priya found herself in a tremendously horrible situation & knew that her future was also at stake!


Priya was not able to prepare for her exams properly, as the home was full of guests, children and was accompanied with loud music. She used to study at night hours when everyone felt asleep. As a result, she had to appear for her exam with a sleepless night. But Priya's nightmare came true during her chemistry exam. After all her efforts, she couldn't memorize the formulaes. On the day of exam she looked pretty tensed. On seeing her drowned face, Ritikesh approached her and asked her the reason for her tension - "What happened heroine?" Priya replied in a low speech- "Heroine or road side beggar?" Ritikesh - "Beggar? What do you mean?" Priya - "I am feeling just like a beggar who is begging for pass marks in this horrible subject!" Priya revealed the whole matter to Ritikesh. Ritikesh went to Ravindra and said -"Hey brother! Do you have the micro photocopies of the formulaes?" Ravindra shockingly stared at him from top to bottom. He couldn’t understand that why such a brilliant student like him, needs cheat papers for the subject in which he had attained great laurels? Ravindra with great surprise asked Ritikesh- "You? You need microcopies? Am I dreaming?" Ritikesh replied - "This is not for me, its for Priya." Ravindra replied angrily- "Have you gone mad? Don't you know anything? She will get trapped. I am not going to help you in your madness." Ritikesh asked Ravindra last time- "Are you giving it to me or no?" Ravindra couldn't say no to this type of compulsive request of Ritikesh.


Before the start of the exam, Ritikesh gave those cheat papers to Priya. Priya hesitant, refused to take it and said - "I.. I can't take it Ritikesh. I don't even know how to use them and when to use them. If I take it it will increase my tension. I will not be able to concentrate on my paper. No I can't take it. I never did like this before." Ritikesh tried to make Priya understand - "Remember, you did not fail before. I don't want to see you failed! So please take it and when invigilator changes during the exam hours you can use this to your requirement. "Priya took it unwillingly. In exam, Priya only completed thirty marks question, but she still required ten more marks to pass. Suddenly the female invigilator substituted by a strict male invigilator. Trying to take advantage of the situation, Priya started copying from the cheat papers. Unfortunately she couldn't hide it for a longer time. The invigilator caught her copying. Priya without finding any option, put cheat papers inside her kurti and tried to cover it with her stole. The invigilator saw Priya doing this. He reached upto her and asked angrily- "What do you want to hide? I have seen all. Give all the cheat papers to me." Priya tried to save herself- "No sir, I don’t have any cheat papers." She started looking at Ritikesh. Ritikesh who was seeing everything, started feeling guilty. The invigilator asked strictly- "Don't lie! I have seen where you have put them.Give it to me otherwise I have to take permission from principal sir for searching your clothes." Hearing this Priya scrumbled. Still she continued to deny that she did not hide any thing. Then the female invigilator arrived after completing her break. The male invigilator explained the whole matter to her. He requested her to take Priya in separate room and inspect her by removing her clothes. To this Priya broke out into tears. She admitted her mistake and brought the cheat papers out of her kurti. By seeing all the incidents Ritikesh couldn’t control himself and told the invigilator that in this, Priya did not have any fault! He had given the cheat papers to Priya so that she could take down the formulas which she had forgotten. The invigilators didn't believe his words. By seeing the situation getting complex Priya submitted her papers to the invigilator and left the examination hall.


After exam, Ritikesh started looking for Priya to apologize her. He found her in the college library. She was weeping.. Ritikesh held her hand and said ‘sorry’. Priya understood the whole matter and told Ritikesh that it was not his fault. He was just trying to help her as a friend. It was her bad luck that she got caught. Ritikesh asked doubedtly- "When he asked you for cheat papers, why didn’t you give it to him? May be after that he would have allowed you to continue writing your exam! Why did you take it to the extreme point?" Priya replied with a cunning smile on her face- "Actually at that time I became greedy for marks. I thought if by telling lie I survived then I will have a second chance to pass. Now I don't even know if I will pass or no!" Ritikesh again asked- "Then why did you leave the exam hall when I was taking the whole blame on myself?" Priya replied innocently- "Well first of all, nobody would have believed that a student like you could do this. And second thing is, I don't want you to spoil your paper for me. You are a brilliant student." Ritikesh found his eyes wet after her reply. For changing the mood, Priya changed the topic and said - "No need to get too much sentimental. If I will fail it will be your responsibility to make me pass with distinction in the supplementry exam." Ritikesh agreed to her proposal. On returning home, they stopped at an ice-cream parlor. Ritikesh wanted to pay but Priya stopped her saying-" Ritikesh please! It’s my turn now." Ritikesh- "Okay but next you have to take it from my side!" Priya - "Okay on the day of the result. When you will come first, I will surely take an icecream treat from you." After making the deal, they left for home.


After this incident, Ritikesh still found a guilt feeling in his heart. He could not concentrate on his left out exams. His rest exams went average. On the day of result, when Priya got ready for the college, her father came home with her result. He told her that he was called by the principal for the result and the dean told him about the cheating incident. Hence Priya failed in her exam. So she didn’t need to go to college again. In the college, Ritikesh got a fourth position in his class. It was for the first time in his life when he secured a position below third. He thought that it might be the suffering for his mistake which he had committed upon Priya. Ravindra informed him about Priya's result. Ritikesh's suffering increased a bit more. He started searching for Priya. But still he couldn’t find Priya in college campus. After that they didn't meet each other for two months. In between, Ravindra left the city for higher studies. Now Ritikesh was alone. He enrolled himself in a coaching class which guided students for engineering entrance exam. But he still awaited for a news from Priya's side. He started wandering around Priya's home, hoping to see her.


One afternoon while returning home from coaching class, he just passed Priya's home, when some recognized voice called his name. He turned around and to his surprise, it was Priya! She was in a hurry. She asked Ritikesh for his chemistry notes. She asked Ritikesh to come the next day in the afternoon with his notes. She also requested him to come from the back side of her home because her father was very strict with her and he don't like Priya, meeting any boy! Ritikesh promised her to come the next day at the decided time. Next day afternoon Ritikesh came to her home from the back side. But the problem was, how could he knock the door as it created noise! He was confused regarding what to do, when suddenly Priya opened the door. She was following the clock continuously. She said - "I am in hurry. Please give me the notes." Ritikesh - "Calm down. First tell me where were you from last two months? And what are you going to do with these notes?" Priya replied hurriedly- "I was in my village for a marriage function. For now you just know that I am preparing to clear my last exam from another private institution where my father have some strong hold. They will make sure that I clear all my papers. After that I will think about my career. Now please you leave. If anybody notices us then there will be a lot of problem. Rest things I will discuss with you later." Ritikesh agreed, but before he could bid her a good bye, Priya went inside and locked the door. Ritikesh couldn’t understand whose behavior was more strange, Priya's or her father's?


Ritikesh thought that by giving notes to Priya he found an excuse to meet her. But he got it wrong. Again a few months passed… He was now busy in his coaching class. Some two or three times he went to Priya's home to collect the notes. But she was not there. One day on the way he met Dipali. She had joined BCA in a reputed institute. Both of them had a friendly talk. Ritikesh inquired about Priya that whether she had cleared her last exam! Dipali informed him that the exam about which Ritikesh was asking, it's result had been out one month back. Ritikesh was in a great surprise and didn’t know what was going on with Priya? He decided to go to Priya's home once again.When he reached Priya's home, her brother Rohit was there. Ritikesh asked him about Priya - "Bhaiya! Priya is there? Actually I am her friend Ritikesh. She had taken some notes from me for her exam. I am here to ask for those notes." Rohit called Priya- "Priya.... Ya she is here. She returned yesterday from village." Priya came with an anger in her eyes. Rohit scolded Priya- "Why did you take notes from some other person? This boy came here two to three times." Suddenly his wife called him and he went inside. Priya bursted out on Ritikesh- "Can't you wait for some more time? And what is the need to come home? I was not going to throw your notes in the dustbin!" Keeping the notes on his hand Priya said slowly- "Don't you know the situation and restrictions in my family?" Ritikesh was extremely surprised with this kind of a behaviour of Priya. Before he could ask Priya about this change, Priya asked him to leave because at this time her father used to return from office. She invited him to come after two days when most of the male members of her family would go to village to attend someone's death anniversary.


