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Welcome back to 99.4 Rock FM. The radio station for the people, by the people, to the people. We still have Mr. Azheb Sagar in the house. Before going to the break, he had told us how he got to know that he has last stage blood cancer and got only 2 months to live. But his spirit is high and is all flying.

"One who is already dead has no point living."

Wah Azheb miyan! Beautiful words.

So, tell us. 3 movies in your entire career and all of them National Award winner?

"I guess you are not happy with these achievements?"

No. No. What are you saying Sir? I am just asking that how did you manage to write such great stories and also direct them?

"Well, when you make films derived from your life experiences, the audience holds on to it. And I think I have managed to do that well."

So, you are saying that all the 3 movies are from your life?

"Definitely yes. But my life has been more than just these 3 movies."


"When I have got just few days left, I guess I shall spill some secrets out."

Secrets? This is getting pretty interesting. What type of secrets?

"I didn't just make these 3 movies. I had made another 3 movies under a pseudonym. But none of them succeeded."

You serious?

"Obviously. And they have been more a part of my life than the successful movies."

Say more on this.

"Ever saw the movie 'Incident'?"

That movie in which an old man assaults a young kid?

"Yes. The kid was myself. And that 'old man', my maternal uncle."

*Everything went quite*

"Don't be so scared."

The second movie?

"The second movie was 'Perks of Love'."

What is that?

"Told ya, none of them succeeded. Now I know that all of them were dud."

*Only Azheb's laugh echoed in the studio*

"I did fall in love with a girl in my college. Tried a lot, never got anything. One fine day when the sun was shining bright, I jumped from the hostel terrace."

And did she accept you after that?

"No. But I had to accept the hospital bills."

Hahahahahaha. That's a good one.

And the last one?

"Ever saw 'Apocalypse'?"

That movie in which a little boy escapes a serial killer who had killed 31people?

"Nice. So you have seen the movie?"

Yeah. Don't tell me that you were the boy.

"Na na. I was the killer."

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