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Someone Like You
Someone Like You

© Jisha Rajesh

Drama Tragedy

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A bright smile lit up Sandra's face as she tore open the packet gifted by her boyfriend Freddy. It was a beautiful, floor - length gown of baby pink colour. She promptly changed into it and looked at herself in the mirror. Though the gown was a bit large for her. But still, she adored it as it was her Freddy's gift. She had met him only three months ago but has fell madly in love with the handsome Freddy and his witty nature from the very first moment. He has proposed to her the last month and since then he had been gifting her with earrings, necklaces and dresses which are always a size bigger than her size.

"Gorgeous!" She muttered as she swirled around on her toes wearing the gown.

"Must be very expensive!" she ran a hand on the gown wrapped over her svelte form admiring its beauty when something got stuck between her fingers.

She looked at her fingers and found that it was a strand of long hair.

"But it could not be mine," she said as she looked at herself again in the mirror.

Her hair was light brown in colour while the hair that she has picked up from the gown was black and curly.

She smelled the gown suspiciously. She perceived a smell of jasmine. She rushed to her wardrobe and pulled out all the dresses that Freddy has gifted her. They all had some things in common. They all were a size bigger, smelled of jasmine and on careful examination, she was able to pull out a strand of black hair from each of them.

"Were they worn by someone else?" Her heart skipped a beat as the thought crossed her mind.

She changed into a Tshirt and pulled over a pair of jeans. She wrapped a scarf around and stomped off to Freddy's home. He was not at home but she knew where he kept his key. She pulled the carpet away and picked the key from below it. She opened the house and marched straight to his bedroom. Once she pushed the door of his bedroom open, she was utterly shocked and stood rooted to the ground. By the side of the window there was a life sized portrait of a girl who looked exactly like her except she was a bit plump and had black hair.

"She is Sophie."Sandra turned back in absolute astounding as she heard Freddy's voice.

"I was madly in love with her. But she left me alone without even saying a goodbye. She had died six months ago in a bike accident. A few months later, I met you. I felt as if my Sophie has returned to me. I gifted you her clothes to make myself believe that Sophie is back. And I was happy again as I could keep my Sophie alive through you."

"I can only be myself and no one else." Sandra said as her eyes gleamed with tears. "And I can't be a replacement to anyone else in your life." She turned around to walk out of his house.

"I thought you loved me." Freddy said as he watched her leave. "Yes I did." she said as she wiped her tears, "But I love my self-esteem and sanity more than you."

She drew a deep breath and walked out into the street without looking back and never to turn back.

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