On the decided date and time Ritikesh started walking towards Priya's home having some fear within him, which came from the experience of his last two visits to her home. But he was taken by surprise when he found himself in a much comfortable environment as never before. Nobody was there at Priya's home and she greeted him like her college friend, and not like an unknown person of two days before. They started gossiping in a relaxed mood. Priya started telling her story of last few months. When she failed, her father had send her to the village.


Once, there in a marriage function, a young guy named Sameer got attracted towards her. She wanted to ignore him but she couldn't. Everday he chased her and finally proposed to her in a very different style. So at last she agreed to his proposal on the condition that he would never chase her. Priya explained that she too had some kind of attraction towards him, but it was not love. Ritikesh took deep breathe hoping that he still had a chance. But how would he propose her as he was still studying, he did not have a settled career. Ritikesh was thinking on a long term basis for his relation with Priya. Breaking his silent thoughts, Priya suddenly put a paper before him. Ritikesh asked her surprisingly- "Now what is this?' Priya - "Admission form of BCA." Ritikesh - "And how it going to help me?" Priya replied in a requesting manner-" Not for helping you. But helping me. Actually after my exam results my father's brought two forms for BCA. One I have already filled and I want you to be with me just like in college, so the second one for you." Ritikesh became silent for a while. He couldn't decide what to do. One side he didn't wish to lose the company of Priya and on another side he didn't want to make his parents angry who were thinking of him as an engineer. Priya requested again- "Please Ritikesh, lets do it together. You know I need your help in every step." Ritikesh decided to choose his career. He believed that without any job it was silly to think about any relation on a long time basis.  


Priya respected his decision. While leaving Priya's home, Priya requested him - "Ritikesh, it feels good when you come. Please try to come sometimes when you are free, but only in morning when my father will be in office. Me and my mom have no problem with my friends." Ritikesh was waiting for this invitation. He tried to get closer to Priya through these meetings. But he still hesitated to bring his heart's words to his lips. He selected for engineering. Days came nearer when they had to depart. Ritikesh decided to tell Priya of all his feelings, before leaving. He decided to do it on Priya's birthday. On her birthday Priya decided to meet Ritikesh at a food court near her BCA institute. Ritikesh prepared himself for the deciding day. He took Priya's favorite Vanilla pastry and chocolate for her. While waiting for Priya near food court, each passing second increased his heartbeat. After waiting for an hour he got a reflection of beautiful birthday girl. Priya looked stunning in her birthday dress. Her simplicity added an aura to her beauty. After wishing Priya, Ritikesh started to share his feelings - "Priya, do u remember? Once you said that you need me in every step?" Priya- "Yes. That's true. I will need you always as a well wisher, as my best buddy." Ritikesh- "What if, if your best buddy will be with you for your life time?" Priya replied- "What do you mean?.. You.. You like me?? You love me??" Ritikesh stopped her in between- "Yes. If you wish." Priya with a smile on her face -"Wow.. Ritikesh.. so romantic you are! It's my pleasure that you have chosen me. But Ritikesh you know my situation well." The momentary happiness gone from Ritikesh's face. He asked- "What situation?" Priya explained him calmly- "See, you are a south indian brahmin and I belong to north indian rajput family. Our family will never agree to our relation. Even if your family agrees with you, my family will not. Sorry yaar if you had belonged to my caste I would have surely married you." Ritikesh had no words to reply. He thought for a while that he lost everything at that moment. Priya tried to console him- "Don't feel bad, buddy. You are my best friend and I never want to lose you."Ritikesh breaks his silence- "But I will try my best till the last chance. I can't let you go from my life in this way," Priya appreciated his feelings- "Okay. I will not stop you. Only that will happen which is in our destiny. But I will never forget you as my friend.."


After a week Ritikesh joined an engineering college. He couldn't meet Priya before leaving due to a packed schedule as well as a pain which he bore in his heart out of her rejection. Whatever may be the reason, his eyes were still searching for Priya, in a new city. At the start, he felt alone, new college, new place and above all, the need of last meet before leaving still hurted him a lot.


First semester of engineering passed just like a breeze of wind, in adjusting in new environment and making new friends. Ritikesh came home for a week to meet Priya, just once. But he had to bear with the pain a bit more. One week passed very quickly. On the last day’s evening he tried a last time to meet Priya. While passing by her home, he saw Priya's mother and father going somewhere and a beautiful girl wearing jeans was bidding them good bye. When he came closer he couldn’t believe his eyes because she was none other than Priya! She looked stunning in her new avtar. He never adored western dresses before. Getting a good chance, Ritikesh quickly approached Priya-"Hi Priya!" Priya seemed surprised hearing the known voice….- "Hey.. Ritikesh! When did you come?" Ritikesh- "One week ago and I’m returning tonight..By the way jeans??" Priya replied with a smile-" Yes.. Just for a change.." Siddesh- "Good change." Priya- "You came last week and you got time to meet me, now?"Ritikesh replied politely- "Madam, each day I came to meet you but your father's car was parked outside. If you don't mind can you please give me your number?" Priya-" Okay take it but with one condition. Call me only when I give you a missed call.." Ritikesh agreed and asked jokingly-" So how much chance is still left for me?" Priya laughed out loud. She replied- "You take another number and ask him about your chance." Ritikesh was stunned! So did he ask-" Whose number is this? Your father's?" Priya bursted out into laughter and said -"No it’s the number of a DON." Ritikesh -"Who is DON?" Priya- "Sameer, the guy whom I met in village. I told you about him. He is well setlled in Mumbai, and we are in a relationship from the past two months." Ritikesh got a hard blow to his heart. Still he stood firm on his promise that he will try till the last chance. Priya appreciated his feelings for her. Ritikesh returned to his engineering life.


Two months passed, waiting for the first missed call from Priya's side. It came when Ritikesh's frustration reached to its peak. Priya took excuse by saying that she was busy in her sister-in-law's pregnancy. She asked Ritikesh-"When are you coming next?" Ritikesh-"I am planning to come for Holi." Priya requested to Ritikesh- "Can you please bring a pink colour kurti for me, to wear on the eve of holi? I am looking for it since many days. Don't bring an expensive one, if you will get it at a cheap rate then please buy one for me." Ritikesh- "Okay I will try. But you have to give me your favorite Dahi-vada and Pua." Priya- "Done. But please don't come on the day of holi, because there will be many guests in my home on that day. Come a day after holi." As decided, Ritikesh went to Priya's home with her gift..First question she asked him was- "How much did it cost?" "Whatever the price give it to him."- Priya's mother replied from behind. "He will not take money from me. Will you?"- Priya said pointing towards Ritikesh. Ritikesh replied- "No need to pay me, aunty. Your dahi vada and pua will suffice the need." Priya's mother ordered Priya - "Then you will have to give him a nice shirt on your marriage.." without completing her sentence she went inside to attend a call. Ritikesh shockingly asked Priya- "What? Whose marriage?" Priya revealed the secret- "I told my mother about Sameer last night. My mother promised me that she will talk to my father after the completion of my BCA." At that moment Ritikesh felt that he lost Priya and left the place, greeting her the best wishes for her future. He asked her emotionally- "Priya, will you forget me someday?" Priya replied with a surprise on her face -"Are you mad? Can someone forget a good friend like you?" Ritikesh left for a new start. Anyhow, second semester passed…. Ritikesh entered to the second year of his engineering life. Now he had a new enthusiasm in his heart for being graded as a senior.


