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An Animal Is A Friend Forever
An Animal Is A Friend Forever

© Vinod Deeraj

Drama Tragedy

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Rani was a student of 8th standard. Her teacher told that every animal is our true friend. When we treat them with kindness, they will also give you kindness. If we were cruel the animal will also be cruel with us.

When Rani was coming from school she saw a beautiful white dog lying in the ground and the dog was also very thin. She ran quickly to her house and asked her mother to give a glass of milk to the dog, her mother also accepted. She ran back quickly and gave it to the dog.

Rani fell sick to 10-11 days. The dog became starving because she was the only person to feed the dog with food. So her mother told her that she saw that dog crying and barking without any food. Rani suddenly got up from her bed and her mother told her that can you ask your best friend Rita to give the dog food. So Rani called Rita and asked her to come to her house and to give a pack of biscuit and a glass of milk to her. But Rita ate all the biscuits and drank half glass milk and gave half glass to the dog. After the dog drank the milk, Rita said to the dog, "A true friend should be a human being not an animal ".

After a day Rani saw the dog is lying in the floor and she thought that the dog has died; she asked her mother to give one by litre of milk and she gave to the dog. The dog was very happy and also whenever Rani goes to school the dog will also follow her.

One day Rani was coming back from school the dog was also following and her best friend Rita was also coming. Suddenly a very high poisonous cobra snake came to bite Rani. Rani's friend Rita ran quickly to her house but the dog pushed Rani and got a big bite in its head after few minutes it died.

From that day she understood that "a animal is a true friend more than anyone".

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