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Titli returned from school looking very worried. When enquired, she confided to her father that she needs to submit an essay on 'My Best Friend' and doesn't know whom to begin with.

Her father laughed - "Such a simple thing is bothering my little daughter so much? Just write about someone who is like a dustbin to you."

Titli wasn't in any mood to accept her father's sarcasm - "What? Dustbin? That useless bucket lying at one corner of our room is expected to be my best friend? At least you could’ve drawn an analogy with a flower vase. Fine, I'll write something better myself. You don’t need to help."

Her father affectionately pulled her closer - "I agree, a dustbin silently lies at the corner of our room but how can you claim that it's useless? Just like a dustbin, we may not get in touch with our best friend regularly but they always stay quietly at one secured corner of our life. Whenever we are happy, we share it with many on facebook. But, when frustration strikes us, it is our best friend on whom we dump all our anger and sadness - just like a dustbin. And then, they take away all these wastes only to freshen up our lives once again. In their absence, our life will be as messy as this room without a dustbin.

Titli, our room may have several flower vases, but has only one dustbin. So, no matter how many flower vases you find in life, don't stop looking for that one dustbin, until you find The One

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