In the second year, Ritikesh came close to one of his classmate, Meenakshi. She belonged to a small town but was very witty. She had never been in co-education before. So she didn't know how to adjust amongst the boys in such kind of an environment. She never missed a chance to pass comment on boys. Boys were also enjoying this type of a character in class. They also looked for a chance to comment on her. As a result verbal fighting became common between Meenakshi and the group of bad boys in the class. Ritikesh always suggested her to keep distance from them but every time she found some or the other fault with the boys. Meenakshi and Ritikesh both belonged to the same cast. That's why soon, they became good friends. Meenakshi's bubbly nature and brave behaviour attracted Ritikesh towards her. On the other side Meenakshi liked Ritikesh's good nature, his calm and simple outlook towards life. Still none of them stepped forward to take the relation to the next level. Meenakshi was not fair by look. She belonged to a small town, so she did not have a good sense of fashion. Ritikesh didn't dream of a girl of this type. If he wanted Meenakshi to be there in his life, then she needed to change herself a lot. In Meenakshi's view, she was searching for a man who had a bit of aggression in his character, which in turn could match with her’s. And unfortunately, that had been found missing in Ritikesh. Actually in search of extra qualities, both of them were ignoring each other’s good qualities.


One day in class, the lecturer asked a question. A student Chandan was giving the answer to the question, when suddenly Meenakshi stood up between the class. She rejected the answer which Chandan was giving and started giving her own solution. The lecturer impressed with her answer and appreciated her before the class. He said-" Everyone should do it like Meenakshi.". Chandan who felt insulted took this in a negative way. After the class got over, he started passing comments on Meenakshi by mimicking her and shouted out, "Everyone should do it like Meenakshi." Meenakshi replied with aggression- "Great Chandan, you are doing it better than me. Clap for him guys for his good acting." She started to leave the class with clapping. This made Chandan more angry. He called her an eunuch. Suddenly he pinched her on her hips. At this, Meenakshi replied- "I am not going physical with you till now. But you forced me.." Saying this she tore Chandan's shirt before the class. On the reply Chandan put his hand on her stole but couldn't grab it. Ajay, Ritikesh's benchmate, stopped him and warned him from doing such an act. Meenakshi thought that she was looking for this type of a guy who would guard her in college and fulfill all her wishes, with whom no one could think of passing comments on her. She wanted to be in safe hands during the whole college life. As an advantage, Ritikesh was their common friend. She quickly diverted her mind from Ritikesh to Ajay. Ritikesh had no option left but to unite both of them. Ritikesh believed that it would be a happy ending of this, where no one would get hurt. Ajay too was very happy with the status of being "engaged"!


This way Second year of engineering came to an end, with a mixed experience of love, friendship and fun. In these few days Priya changed her contact number. Ritikesh tried her number several times hoping that once he would get an answer, but all his efforts went in vain. So the memories of Priya started fading off. After the completion of the second year, Ritikesh came home for vacations .


In between, Priya's birthday had arrived. Ritikesh couldn't find a way to wish year. He did not dare to go to her home after knowing her relation with Sameer. He even didn't know of what had happened to her in these few days, as he was not at all in touch with her. Though out of touch, yet Ritikesh could not forget her, completely. So he tried a new way to wish her. He created a fake email id with an anonymous name and wished her on her birthday. He thought that if she replied then he would tell her the truth. But few days passed, but he didn't get any reply from Priya. He lost his last hope. In the mean time, Ravindra had also made a visit to his home. So one day, he and Ravindra were enjoying the evening in the market. Ravindra wanted to show him something. Ritikesh couldn't believe his eyes for some time, it was Priya coming from front with her cousins. It was Priya's day of result and she had passed with good numbers. So her cousins demanded a treat from her. So Priya came out of her house to give them a treat. Priya asked her cousins to proceed further and said them to place the order of their choice. Here Ravindra took a leave from Ritikesh and Priya and left the site. Priya asked her first question to Ritikesh- "Did you wish me on my birthday through a mail?" Ritikesh forgot to breathe for a while. Hiding his deed, he replied hesitatingly - "No.. I did not even remember your birthday!" Priya knew that he was lying. She replied with wet eyes- "Just like it, you will also forget me some day."… Ritikesh went on a dead silence after hearing it. Priya requested him to come next morning if he had time for her.


Having a lot of questions and doubts Ritikesh went to Priya's home. Her mother greeted him. She told him about Priya's condition that Priya was feeling frustrated these days. She was neither eating nor having a sound sleep. She requested him to make Priya understand to forget all her tensions and worries. Suddenly Priya arrived after taking a bath. She stopped her mother and sent her inside. Ritikesh asked- "Why are you in such a hurry? And about which tension aunty is talking about?" Priya tried to make the matter look light and so she said- "Leave it. Don't pay attention to her words. She is habituated to talk anything to any body. Will you have breakfast?" Priya wanted to change the topic. Ritikesh- "Don't lie. I have seen frustration in your eyes." Priya started revealing all the secrets. Her grandmother was not in support of her study. She always used to say negative things about Priya to her father One day she caught Priya talking to Sameer late night. She informed about it to Priya's father. Priya's father seized her mobile. Her mother told her father about Sameer & advised him to take a right decision. On making a thorough search, it was found that Sameer belonged to the same family tree to which Priya belonged. So the marriage was not possible as it was a matter of same family relation. This news broke Priya, completely. After a few days of this incident Priya had to go to Mumbai for some project work of her BCA program. She had called Sameer and told him the whole matter. She advised him to elope. But Sameer refused to do that for the sake of his family’s reputation. Ritikesh advised her to concentrate on her career. Once she got the job, she could take all her decisions independently.


At the end of the third year Ritikesh had learnt one important thing in engineering life that girls prefer those guys who were bold & a little shameless. Meanwhile Priya got selected by a multinational company in kolkata but her father did not allow her to do the job as it was too far from her home. Her situation was getting worse day by day. Suddenly she came to know about the fact that Sameer was dating some other girl in Mumbai. One of her BCA collegue who joined in mumbai, she informed Priya about it. To make sure about it Priya had called Sameer. Sameer calmly explained her the situation that both of them couldn't continue this relation for a long time as it had no future. So it was better to take decision and choose a new way of life. Priya took it in a negative maner. She thought that Sameer had cheated upon her. He could have explained these things before moving on to another relation. Sameer defended himself that he was not engaged with the girl about whom she had been talking. She was just a good friend of his. Priya was not in such a mental state that she could believe in Sameer's excuse! They parted their ways. And as Priya informed the same to Ritikesh, he started hoping that there was still a ray of hope. After completing third year, Ritikesh was very much excited for the vacation; as he thought, he was going to meet Priya again. But this time he would meet his school time Priya whom he had lost in the midst, but now when he found her back, he did not wish to lose her, again!


On their first meet he had offered ice-cream to Priya, which was pending from the last exam of college. Priya also started forgetting all her sorrow in his company. Priya- "Thanks for the surprise. You remembered it?? By the way what are doing tomorrow morning?" Ritikesh replied romantically -"Nothing. I am free. You just give order madam." Priya - "Ok.. Ok.. No need to be so romantic. You know my problem. I am okay with this single’s tag." Ritikesh controlled his emotions. Priya continued-" Actually I have to bring my board certificate from the college from where I had passed my inter exam. The college is very far from here. Can you please give me your company?" Ritikesh was just waiting for this golden oppurtunity. In this journey he would get enough time to express his feelings to Priya. He promised Priya to meet next morning and pick her up from her home. At home his mother made him know that they had to leave for Kerala next morning for Ritikesh's cousin brother's marriage. Now Ritikesh was trapped between his mother and his promise which he had given to Priya. After thinking the whole day he found out a solution. He told his mother that they would leave for kerala but not in the morning, but in the night because a night train is also available for that route. His mother asked him the reason behind that, and Ritikesh made an excuse of completing the project work. His mother knew that he was telling lie but she didn’t say anything. Ritikesh knew that he could make his mother understand about his situation, afterwards but he couldn't lose the company of Priya at any cost. Next morning Ritikesh went along with that of Priya. He made all kinds of ways to impress Priya but failed. Priya didn't give him any signal to him as, she knew that if Sameer was not there for her, then there would be no one. She didn't want to hurt Ritikesh with a pretence of love. On returning from the college Ritikesh sat very close to Priya in auto. As a friend, Priya felt quite uncomfortable, as she didn't prefer the touch of any other guy except that of Sameer’s. And as she knew Ritikesh’s feelings towards her, so she started to feel more and more uncomfortable with his approach. Thus avoiding any kind of misinterpretation through her acts/gestures which could have hurted Ritikesh in the long run, she requested him to sit at some distance from her. And to make the thing look normal, she told Ritikesh that as it was getting hotter due to the rising temperature, so she preferred to keep a distance while sitting. Ritikesh took it casually and sat at the other side of the auto. Priya thought that she had made Ritikesh angry. But Ritikesh was pretty cool with it.


