Second Hand Car

Second Hand Car

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A man bought a second hand car. He got overjoyed as the car owner sold it for just Rs50,000. He decided to drive it home as soon as he purchased it. But little did he know that it would be the most difficult drive of his life.

He starts the car and suddenly he hears some voice. “Please help me.” He stops, and turns around. To his surprise, he does not see anyone, then he thinks it might be just his assumption. After 15 minutes or so, he gets a feeling that someone is sitting on the back seat saying, “Please help me. I am in pain.” He gets scared. Rubbing the beads of sweat on his forehead he brings the car to a halt. He steps out of the car and realizes he’s all alone on the road. It shockes him to see no one in the backseat. Then his eyes fall on the punchered tyres. He quickly decided to change the tires and flee off to home. Just as he stands up he sees a woman draped in a white sari in front of him. He freaks out.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Don't you see the board? the woman asks.

“What board?” he asks.

She points her fingers towards a board. “No one is allowed to journey on this road at night.”

“I am in a hurry. Please let me go to my home,” he replies.

Initially the woman enjoys a loud laugh and out of nowhere start crying. “Please help me, you are a gentleman please help,” she begs. 

“Don't cry, tell me how can I help you?” he asks.

“My child is missing. Can you help me search him?” she requests.

Suddenly they hear a child-like voice saying, “Mom I am in the car. Please help me get out.”

His voice pisses off the woman and she starts shouting at the man. “Oh! So you are the one who kidnapped my child.” 

He stands in absolute shock to find the child in his car. The woman starts crying and searching for his son inside the car without even opening the door or even the window. The man goes blank and asks, “Who are you? And what you want?”

“I want my child. He is in your car engine,” she replies. 

“One year ago a man drove his car on this lane so fast that he failed to realize that he had hit a six year old child on his way,” she continues.

“I'm sorry for your loss but I am not one who did this. You should complain against the person who did this to your son,” he says.

She laughs and says, “It doesn't matter at all.”

He asks, “Why? If you can't do this I will help you.”

She says, “You have already helped me.” And she disappears.

He stands still for a few minutes realizing that it’s too late and he should go home. He opens his car and sees himself on the driver seat. When he looks into the car mirror, he is not able to see himself.  He shouts a lot but no one answers him. After half an hour, police comes to investigate.

The man starts shouting again, “Please help me.” That’s when the six-year-old child appears, holds his hands and says, “Uncle, no one will help you because I’ve been asking for help since a year now.”


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