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"Yes My God Exists"
"Yes My God Exists"

© Sivakumar Alagurajan

Drama Tragedy

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Kargil, the pride which every Indian celebrated as their victory I did not have maturity at that age of 9 to understand what had happened. But, I knew my country has won its pride. Later at age of 19, I realised we speak only about the victory

But we never speak about the war in which we lost to China, we never think about those heroes who gave their life for the country during the war. Whether it may be loss or victory they gave their best soldiers the saviours of our nation. As they say "students are the pillars of nation" even those pillars are on the basement laid by flesh and bloods of these heroes.

Even after knowing their life and risk, they never turned their back. They gave their life happily for us, if some one asks me about god I will proudly say my gods are guarding me at the border, my god is taking rest in Dras and each and every war cemetery. Yes, I proudly salute my god. Yes, "my god exists"

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