During the journey to Kerala, Ritikesh was busy thinking only one thing that where did he go wrong? Why did Priya ignore his feeling everytime? Having such kind of a tension in his mind, he could barely concentrate on the marriage function.


His mother belonged to a small town of Kerala. And after his completion of school, there had been a pretty long gap when he was making a visit to his maternal uncle’s town. As they reached there, Ritikesh was surprised to see the development of the town. When Ritikesh reached his mother's native house, one name was frequently hitting his ear drums and that was of a girl named - Pushpita. His maternal aunt welcomed them. She showed them the decorations and arrangements of the function. She told them that all of the decorations were done by Pushpita. Ritikesh asked his mother- "Who is this Pushpita?" His mother made him remember- "You forgot her? She is Pitty, your cousin sister. Her good name is Pushpita. You forgot, how you used to pull her long hair in childhood?" Ritikesh started recalling his childhood memories. Pushpita was his cousin sister who was two year elder to him. Then his aunt called them to perform some rituals of marriage. Almost all members of the family were present except that of Pushpita. Everyone started to call her. Ritikesh imagined about her, associating his childhood memories, a dark complexioned girl having long hair wearing typical south indian saree. But soon Pushpita proved him wrong and put a hault to his imaginations. A dusky beauty wearing yellow tights and white shirt entered the hall, making Ritikesh go mum! “Is she Pushpita?” Ritikesh still couldn't believe his eyes. Pushpita was doing MBA from Delhi. She completely adored the culture of the metro life. She came home for her elder brother's marriage. Her mother introduced her to Ritikesh. She still treated Ritikesh as a kid. She was very frank with him. So on their first meet, she hugged him. Ritikesh's heart was beating at a fast rate as a different kind of emotion ran through his heart. On the next day Pushpita took him for the tour of the city. The whole day’s accompaniment brought Ritikesh a little more closer to her.


On the day of the marriage, “the baraat” was about to leave. Everyone was getting ready. Pushpita was busy making others, ready. She had no time for herself to adore the attire (Lahanga) which she had specially brought from Delhi for her brother's marriage. At the last moment she was confused what to do! Nobody was there to help her for dressing and make up. She decided not to wear the lahanga as it was time taking, but what else she would wear? Ritikesh came to her and asked surprisingly - "You are not ready, as of yet? Baraat will leave at any moment." Pushpita explained her situation to him. She couldn’t decide what to wear? Then Ritikesh gave her a gift pack. Pushpita asks surprisingly- "What’s this? My brother's marriage is going on and you are giving gifts to me?" Ritikesh, "First calm down! Open the gift and you will get the solution to yours problem." Pushpita unwrapped the gift, it was a set of jeans and long top which Ritikesh had bought for Priya as her birthday gift. Pushpita jumped with joy saying, "My favorite outfit. But when and how you bought this, Ritikesh? And for whom?" Ritikesh, "That I will explain to you, later. But now we are running out of time. Change quickly!" Pushpita asked jokingly, "In front of you?" Before Ritikesh could say something Pushpita took a decision, "By the way it's a good idea. I have to just wear jeans and top, who will waste time to go to the washroom to change clothes. You turn around & make sure that no body comes here and I will change quickly." Before Ritikesh could understand anything Pushpita was ready for the baraat. Now the tension was with the make up! Ritikesh advised her, "Don't waste time in this. Put light make up because while dancing all your make up will fade away and your face will look dull." Pushpita liked his idea.


During baraat Pushpita looked stunning. Everyone was appreciating her choice of dressing. Pushpita called some of her friends from Delhi on her brother's marriage. Two of them were boys. In baraat, she was grouping with them leaving Ritikesh with other cousins. But Ritikesh always had an eye on her. After the baraat, when marriage ritual took a start, everybody was in marriage hall except Pushpita and her group. But no body paid any attention towards this as everyone was busy in either attending the marriage or having their food. Ritikesh was worried about Pushpita. He asked some family members about her but failed to get any positive response! He came out of the hall. Suddenly he observed some smoke inside the bus which was for carrying the baraatis. He peeped inside. To his utter dismay, he discovered that it was Pushpita who was smoking with her group. Seeing Ritikesh, she offered one to him. Ritikesh refused to take it. Pushpita explained it to him, "Sorry Ritikesh…It is in our culture in Delhi, please don't mind us." At which level Ritikesh thought of Pushpita's boldness, she actually belonges to a higher level of it! Then Pushpita opened up a beer bottle. Ritikesh understood that its better to leave from that place. He just told Pushpita, "Okay enjoy your party, I am going to enjoy mine. If you need anything then call me.". Ritikesh joined the party with his other cousins. After sometime he found three girls in the party, who were inside the bus with Pushpita sometime ago. He doubted that something was wrong. “Why these girls are enjoying party separately? Where is Pushpita? Why Pushpita isn't with them? And where are the two boys?” He put his plate down and came outside.


Ritikesh found one of the two boys outside the bus. He was mixing some powder in a plate and was putting the the same powder inside a beer bottle. Before Ritikesh could understand anything the boy went inside the bus and closed the door of the bus. Ritikesh went near the bus, hurriedly. He peeped from the bus’s window. He found Pushpita fully drunk. The boys started touching her in a bad manner. They tried to make her drink one more beer bottle in which they had mixed something. When Pushpita said that it was more than enough for her and she couldn't take anymore then the boys tried to to offer her the plate of chicken which was also mixed with the powder. Seeing this, Ritikesh couldn’t stop himself from knocking the door of the bus. Pushpita shouted, "Who is this now? Why you people want to spoil our party?" She was not in her sense. Ritikesh replied that it was he at the door. The boys backbited against Ritikesh to Pushpita that as Ritikesh doesn't drink he wanted to spoil their party too because he was jealous of them. She opened the door taking the plate of chicken & beer bottle in her hand. "What’s your problem, Ritikesh? Why are you disturbing us everytime?", she shouted on Ritikesh. Being calm, Ritikesh asked her to come inside bacause everyone was looking for her and in marriage’s function there were some rituals where her presence was required to the utmost. Pushpita replied drunkedly that she had no interest in this kind of old rituals and just started to drink more from the bottle. Then Ritikesh, finding no other option, snatched it from her hand and threw it away and also threw down the chicken plate. This made Pushpita angry. She pushed Ritikesh backward, " How dare you to do this? I offered you to join us.. but you didn’t! That was your choice but you have no right to spoil our party! Got it?" This brought some sense of aggression within Ritikesh. He shouted, "I am not interested in your party. I am here to save you from these guys. They have mixed something in your drink as wel as in your food. They want to do something wrong with you." The boy who mixed the powder started making excuse, "He is talking nonsense, Pushpita. Why will we do like this?" Suddenly a beggar boy came and started eating the chicken piece from the ground. Pushpita tried to drive away the boy. She again fired on Ritikesh, "What rubbish are you talking about? Why will they do such things to me? And I am not a small kid with whom anybody can do anything." Before Ritikesh could explain her anything they saw the beggar falling unconscious infront of them. Ritikesh gave the the proof to Pushpita by pointing towards the beggar. She was shocked and before she could aske the boys they ran away from the site. She wanted to say sorry to Ritikesh but he started walking inside. Pushpita cried the whole night inside the bus.


