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Yearn For Bury
Yearn For Bury

© Parnashree Kundu


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Yarn For  A Bury


There was a clean moon lit night. The moon was glowing with its full glory. A single piece of cloud was not found on it as a stain of the night. It was Christmas. Kristin looked at the silver and serine beauties of vicinity that first time made her to blow with its celestial looks what her heart wanted to clasp on her empty arm. A collision against her bored shore of life where scrubby works on stitching on the running machine kept her engage through the whole day abated her art to realize the beauty of nature around her.



A grand pause that blogged her share of scenic beauty, she broke up on that moonlit night. Like a thief cat she came outside opening the door when sleep befell in front of mother's artful eyes. She quickly like a rapid rabbit, moving up her head here and there to avoid the artful observation by one shrewd observer entered into the garden. Many buds of belly and jasmines looked resplendent and silver, that caused a lose of heart into the scenic beauties on the premise of moon light. She touched them with her intention to take scent - which was naturally forbidden by mother in her sense of lose the pleasures of flower when the scent of it is snapped from it.



Like a single lamp, the moon, shone out denying the, sound makers- ruthless running factories that were sounded bringing a clash of disturbance to break the silence of the calm night. Keeping her close watch at the direction-where light was not kept for oozing out  light , she took a turn what she unexpectedly did and was not her fore plan -which she normally denied to do in her course of spending at gracious scenic beauty formed from the moonlight. She under her close and careful observation found a heaps of bush untrodden, untouched by men stood still in darkness at the most avoidance of its attempt to create a flavour of attraction at the heart of the villagers.



She began shifting bushes beginning with first head of it, then leaves of its soft branches and then sifting full head to body for a while seeing for its oozing out darkness by shifting its branches -which was normally kept engage in their share of night sleep. Later on a dark path way came in clear in front of her eyes but it made a cause to sadden her as the path way , was sincerely lighted taking the sensuous moon light but from the day to day was kept in trace less in spite of being attached to the course of  their garden. Their traditional   way was still then remained uncrowded as the most of the dwellers in vincity made feel better to confine them under the four walls of their dwelling house. But her questioning mind didn't feel escaping without sensing the truth that became untraced for a long while. Then Kristin gave up her thinking on tracing the truth what  came in a better decision in which she entered into the path way and for a while she was taken aback as when she entered into path, she found it dark and still like the rest of no man's land. May be, people of her vincity avoided to cross it for its oozing out dark in night. She thought, their interest did loll on an open cross on their traditional path way, that was kept clean and resplendent even in night also and there was an evidence of hasty leaving in their untrodden path. It was typical of the people not to tell anything to other, not to make close expose the truth of the place but for a some while she made an omission what she thought and she realized that it should be the matter of leave for her as the dwellers of the village normally did, but her self denial to take up a rush back toward the way of her home did not came in strong . Setting up her legs on the still path, against the cool touch of the dewy grassland Kristin stared out the breath fogged house that stood like an untouchable having a barren body filled with filthiest spider web and dust formed from the red muddy path, when the air became acted on it. A dark but moon lit, door, she tried to see as around of it a concrete silence- which like a cinematic climax banged her previous dare to come to the truth striking a clash in her fearful  zone of mind, -which snapped her dare. Below the balcony of the house she stared out,a barren slope  could reach its end in a fallow vegetables garden at the bottom of the house amid the trees. She found a white corridor of narrow creak- an oozing path of liquid earth.



It was then that she did something , for knowing what was still kept inside the house but she marched to the vain, so  it was then that she went on to the door on being eager to knock down the door. She tried as her best. But she stood still being unanswered as she in her exchange of asking questions reply was not responded toward her. Like a mumbled she stood but after few minutes she went down stairs and again called the members belonged to the house. It was then that she heard a sound, would be a sound of closed door- which got a movement by the gust of chill wind coming from the western corner of the fogged window of the house. It was a great aback to her that no man's presence had been there for receiving her telling, a fertile hello as one gets generally at the beginning of the meeting with someone.


There was a great pause in that moment as in front of her eyes concrete dark oozed out from the inside of the room and in the stillness of the house that followed the Kristin to hear the sound like foot steps coming down from the barren slopes but no man's presence she could get find ; her dare part of heart she couldn't bear more dares as it was filled with some panics. She got afraid as a kit gets afraid seeing the human presence. In that moment what she imagined was her mother's half-completed story around the unseen spirits whose presence doesn’t cross us. A shiver quake which blew on through her nerves killed her going forward inside the house, was, kept in oozing dark. It was a sudden burst of air that made her to hear a sound of man's voice- which in probably asked her , why she could come not thinking what the house was. But Kristin dared to assume her muffled question - which was, although, unclear to work on her understanding in the proper term. A candle stick Kristin blew on, after liting a match. Kristin , with her wide opened eyes, could stare out, a woman with her burnt black skinned face mingled her white smile with Kristin's abnormal state of mind, was standing in front of her. Her presence did not rouse a fright for Kristin but a sympathy she just felt for her.


Kristin desperately asked, “who are you. Why presence of you I can't trace properly? A light  from you made my vision unclean what is bringing for me , a dark illusion to guess about you but I can get read your heart from your talking as your voice made me to realize that you are very good and clean hearted lady. But why are you burnt skin black faced woman and stand like a light."

“I bore a life as you bear. Days of my were like you. As you I like to spend my days with parents, there was a fair life of us where no stain of polluted heart spoiled our life as my parents were too good hearted. Life of us led always a tension free day. We came in this house to stay. But unluckily our day of pleasures came in notice under a wicked, How wicked he! He was already a married man but wished to marry me but I rejected him from bitter part of my heart. Then he did kill me and life less part of the body he left without burial. From then soul keeps a yearn for burial to go to get a touch of tender peace. Please promise me, give a burial."

" I am in promise I will do to that what you want."


The lighted lady stopped to converse putting on her shaky candle for night faced to see a flash of dawn as night flooded with moon light was coming to get its finish in song of birds. The doors of house had been in put still close making a separation from still animated world. Kristin did not return back her good mood of seeking pleasures from the animated or in animated objects, so in her this view of mind she sat for being traced to get up another call from the closed door. A minute later she tried a strike on the window which she saw as fogged-figure and was still closed. A grim she felt in her heart as the story was unfinished leaving a question in her questioning mind. Then the cock in the intersection between dawn and night began to call but Kristin sat there ignoring the call of cock and she had an image of the woman till, then in mind, stumbling across the four walls of that house, stamping the agony of her heart that cloud be blown in the blood of her sensitive vein in this thick black globe, on the breast of the lighted world, we belong in. In that moment it seemed to Kristin by filling promise where she was in request to give  a holly burial on the skeleton of her killed bloody body she can give an escape the spiritual woman from her dissatisfied soul.



Kristin began searching her skeleton, beginning with first grassy floor of garden, then the green plot of back yard and moving up under a big fogged banyan tree she discovered a skeleton of the lady hidden under the woody hole of its body. Later on she, like a member of death procession dag out the soil of her dark globe, what she did not cut off and putting on the structure in the sense and breath of the ground Kristin cried out. In the final consideration she ensured a burial for the unsatisfied soul.



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