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The Sea And The Sun
The Sea And The Sun

© Renaissance Saha

Romance Tragedy

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The Sun was licking the sea now with his red lips. Both the young boatman and the old fisherman were in the boat. The old man looked at the sea first. Then said, "No. The fishes are clever than human."

The young boatman said, "Who catches fish at mid noon?"

The old man replied, "I do," with a gentle smile on his wrinkled face. His eyes were charming like some unsolved mystery. He asked, "So? You have bouted until 11 o' clock in the morning? Isn't it?"

"Yes. You are right. The lands came and then, unknown lady went with his partner. She gave me a 100 rupee note," the young man replied with a sigh!

"Only A 100 rupee note!"


"She cold give you some more!"

"She could give me much more!"

"Have she talked with you?"

"No. It seems that she doesn't know our language at all. Why there are so many languages in the world?" the young boutman was mesmerized.

The old man smiled that old smile and said, "What were you thinking then?"

The young man said laughing, "Humen always think about happiness!" "Yes! That's why people are fools !" the young man goes on with his mesmerizing, "oh, yess! I was singing a beautiful song. I wanted to say her, "Oh girl, I have loved you and I will always. Please, be mine." He stopped for some seconds and then again started saying, "Then I thought it's too demanding. Please let me watch your sweetest face to the fullest. I want to celebrate some moments with you, girl." He stopped again, smiled like a fool and then said, "But then I thought I should not want so much. I just don't want to forget her face. By the way, it seems possible to remember her for a lifetime." The old man replied, "What else you could have asked for?" The young man replied, "I think it's good to be sad sometimes and little bliss is the best blessing on earth... " The old man said, "Yes ... but, the more the merrier." He said, "I am more experienced than you, my son. For the first two days, she will come and go in your mind. Then she will take away your soul. Then you will feel crazy about her and next, you will be madly in love with her and nothing next. It ends here."

He laughed, then both of them started laughing together... The Sun smiled. And, it does not end here. The story goes on forever . . .

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