When she opened her eyes, the bus was running. Everybody was in the bus but not the one whom she was looking for! Making a search, Pushpita went in to the cabinet of the bus. She found Ritikesh sitting alone on one side of the cabinet berth. Both look each other but didn't say anything. Pushpita went upto him, lifted his hand, put it around her neck and rested her head on Ritikesh's shoulder. Ritikesh gave a cute smile. Pushpita closed her eyes to enjoy a beautiful sleep. For Ritikesh it was unusual to find a girl such close to her. Feelings started growing in his heart. He knew that in South Indian culture a relationship between cousins was quite a possibility. Pushpita was elder to him, so how could he approach her? Beside it how could he forget Priya? Many questions were cluttering around his mind. He stopped all of them for a while and decided to enjoy the journey with his sweet cousin. On the very next day reception was planned as well as arranged. Ritikesh was not feeling good since morning. Pushpita was ready for the evening, wearing her special lehanga. She didn't want to repeat her mistake. She was looking for Ritikesh. She found him in a weak health. Ritikesh was vomitting continuously. Her mother was worried about him. How would she manage the reception and its arrangements? She had to make ready the bride for the evening. Pushpita asked her aunt to go with the bride and she herself would take care of Ritikesh. Pushpita initially tried some homely tricks to stop his vomiting. Once he became stable, Pushpita gave him some liquid to avoid dehydration. Then she started massaging his head slowly. It's a fact that “when a boy is in pain and a beautiful girl touches him gently, he forgets all his pain in an instant”. The same became applicable for Ritikesh. He closed his eyes and started enjoying the treatment. Till then Pushpita also got a little bit attracted towards him. It was the first time that she touched a boy's body in this manner. Assuming that Ritikesh felt asleep, she couldn't control her feelings and put a kiss on his cheeks. Ritikesh opens his eyes with a big surprise! Pushpita trembled for a while, feeling shy about how would Ritikesh react. But instead, Ritikesh held her hand close to him. Suddenly someone knocked at the door and Ritikesh left her hand. Pushpita went to open the door. Ritikesh found himself so unlucky, he thought that it would had been better for him to continue lying sub-conscious.


It took some days for Ritikesh to recover completely. In the midst of these days, Pushpita and Ritikesh came across each other many times, but they couldn't exchange any words, not even a smile. Then the day arrived when Ritikesh had to return to his engineering life. Before leaving Ritikesh wanted to meet Pushpita for the last time. He searched for her in the whole house, but finally ended up finding her at the terrace. She had tears in her eyes. Before Ritikesh could say something, Pushpita asked, "Is it necessary to leave so early?" Ritikesh replied positively because he had to join the college. Pushpita hugged him and apologized for the misbehavior on her part on the marriage night. Ritikesh said that he didn’t feel anything for her misbehavior. He was about to hold her hand when she did the part! Ritikesh asked, "Do you want to say something." Before completion of the sentence Pushpita put her lips on his lips. After getting the first kiss of his life Ritikesh asked her- "What was this?" Pushpita replied, "It was the good luck kiss for the best person I have ever met in my life." Saying this Pushpita ran downstairs. Ritikesh returned to engineering life with a mixed experience in his heart. He didn't know what was he feeling for Pushpita! He was also in doubt whether Pushpita felt the same for him or no! And what about his feeling for Priya; was he cheating Priya by making a place for Pushpita in his heart?


Ritikesh was still trying to find the answers of his questions. The memory of his first kiss made him restless. Ajay read the confusion on his face and asked about the matter. Ajay was his close friend in his engineering life. Ritikesh explained all the incidents which had happened with him. Listening to him Ajay suggested him, "Your matter is as much clear as water. No need to confuse." Ritikesh couldn't understand what was Ajay trying to say! He asked, "And how is it? Can you please explain?" Ajay explained, "Listen, one side you have Priya who is from other cast, just having a breakup and not very much interested to step toward you due to her family constraints. On the other side you have Pushpita, who belongs to the same cast as you, having bold nature, already impressed you with her kiss." Ritikesh, "What do you mean?" Ajay, " In simple words, if after making all efforts, you can't come close to Priya then you should go with Pushpita who is close to you more than enough. And moreover, in your culture marriage with cousins is pretty much allowed." Ritikesh, "But how can I know that Pushpita also likes me? May be it's her attraction towards me." Ajay, "Now that doesn't matter. Whatever it may be you are always in profit." Ritikesh, "How?" Ajay with a cunning smile replied, "As you told me before that she is very bold in nature. I have heard about some Delhi based girls.They easily make relations with the boys, they like! They are very open minded." Ritikesh got angry over this, "Are you mad? She is my cousin. How can I built such a relation with her?" Ajay, "Oh please! Don't behave like a primary school student. If it is not like this then why she kissed you on your lips? Grow up my friend. May be it is her way to get you." Ritikesh, "Meaning?" Ajay, "Means nothing. Just listen to me. Go and approach her boldly. If she is interested physically in you then make relation with her. Believe me she will not be telling anything to anybody. Girls want some sensual touch in this age. And if they get a guy on which they can believe blindly, why will they not step ahead? Let me tell you about a fact, if you love a girl and if you can’t give her such type of a feeling, she will take you as a layman." Ritikesh asked surprisingly, "It means you too...?" Ajay, “Yes with Meenakshi. Sometime we stay at the class after the lecture is over. Getting a suitable chance I have done it sometimes." Ritikesh, "She didn't stop you?" Ajay, “Never. She is also a human. She also needs it. We love each other and believe upon each other. Leave it, when you will fall in love then only you will realize that its needed." Ajay's speech made a gush of blood in his veins.


But Ritikesh still had a doubt left in his mind. So he asked,"Ajay what if Pushpita really loves me?" Ajay made him clear - "Then the ball is in your court my friend. Enjoy the love & its excitement. But for this you have to talk her first. And please don't start your conversation formally. She has already kissed you. So try to talk in such a way that she will need you badly. Either she will fall in for you or she will end up getting into a relation with you. In both the cases you have nothing to lose." Ritikesh again looked back at his past. Ritikesh," Then what about Priya?" Ajay got angry this time, "Again Priya? Why are you so confused? Forget her! That girl is just using you. If she can't step forward with you in any relation then why she always took help from you? You are not an NGO owner. Why she often calls you to bring dresses for her? If you have money in excess then give it to me. Why waste your it upon a silly girl from whom you will gain nothing? Concentrate on Pushpita & enjoy your life. Ritikesh was not so confident to call Pushpita and talk to her boldly, so he started texting her. He asked her what was going on in her mind when she kissed him on his lips? Could she do the same with any other person? Pushpita was just waiting for this moment. She texted, "No, it was my first lip kiss. At that moment I had some strong inner feeling. My heart didn't wish to let you go. It was hurting me, I wanted to get one step closer to you, that's why I...."


Ajay's trick started to work for Ritikesh. While conversing with Pushpita he assumed that Ajay was right to judge her. She was very much attracted towards him. His soft corner for Priya stopped him to forget her. He decided to follow Ajay and took a chance on Pushpita to enjoy his life. After talking to Pushpita for a few days, he gained enough confidence that he could take his conversation to the next level. He started discussing some adult scenes from a Hollywood movie with her. He wanted to get her reviews that what she felt while watching such steamy scenes. Fortunately he got the desired response from her. He again asked her if she was having some desire of having such kind of pleasure with someone, whom she can believe completely? Stopping his heartbeat for a while Pushpita replied, "Yes...with you.!" Ritikesh wanted to make sure of her desires. So he asked again, "Really?' Pushpita confirmed him, "Yes obviously..!!". Ritikesh asked in excitement, "But how? And when?" Pushpita gave her a green signal, "I don't know. You decide it.". They decided to meet in Kerala after their last semester, till then Ritikesh would complete his engineering & Pushpita would complete her MBA.


Anyhow Ritikesh passed the last months of engineering. Same situation was with Pushpita. She didn't know that whatever was going on was whether right or wrong! She knew that she had got a nice person in the form of Ritikesh and wanted to fully dedicate herself to him. Ritikesh completed his engineering but could not get any job through campus selection, due to the recession in world market. He took it as his suffering. He thought if he had gone with Priya for BCA then he might have secured a job. He returned home with an upset mind & empty hand. Now he could understand the stage of frustration of Priya. On the other hand, Pushpita had already reached home. She was selected as a manager in a bank, in Chennai. She wanted to celebrate her moment with Ritikesh. She tried calling Ritikesh, but she got a busy tone on her phone. Ritikesh was talking to Ajay regarding his job. Ajay suggested him that they would go to Gujrat, as there were many scopes for freshers over there, and till then he should not take any tension. Ajay provokes him to go to Kerala to get some freshness in life. After ending his conversation with Ajay, he found a missed call from Pushpita. He thought that it was his luck which pushed him towards Kerala. He texted her that he was coming within three days to her. He informed his mother about his visit to south, in search of a job. He would stay in Kerala and would continue searching for job in nearby places.


