Life Of A Teenage Girl

Life Of A Teenage Girl

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It all began when Nina got promoted to high school. On her first day, her classmate Shazia asked her about her aim and dream. To which Nina replied that she wanted to be a doctor.

Shazia laughed and made fun of her. Nina felt offended and did not respond and chose to ignore her. The class teacher Miss Shah entered the classroom & and welcomed the students for the first day of high school.

Nina was scared of the teacher as Miss Shah hated her because she always proved her wrong. The annoyance in Miss Shah’s eyes made Nina uncomfortable.

Miss Shah called out to Nina and ordered her to sit in the front row. Nina felt embarrassed and sat alone all day. At times her classmates called her a retard. But Nina always chose to ignore those comments.

Nina came home after school & was upset but showed no sign of her situation to her parents. Nina had two pet dogs; she used to spend most of her time with them. At times she would hug her dogs and cry her heart out.

No one liked to be her friend as she was too different from them, as she took no interest in their gossips but only took an interest in her studies. Sometimes Nina was worried that she had to spend one more year in school where everything was so strange, and everybody bullied her.

Even in the library, no one would sit next to her. Slowly Nina started getting aggressive at home; her parents started seeing the difference in her behavior. For Nina, her school life was a horrible experience, but she managed to score good in her exams. From the above story, I want to tell that it's always not the child’s mistake in getting low grades or suffering from depression, but it is the circumstances either in school or from their classmates' behavior. Nina was able to score good, but some kids usually might not. 

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