Keeping all the excitement preserved in his heart, Ritikesh started his journey to Kerala for a new experience of life. His aunt welcomed him at home and she said, "Your mother called me last night that you are coming. I don't know properly what recession really means? But getting a job is really tough. Your brother was saying that his job is also not secure." After having a talk with her he came inside & saw Pushpita sitting on her bed, giving him a cunning smile. Ritikesh couldn't understand the mystery behind her smile. He asked his aunt about his brother and sister-in-law. She told him, "They had not gone to their honeymoon after their marriage as your brother did not have many leaves. But now, since Pushpita is here, she told that she is free now and can take the responsibility of home. So she asked them to go for honeymoon. "Now Ritikesh understood why Pushpita was giving him such a smile. Ritikesh was very near to his goal but he still didn't know how to approach in such kind of situation. In evening Pushpita's father returned from office. Ritikesh thought that in such a busy environment, where the family members were present, how would it be possible for him to meet Pushpita, all alone? Suddenly his uncle told them that he had to go for a marriage function that night. Ritikesh then thought that he was not that unlucky, either!


It was night, but still Ritikesh didn't get any signal from Pushpita's side. Lying on bed he was counting the seconds with a faster heartbeat. Suddenly someone pulled him & hugged him tight. It was Pushpita. He could then feel her in close proximity. Pushpita took him to the store room at the terrace. It was a dark place with very dim light. Ritikesh could hardly see anything. A bedstead was there, Pushpita made him sit there for a while. Closing the door she returned to Ritikesh and hugged him again. But this hug was different from the previous one. Now Ritikesh could touch her bare back. How fast Pushpita removed her top? Ritikesh, "How fast you remove it? Why is this place so dark? I can't see you in your new avtar." Pushpita smiled and replied- "Precious things are always kept in dark, so that everyone can't approach it" They kissed each other. Siddesh moves down his hand to untie the knot of her salwar, but Pushpita held his hand - "Please. It is too quick. I think it's not the right time for it." Ritikesh asked, "But why? What is the problem?" Thinking for a while Pushpita requested, "If you promise that you will not cross any limit now then only I can allow you to go down." Ritikesh agreed to her, Pushpita untied the knot herself. They decided to enjoy each other's company without crossing any limit. They did it some more times. Ritikesh returned home after a week, taking some unforgettable memories with him. While Pushpita knew that she won his heart with her dedication but she still waited for some positive response from his side.


After returning home, Ritikesh contacted Ravindra who had joined a private company. Ravindra helped Ritikesh to get an appointment in his company. Ritikesh believed that he was capable enough to approach Priya. He went to meet her. Priya asked him, "Where were you from last two months as I got to know that your semester got over long time back? Did you get through the campusing?" Ritikesh explained her that due to recession period, he had to return jobless. He went to south to search for job. But recently he had joined a company. Ritikesh asked Priya about her career plans. Priya replied, "I am in my worst state of life." Ritikesh asked, " Why? What has happened?" Priya, "As you know, initially my father didn't allow me to go outside for job. Now i was preparing for bank exams for the past one year, & now he is not giving me money for filling up the form. He told me to manage myself. You say from where will I get money?" Ritikesh thought that it was too rude on the part of her dad. He wanted to help Priya with money but Priya continued, "I also requested him that atleast get me married to Shekhar but he also refused to do that. I will die in frustration some day." Ritikesh was shocked to hear the bombarding news. He asked, "Excuse me! Who is this guy Shekhar?" Priya, "Oh! I forgot to tell you about him. He is my cousin brother's friend. I met him on my cousin sister's marriage. He carries a nice personality. He is working in a reputed company. He is a self dependent guy from an early life!" Priya went on appreciating Shekhar. Ritikesh who had come to look for a last chance was suddenly reminded of Ajay's views, that Priya was using him. She told him about her frustration so that he would help her. Actually he was ready to give her money. But then he changed his mind. If she liked someone then why didn’t she asked money from him? "So, first we became friends and after watching him for two months, I proposed him. He accepted my proposal! Since then we are in touch," Priya ended her conversation.


Ritikesh felt cheated. He told Priya, "If you like him then why didn’t you ask money from him?" Priya, "Meaning?" Ritikesh, "What meaning are you asking for, Priya? You met someone two months before & judged him as a perfect guy for you. But you knew me from five years but still i am not perfect for you?" Priya replied, "Oho Ritikesh! You have still stuck to that topic? You are perfect for me but not for my family. I already discussed it with you several times. I don't want to discuss it with you again." Ritikesh, "Do you think I am joking? I think you wished for a settled life. So after getting job I came upto you. But you? Leave it!" Priya, "Calm down. I always see a best friend in you." Ritikesh, "Friend? Which girl tells his friend to bring dresses for her? My friend told the truth about you" Priya retorted angrily, "What truth? Please say it fully. I want to know what truth you know about me?" Ritikesh, "He told me that you are only using me. Till now I didn't believe him, but you forced me to believe him." Priya was shocked with this kind of behaviour of Ritikesh. She cooled down and said, "Listen Ritikesh! i don't know what your friend had told about me. I will say only one thing to you that I always see you as my friend and as a friend demanded the things from you. I never forced you for that, I always requested you to bring them. At that time if you said no then it would not have broken the friendship between us. But you are destroying our relation after getting a no from me. The choice is all yours, whether you treat me as a friend or a selfish girl, but you will always remain as my best friend." Ritikesh just heard her and after a while he left without replying anything.


Ritikesh started concentrating on his job and tried his best, to forget Priya, but he failed every time. He decided to move on in his life. Still he was not thinking about Pushpita, seriously. He thought that both of them needed the pleasure hence they did it. He used to talk with her very often. Pushpita too, was busy in her new work. After a few months of job, he was given a project work. In his group the other member was a girl. Her name was Soni. Soni was charming and affectionate in nature. Ritikesh got close to her during his project work. Soni was expert in taking out her work. She also tried it on Ritikesh. But being experienced in such type of girls' matter, Ritikesh handled her nicely. Seeing this, Soni became his admirer knowing that, he gave importance to knowledge and work and not to her beauty. They became good friends. Ritikesh also thought of moving ahead with Soni. They started dating each other to give themselves time to take any decision regarding their future.


Once Ravindra found them on a park side area. He knew something about Soni. He wanted to warn Ritikesh about her. Ravindra again found them near a softy corner. He waited for Soni to leave. When Ritikesh was alone, Ravindra went upto him and said in a taunting manner, "Congratulations for the promotion." Ritikesh shockingly asked, "Promotion! meaning?" Ravindra, "Same softy corner with different girl, within five years. Is it not a promotion? Remember, it is the same softy corner where you and priya used to enjoy icecream five years ago? Now Soni replaced Priya." Ritikesh, "Time changes. Its better to move on with whom you feel comfortable." Ravindra, "But my friend this girl Soni had felt comfortable with two more boys before you." Ritikesh, "Do you want to say that she is characterless?" Ravindra, "No, i am not questioning about her character. I have no right to do it! But my friend, this girl could not stay in any of relationship for a long time. You are just recovering from an unsuccessful relationship. So I am suggesting you to be careful to choose a girl for a lifetime. I can't see you getting hurt twice." Ritikesh, "Don't worry. It is not such as you are seeing. We are not engaged yet. We are just enjoying each other's company. She may be doing same things as me. May be she has found some loop holes in her previous relationship, that's why she is giving some extra time to herself to involve in a relationship?" Ravindra, "Okay, Best of Luck! But be very careful."


One rainy evening while returning from job, Ritikesh gave company to Soni to her home. On the way he proposed Soni. Soni was expecting this from Ritikesh. She said, "Is it not too early? Actually i don't know what to say at this point of time! You don't know everything thing about me." Ritikesh, "I even don't want to know. Till now how much i know about you, is enough for me." Soni, "You are not understanding. You don't know anything about my past." Ritikesh was in a hurry. He couldn't let her go. Ritikesh, "I know everything. Everyone has its past but to live a life we have to forget the past and look towards the future. I am ready to accept you." Thinking for a while Soni replied, "If it is so, then it's a yes from my side." Ritikesh believed that finally he had succeeded getting a girl of his choice. It was little dark in front of Soni's home. In excitement, Ritikesh wanted to kiss her. Soni was opposing him to do this, till then Ritikesh kissed her and went away, leaving Soni with a red face. He already learnt that kiss could not be taken by request, rather, it should be stolen.


Siddesh was now enjoying the best part of his life. He was doing everything as a boyfriend. Gifting dresses and ornaments to Soni, going movie together, late night calls, etc. Now they started having personal talks. Once Ritikesh was asking Soni about her curvy figure. Soni was feeling shy to answer so she tried a trick. She challenged him that if he had enough courage then he would gift her a set of lingerie, on her birthday. Then she would answers to his questions. Ritikesh accepted her challenge. On a rainy afternoon when the market was almost empty, he went to a shop and bought the gift for Soni. While returning home he put the gift in her bag without her knowledge. He texted Soni , "Open your bag and give me my answers." At first Soni couldn't understand! When she opened her bag she was surprised to see her birthday gift. On reply she texted to Ritikesh, "Great effort! You will get your answers on my birthday. By the way thank you.".


On Soni's birthday, they decide to meet in a restaurant. Ritikesh booked the corner seat for them, so that no body could disturb the love birds. Ritikesh was excited for getting his answers. Ritikesh, "By the way madam, what about my gift? How was that?" Soni laughed, she was not expecting this question from Ritikesh at that time. Continuing her smile Soni replied, "That's good. It's very comfortable. I have wore it today." Ritikesh, "Show me." Soni dazed for a while, She asked, "What?" Ritikesh repeated his question. Soni, "Here?" Ritikesh nods his head in yes. Actually he was trying to recreate a scene from a hollywood movie, which they had seen a week ago. Soni put her bag by her side to cover her. She opened the second & third button of her shirt, with the help of her fingers & created a gap in her shirt to show ‘it’ to Ritikesh. Holding his breath Ritikesh replied, "I have got all my answers." Without his knowledge Priya noticed him with Soni. She was there for giving some orders for home delivery. At night Ritikesh received a message from an unknown number -"Hi, What are you doing?" He replied that he did not recognize the sender. It was Priya, whose number Ritikesh had already deleted after their last meeting.


Priya texted, "Great, you have removed my number from your contact list? Good, a time was there when you were impatient to get my number. How have you changed so quickly?" Ritikesh lied, "It's nothing like that, I have to format my phone for some virus issue. Hence i lost your number. You say how have you remembered me?" Priya, "You are always a good friend to me and I don't require any reason to remember my friend." Ritikesh was silent to hear this from Priya. He said sorry to her. But there was something unique going on Priya's mind. For trapping Ritikesh she changed the topic, "Okay, just imagine that I will be your girlfriend for a day only, then what will you do?" Ritikesh found it unusual. He replied in a formal manner that he would try to give her all the happiness that she deserved, on that single day. Priya, "That's it? I will be your girlfriend and you will not do anything with me?" Ritikesh had got it that she was trying to trap him. Keeping himself safe he started talking about hugs and kisses. Priya, "What else?" Ritikesh was not able to go very personal with Priya as he had been with Soni. May be it due to the respect and true feelings for Priya in his heart. Ritikesh said uncomfortably, "Then I might hold your waist." Priya still wanted to hear something else. Priya, "Go ahead. I am listening." Ritikesh went up to the extent, where he could be trapped by Priya. Ritikesh, "Then I will slowly lift your kurti up." Priya was waiting for this moment. She fired on Ritikesh, "You seem quite experienced in this kind of a situation? With how many girls have you done this before?" Ritikesh was not ready for this attack. Before he could defend himself, Priya revealed the secret, "Soni, this is the name of the girl, whom you are dating, right?" Ritikesh started defending himself -"She is not my girlfriend. We are just giving time to each other." Priya, "Don't lie Ritikesh. On one side you are trying to impress me and on the other side you are dating another girl? You are trying to take advantage of both the girls! How cheap minded you are! You said that I am using you, now you tell me who is using whom?" Ritikesh lost his control and turned the conversation into a big fight -"Okay, if it is so then why you are constantly in touch with me, while having a boyfriend? Is it not the same allegation that I can apply on you?" Priya finally lost her temper, "Shut up! He is not like you." Ritikesh ended up the conversation, "Okay fine. I don't need any explanation from you that how I am! Be happy in your life. Good bye." Both hurt each other but same pain was felt in both the hearts.


Some days later, the day came when Ritikesh had to submit his project. During this project he had innovated something new, with the help of which he was hoping for a sure promotion. But to his surprise the same innovative idea was presented by Soni, and she got the promotion instead of him! He couldn't understand anything that what was going on with him in the past few days! He wanted to ask Soni regarding this. But she started ignoring him. After the duty hour Soni had to wait for another hour to get her official (promotion) letter. Ritikesh was also staying for an extra hour to get a hold on Soni. When Soni came out he stopped her by holding her hand & asked about the matter. Why did she do it with him although she loved him? Soni gave a shock to his heart saying that she never loved him. Ritikesh was still on the dark side of truth. Soni explained to him that she belonged to a lower middle class family. Her father was a worker in this company and was badly in debt. To clear all her father's debt, she needed more money, which she would get from this promotion. That's why she used Ritikesh for her purpose. Ritikesh felt heartbroken. She told him that she had already warned him once that he didn't know anything about her and her past! And now, this was the reality! Feeling sorry for him, Soni went away. Ritikesh still couldn't understand that a girl who could unbutton her shirt for him, could leave him in such a state! His mental state didn't permit him to work under Soni, so Ritikesh left the job.


Without job, without love, Ritikesh was now suffering, just like Priya. Feeling frustrated he recalled Ajay, who was in gujarat. After listening his tragedy Ajay advised Ritikesh to come to Gujarat. Ajay made sure that Ritikesh would definitely get a job there, on the basis of his experience. And to come out of his frustration, Ajay suggested him the name of Pushpita. She could provide him the pleasure he needed! Ajay excited the manhood of Ritikesh. He decided to get out of his frustration with the help of Pushpita. He immediately called her that he needed her badly. Pushpita asked him about the problem. Ritikesh described her all his incidents with Priya and Soni, and his stage of frustration. He requested her to give him the pleasure of her company. Till then Pushpita understood that there was no love for her in his heart and according to Ritikesh, they spent those special nights together with mutual understanding. She thought that there was no fault of Ritikesh because during that time neither she nor he was thinking about love. It just happened due to a deep affection between them and the same amount of physical need. She believed that if she would have approached him, she would not have got the love of her wish. She knew clearly that it would be hard for Ritikesh to remove the memories of Priya from his heart. But she already gave a place to Ritikesh in her heart.She already dedicated herself to him. So she decided to go to Ritikesh, to fullfill his wish.


When Pushpita was about to leave, her mother and sister-n-law also joined her. Her sister-in-law was a little suspicious of her nature. She doubted on Pushpita's charcter due to her bold nature. She always used to put her one eye on Pushpita. At Ritikesh’s home the situation didn't change, Pushpita had to breathe under her sister-in-law's invigilance. She was feeling like a prisoner. Being very close to each other, Ritikesh and Pushpita felt a distance between each other. At last Pushpita broke off her silence. She texted Ritikesh, "Please take me away from here and I will be yours." This sparked the fire of in Ritikesh. He started planning for their special meet. On the other side Priya crossed her limit of frustration.


She told Shekhar about her final decision that if he really loved her then she was ready to run away with him, and get married. Shekhar agreed to her proposal and decided to help her of coming out from the horrible situation. One day Priya went outside by making excuse of going to Dipali's home and called Shekhar to wait for her at the railway station. They went to Delhi from there, expecting a better tomorrow. Here in home, Ritikesh made a full proof plan to fulfill his wish. Pushpita and her mother were going to visit his uncle's home while her sister-in-law and Ritikesh's mother were going to purchase some lady’s stuff from market. It would be a golden chance for Ritikesh and Pushpita to unite.. Ritikesh texted Pushpita, "Just give me a missed call when you will be there. I will reach there in few seconds. I will make excuse that since you like special samosa chat of this place and I promised you to have it when you will come here so I took you there. By this, I will take you with me for one hour, and after our meeting I will again drop you here." Pushpita appreciated his thinking capability. In evening, Ritikesh eagerly awaited for her missed call.


In Delhi, Priya and Shekhar registered their marriage in court. Shekhar still wanted to marry her in a proper way with the permission of her parents. He told to Priya, "Its almost done. Let's go to our home and make your parents understand to support us, as we have already done court marriage." But Priya had different plans in her mind. She requested Shekhar to take a small room in rent for one week. She decided to enjoy her honeymoon before going home. Shekhar was shocked after hearing her bold decision.


Here Ritikesh's long wait finally came to an end. He received the much awaited missed call from Pushpita. As per their plan he took her with him from his uncle's home. Pushpita was wearing the same dress which Ritikesh had given her. She was fully enjoying the bike ride. She felt independent now. During the ride, she hugged Ritikesh from back and kissed him on his neck to say thanks. Ritikesh took her to airport side bush area. He parked his bike near a small pond and took Pushpita inside the bush. He seeked her permission, "Shall we start?" Pushpita kissed him and said, "You don't need any permission. Do whatever you want. You already won my heart." Fortunately it was a full moon day, Ritikesh enjoyed every bit of her body in moon light. They starts doing as they had done it before. Pushpita seemed more comfortable than before, so Ritikesh tried to move upto the next level. Suddenly Pushpita stopped him from doing it. Ritikesh, "Are you ok?" Pushpita, "Yes. But don't do this!" Ritikesh, "Why are you not feeling comfortable in doing it? Believe me nothing bad will happen." Pushpita, "I am very much comfortable. But I have given you the right on my body, not on my virginity." Ritikesh couldn't understand its meaning. Pushpita explained him in details that what she felt for him and what Ritikesh felt and how did it differ! She also told him that in this there was no fault of him because initially she did it due to attraction & physical pleasure. After doing it she felt love for him in his heart. Ritikesh started feeling guilty. Ritikesh wanted an answer to one of his question that if she knew everything then why did she come here to do ‘it’ again? Pushpita replied emotionally, "Because of my dedication for you. You are the first to touch me like this. At the moment you touched me I was yours forever, without thinking that you will accept me or no!" Sidhhesh felt glad to know her feelings. "And I am here to dedicate myself to you Ritikesh.", saying this she unbuttoned her jeans and exposed her bare body before Ritikesh in moonlight. Ritikesh forgot to take his breathe for a while by seeing the dusky angel exploring her beauty. Pushpita now turned around exposing her back and requested him, "Keeping my virginity intact, you are allowed to do anything you want. Now don't stop. Please continue and give me the unforgettable evening of my life." Ritikesh did the same as per her request.


After pleasing each other, they put their bare bodies laying down on bushes. They spent one more hour talking to each other. Ritikesh assured Pushpita that he would accept her. Pushpita didn't agree with him. She said that it would turn into a major issue as she was elder to him. Although marriage with cousins was allowed in their culture but it would still create a problem between their family and her sister-in-law would also be there to put additives to it. Pushpita took his promise that he would never disclose about ther relationship to anyone and woud never force her to marry him. She advised him to take the memory of this sweet relationship in his heart for life time. Ritikesh agreed to her with a broken throat. Seeing the situation getting emotional Pushpita put on her jeans and said, "Let's go. it's too late now." Ritikesh dropped her in his uncle's home. On other side the newly wed couple were preparing for their first night. For Priya the room was not as per her wish for the first night. But with Shekhar the small room also gave a feeling of heaven to him. Shekhar was still in doubt that whether it was necessary to do it at that point of time! They could go for it after getting married in a proper way. Priya made him understand that it was necessary because she needed it! She put down all her stuffs to get ready for the first time. She gifted her virginity to Shekhar to make sure herself to be in one with Shekhar, so that after doing court marriage no one could try to make them apart. After enjoying her honeymoon for a week, Priya finally calls to her father, who was disturbed as he couldn’t find her. She told him that she had done court marriage with Shekhar and would be back soon. If he would accept this marriage then they would return home for getting their blessings otherwise they won’t return at all. Seeing no option, her father agreed to get her married to Shekhar in a proper way.


After a week Pushpita left for Kerala. Ritikesh also started packing for Gujarat. When he was just about to leave, he received a call from Dipali. His bag slipped down from his hand when Dipali informed him about Priya. Ritikesh described his feeling for Priya and the misunderstanding between them which turned into a big fight. Dipali felt sorry for both the good friends. Dipali asked Ritikesh if she could help him in anyway. Ritikesh requested her to help him to clear Priya's misunderstanding. He told her that he wanted to apologize to Priya atleast once. Dipali promised him that she would try her best to reunite the best friends. On the day of marriage Dipali taunted Priya that she ran away from home by making excuse of her name and she invited her as the last of all? Priya smiled, hugged her and said sorry to her. Dipali, "There is someone who wants to say sorry to you." Priya, "Who is that?" Dipali, "Your best friend Ritikesh." Priya's smile turned into a sudden anger. Dipali then calmed her down and explained her that how they misunderstood each other. Dipali requested Priya to talk to him once. Priya forgot everything for a while and started remembering her college days when Ritikesh used to be a naughty friend of hers. Helping, protecting, guiding, he was such a friend, which every girl needed at that phase of life. Suddenly she heard a voice near her, "Hello" It was Dipali who had called Ritikesh & made him talk with Priya, through her phone. Ritikesh expressed his guilt feelings to Priya and said sorry to her. Priya forgave him & also said sorry to him for her misbehavior. Ritikesh congratulated her and wished her best of luck for her future. Priya replied with a thanks! These were the last words from Priya to Ritikesh After that some network problem occurred and he couldn't hear Priya's voice again.


Feeling relaxed, Ritikesh now started his journey to Gujarat. During the whole journey he analysed what love is! Who was right, either he or the girls who came in his life? He first started questioning himself. What did he expect from love? First, he came in contact with Priya, a sweet, innocent and kind hearted girl. She had every quality that Ritikesh wanted in a girl. But he failed due to the caste issue. Then came Meenakshi, who would be a better pair for him. A girl of same caste, same profession, bold in nature, and what else a guy would seek for? But Ritikesh didn't take a chance because he wanted to change her dressing sense and attitude towards boys. Next was Pushpita, only this girl defined the love in a right way. Instead of seeing love in her, he saw her body. Instead of winning her heart, he planned to enjoy her body. Although, at last he realized his mistake and was ready to accept her, but by then it was too late for him. At last, Soni came to glorify his life. He enjoyed his life with her. For a while, Ritikesh became sure that finally he got his love. But a helpless Soni left him alone. Actually Ritikesh was searching for love in terms of same status, beauty and glamour. But he realized that the real love existed in good company and faith which made one comfortable in any situation of life, which he had already lost with Priya.


Now it was time to analyze the view of girls on love. How they define love! For Priya love meant settlement in life. In her life, she came across two type of boys; Sameer and Shekhar. Both of them were well settled in their life. Priya chose them as her love because with the help of them she wanted to come out from the horrible situation of her family. Without job she was in deep frustration. To get rid of this she needed a boy who was already well settled in his life so that she could secure her future with him. Meenakshi, who was attracted towards Ritikesh was looking for a bold guy in her college life, who could guard her against all odds. For her, love was something which fulfilled all her wishes and guarded her in odd situations of college life. She changed her love interest as per her requirement. Pushpita who gives her everything to Ritikesh, understood meaning of love, properly. But her approach was wrong. If she could propose to him on the first night spent together, then her story would have/had a different angle.. Not to say more about Soni. For her, love meant nothing. She used it for her own purpose.


Actually love is universal. No body can define it. It's a heavenly feeling, which on proper approach gave pleasure, else, caused pain. But we normal people define it according to the situation we live in. Most of us define love for the purpose of our self gain. Which one favors us in our situation  condition we take it as our love. Hence suffering continues.....


Wait one character is left not discussed – Dipali. Do you think Dipali plays any role in poor communication between Priya and Ritikesh, during their last talk? As she also likes Ritikesh. Think about it and try to understand what the “Love” actually is?


Love. Suffering

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